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Causes of the most recent Depression

 November 21, 2010 Many factors can contribute to an economy's fall into a recession. However, one of the major causes is inflation. A recession has a lot of attributes that can occur simultaneously. The bursting of a ..

Women over 50 not saving money into pension

 September 15, 2010 A recent study shows that a record numbers of women over the age of 50 are not saving a single penny into a pension, adding to Britain's retirement crisis. The report shows that one in four older ..

Insolvencies continue to rise as companies face pressure

 September 07, 2010 The financial crisis brought about by the recession is far from over going by the rise in the insolvency figures for the second quarter of the year. As per the figures, more than 4,000 businesses ..

Millions face credit cards debts they are unaware of

 August 27, 2010 According to a recent survey, nearly one in three British holidaymakers are unsure how much they are being charged for using their credit card abroad. It goes without saying they may well be saddled ..

Creditors flouting rules to contact those who have declared ..

 August 18, 2010 The figures published by R3, the trade body for insolvency professionals, reveal that 44 per cent of people undertaking bankruptcy proceedings are still contacted by their creditors in blatant ..

Financed Consumer Spending is Over

 August 18, 2010 According to , the ‘era of debt-financed consumer spending is over and the people in Briton should change their lax attitude towards debt. Head of loans and debt at , Tim Moss stressed the ..

Record Increase in Personal Insolvencies

 July 27, 2010 The latest figures have shown year on year growth in all types of insolvency solutions, but most worrying with bankruptcies/debt relief orders being the fastest areas of growth. Whilst bankruptcy ..

Equity release is being used to pay off debts

 July 27, 2010 According to a recent report, older people are turning to their equity funds to generate income to pay off their debts. As a result many of them are living at modest incomes and struggling to ..

Two Thirds of Mortgage Holders Hope to Repay Debts Before They .

 June 23, 2010 According to a recent study conducted by The Co-operative Bank Mortgages, almost two thirds (62%) of mortgage holders expect to have repaid their debt by the time they reach 50. The study further ..

Shop Price Inflation Will Adversely Affect People in Debt

 June 09, 2010 According to the new figures, shop price inflation rose further in April. The BRC-Nielsen Shop Price Index has found that overall shop price inflation stood at 2.0% in April, up from 1.2% in March. ..

Bear Market, Housing Prices, and Inflation Create Quandary for .

 May 17, 2010 A bear market, soaring real estate prices, and an inflation rate that is outpacing the nation’s interest rate on savings are all contributing to a growing quandary facing Chinese citizens ..

Interest Rates And Their Bearing On Forex Trading

 March 10, 2010 When embarking on forex trading it is important that you understand all aspects of the process. This will make it easier for you to negotiate trades and make better choices. One of the key processes ..

The Impact of Inflation for Mortgage Holders

 February 04, 2010 It is clear that the mortgage market has extremely close ties to the wider macro economy. The recent past has shown us that these ties are two-way, with sub-prime mortgage debt crippling credit ..

Nerobama - Fiddling While America Burns

 January 19, 2009 Historical fable says that the Roman Emperor Nero played a fiddle while the city of Rome burned. In AD 64, a fire erupted in the southern end of the Circus Maximus section of Rome and burned for five .

There's a Bubble in US Treasuries - Here's What Happens When ..

 January 14, 2009 There's a bubble in US Treasury bonds. Here's the explanation: 1. The bailout money is not being lent to consumers, but rather is being used by banks to buy Treasury bonds. 2. We've been seeing ..

A Historical Perspective on the Credit Crunch

 January 14, 2009 I was reading the BBC History magazine the other day and, in particular, an article on the credit crunch of the 13th century. Yes, we had a credit crunch then! King Edward had loans from Italy to ..

Possible Future Directions of the World Economy

 January 13, 2009 The economic downturn that began in 2008 has hit the developed world far more severely than the developing part of the world. One reason for this is that some decades ago the developed countries ..

British Government May Start Printing Billions Soon!

 January 13, 2009 There seems little point in reducing interest rates any further as the interest rate cuts are proving to be ineffective and the Bank of England base rate cuts are proving to be unpopular with savers ..

Ka-Poom Theory - How to Invest in Bubble Economies With Black ..

 January 13, 2009 In this post, we'll take a look at the Ka-Poom Theory, a framework for investing in “bubble" economies - economies driven by the creation of asset bubbles. Ka-Poom Theory: What It Is Ka-Poom ..

Quit Your Complaining! Please

 January 12, 2009 OK times are tough, admitted. We listen to the doomsday reports on the daily news, everyone is talking about it. Some folks are pulling money out of the bank and squirreling it away. Others hold on ..

Gold Coins and Gold Bullion a Great Inflation Or Recession ..

 January 12, 2009 Gold coins are often considered during tough economic times. People are always looking for the safest place to place their financial portfolio to guard against the inflation or deflation of their ..

How to Identify Which Asset Classes Will Do Best in a Monetary .

 January 11, 2009 Regardless of what side of the inflation/deflation debate you're on, one thing is certain: false forms of value are being destroyed, and there is a “flight to safety" - safe ways of preserving ..

Hard Choices For Labor - Social Justice and Inflation

 January 10, 2009 One of the most notable aspects of the recent past Federal election campaign was Labor's swift emulation of the Coalition's tax policy. Labor promised $34 billion in tax breaks, with much of the ..

The Day the Earth Stood Still

 December 09, 2008 Some years ago when Kay and I lived in Washington, D. C. , we went to see a new science-fiction movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, at the RKO Keith Theater, located across the street from the ..

Recession? Depression? Deflation? The ABC's of the Economic ..

 November 24, 2008 News of the economy is inescapable these days and most of it is bad news. The economy dominates the headlines, the evening news and our daily conversations. Sorting out what all the terms mean and ..

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