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How To Select the Right Person For The Right Position

 August 18, 2007 Critical to business success is selecting the right people, especially executives, managers and supervisors, for leading and managing the work that needs to be done. Selecting someone ill-suited can ..

Employee Engagement - It Starts At The Start

 July 15, 2007 “It finally happened!” The voice belonged to one of my career coaching clients, a normally fairly calm person. “It” turned out to be a level of courtesy and respect from a ..

A Great Math Tutor Is The One Whose Students Say: "We Did .

 July 09, 2007 To answer the question “How to distinguish a great math tutor from the rest?" let me recall first a saying by the ancient Chinese philosopher LaoTzu about leadership: “The wicked leader ..

Looking for Talent? Go to School

 June 14, 2007 “That’s a Moray, Alex’s notes from the sea, ” is the name of my cousins’ kid’s, blog. Alexander works for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. ..

8 Essential Job Fair Tips for Recruiters

 June 14, 2007 Whether you're looking for entry-level hires, tech talent or experienced executives, job fairs are an increasingly important strategy for recruiters seeking employees at all levels. The experts at ..

A Great Interview

 June 13, 2007 Typically there are two nervous people in an interview – the person being interviewed and the person conducting the interview. You the employer, however, can overcome these jitters and the result ..

Hire Teamwork-Oriented Employees

 June 12, 2007 You can use pre-employment tests, specific interview questions, realistic job previews, and role-modeling to hire employees who crave to use teamwork and collaboration. Warning: Many jobs do not ..

What If You Ran A Help-Wanted Ad and No One Answered?

 June 11, 2007 If that hasn’t happened to you yet, you can bet your payroll that it’s going to happen soon. We’re in the early stages of a workforce crisis unlike any that has ever descended on ..

Software Development Teams - What is the Ideal Organization?

 June 07, 2007 Before considering the characteristics of the Ideal Development Organization, it is important to consider briefly whether such a thing even exists. Certainly, there is not an ideal process, ..

Helpful Hiring Hints

 June 07, 2007 At a recent industry meeting, one of the speakers focused on Human Resource Issues. One area of particular interest to everyone there had to do with Hiring. Virtually everyone in attendance had made ..

Change Is Inevitable - Are You Prepared To Hire An F&I ..

 June 06, 2007 Once again you’re faced with the problem of having to hire an F&I manager again. Your current F&I Manager just gave you his notice ( if he was that kind to you) and the question is, do you take .

4 Can't Miss Ways To Hire Underachievers

 June 03, 2007 The research is in. There is no question that the success of your company is inextricably linked to the quantity (depth) and quality (competence) of your people. Yet, very few companies take the time .

When To Hire A Salesperson

 April 23, 2007 One of the questions I am asked is, when should I hire a salesperson and what should I look for? I have always felt that hiring a salesperson should be like any business decision. The business should .

Do People Really Make a Difference?

 April 14, 2007 I was having a discussion with a banker friend of mine who suggested that businesses that were successful were good at identifying and hiring high quality people. I disagreed. Ouch! That is totally ..

Help Wanted Help

 April 10, 2007 If you’re doing a great job acquiring and retaining customers—congratulations. It’s not easy and doesn’t always come cheap. On average, it costs four times as much to find a new ..

The "Perfect" Hire

 April 09, 2007 When was the last time you hired the “perfect" employee? Did it take you weeks, months, years to fill that coveted position? As any business owner would attest, one of the biggest challenges in .

Eight Overlooked Ways To Hire Sales Winners

 April 05, 2007 Business owners and hiring managers frequently tell me they can’t find good staff, particularly sa1espeople, while also keeping their search costs under control. The following are some ‘easy ..

How to be Hired Over All the Rest

 March 24, 2007 Want to make a ton of money and have a fulfilling career? Well read on but be warned it’s tough. Actually it is fairly easy, I just wanted to get rid of all the namby-pamby’s. ..

Where's the Help Wanted Sign

 March 20, 2007 Have you noticed the large amount of help wanted signs on the businesses as you drive down the road? I am amazed just how many openings there are for work, but are they the ones you want? Many of ..

Work-for-Hire: What It's All About...

 March 12, 2007 If you're like a lot of business and website owners, you've probably been looking for new and better ways to get the most out of your copy and content. But all of that tweaking, editing, optimizing ..

Your Resume - What Employers Want To See

 February 26, 2007 The recruiting industry has changed dramatically since the mid-90’s when the Internet began to catch fire as a networking tool. Prior to the advent of online job boards such as CareerBuilder ..

The Art of Building a Successful Team

 February 19, 2007 In order for your career to grow, you must demonstrate effective leadership skills. Organizations are finally beginning to realize that soft skills are just as important as technical skills and ..

Innovating Hiring: Barbershop Marketing

 February 13, 2007 While posting hiring ads in the newspaper or online can be helpful, a brainstorm I had at the barbershop has given me a new idea about how to let people know about new job openings. I am in the ..

Is it Sales or Marketing

 January 17, 2007 “You’re not gonna believe this, ” said the angry voice when I picked up the phone. “Believe what?” I asked, once I recognized the caller’s voice. “The phone ..

Expert Strategies For Hiring The Best Employees

 January 11, 2007 A few years ago I wrote a column in which I compared managing employees to herding cats: just when you think you have everyone organized in a happy little group and going in the same direction one ..

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