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What causes wounds to heal in human body

 November 13, 2010 Wounds, cuts or injuries are some thing which we deal everyday, But most of us don't know, what causes a wound to heal. First thing one should do soon after a cut or wound appears is, to keep the ..

Spiritual Healing Releases Physical Healing

 August 04, 2010 Healing ministries provides individuals with the tools needed to stop of the bondage of sickness and disease. Sickness is a tool of the enemy not of God. The Bible clearly states that Satan has come ..

Magnetic Bracelet Therapy

 June 30, 2010 In ancient history, there were many uses of Magnetic bracelet therapy and it was considered to be a healing agent. This is because of the healing powers magnetic bracelets had. It was found to ..

This Leader of Leaders Discovers Shocking Things That Can ..

 January 18, 2009 This scenario from the New Testament Scriptures gives us one insight into the challenges that can face leaders and leadership at the highest of levels, and how to deal with such problems. At the ..

Hair Loss - Emotions of Cancer Survivors

 January 11, 2009 "When you lose your hair . . . your femininity has been questioned . . . “ - anonymous breast cancer survivor Witnessing friends’ fight for life after hearing the words, “You have ..

You Can Heal Your Life

 December 31, 2008 The book that changed my thinking about health and our ability to heal our bodies is the classic from Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life. " This is the single greatest book on the power of our ..

Lord Heal Me by Richard Mull

 December 15, 2008 A Biblical Basis For Healing Ministry Today As I opened the pages of Richard Mull's book “Lord, Heal Me" I sensed that I was on the brink of a deeper experience of God's love and grace and of ..

Spiritual Economics

 November 19, 2008 A very wise consultant to the health care industry shared with me a conversation he had with a hospital board of directors facing bankruptcy: “What do you think caused the financial ..

Travel - The Benefits of Exploring the World

 November 16, 2008 What on earth is happening to the world? The financial sectors are being brought down to their knees the world over, jobs are on the line, and we feel forced to watch this happen and feel powerless ..

Avoiding Financial Trauma Stress Disorder

 November 11, 2008 Day after day we're being treated to news of the global financial markets being flushed further and further down the toilet. If you run a small business, it can be hard to hold onto hope and ..

Healing Beets and Leukemia

 November 04, 2008 One of my co-workers was diagnosed seven years ago with leukemia. His prognosis was not very good; he was told he had about 6-12 months to live. His physicians informed him of the importance of ..

Red Beets and Science Wrestle With Cancer

 November 04, 2008 At my parents’ house-second to potatoes-red beets were always one of the main vegetables at meals. During my youth, I did not pay any attention to their medicinal quality. Beets only became ..

To My Beautiful Children - Mommy Has Cancer

 October 23, 2008 To my beautiful and much loved children, I just kissed your sleeping foreheads and lingered in the smell of the innocence that is in your hair, each one of you sleeping so peacefully. Today was not ..

Refusing to Feel is Refusing to Heal

 October 20, 2008 "I can't feel my feelings, they would kill me!" The lady who said that to me was a highly respected senior manager in a large organisation and she had a problem: she couldn't stop ruminating about ..

Work Place Stress Causing You to Fight? 3 Spiritual Healing ..

 October 20, 2008 Work place stress is a major contributor to heated fights in love relationships. Add to that the economic stress in our daily lives and you are faced with volatile emotions on a daily basis. Follow ..

The Secret to an Intentional Life

 October 20, 2008 If there was one line to describe an Intentional Life it is this: Live life by choice, not by chance. By definition, intentional is: “characterized by conscious design or purpose; done or made .

One Act of Random Kindness at a Time

 October 13, 2008 In the motion picture, Evan Almighty, Morgan Freeman plays God. At one significant point he tells Evan Baxter, the recently elected congressman, that to ‘change the world, ’ which was ..

Successfully You by Leigh Valentine - Book Review

 October 11, 2008 From Beauty Pageants and Skin Care Products, to Preaching God's Word "Successfully You" is Leigh Valentine's story, a testimony of God's grace and His drawing power in her life. The first sentence is .

Faith, Hope and Prayer - A Miracle in Ormoc With Father Suarez

 September 26, 2008 The faithful came from as far north as Samar and as far south as Maasin. The unfaithful, too, came over as well as the believers and non-believers (the latter probably came over out of curiosity). ..

At the Receiving End of a Miracle!

 September 20, 2008 "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. " God hears your prayers and guides you - even in the worst ..

Finding Acceptance and Forgiveness Within You

 September 16, 2008 Lately I have heard a lot of stories of women frustrated, angry, hurt, and let down. Some of these have been caused by others but one thing I have noticed is that we as women often are harder on ..

Fight Cancer Self Hypnosis Help For Cancer

 September 11, 2008 You can help fight cancer with the support of self-hypnosis as a guide. A recording can assist in fighting pain from the disease. Conditions like leukemia require you to be a fighter that exceeds the .

Inside the Mystery is a Friend

 September 07, 2008 We do seem to think of mystery as darkness, as fear. Mystery is interesting to read about but not to experience. Most of us understand that our fears don't arise from our external environment but ..

Psychic Phenomenon and the Sedona Vortex Experience - Part 1

 September 04, 2008 Vortices are essentially invisible energy spiraling up from the planet. They are found all over the world and are felt and seen by individuals with extra sensory perception and similar talent. One ..

Psychic Insights and Astrology For Fall 2008

 September 02, 2008 The psychic pictograph illustrating the essence and highlights of Fall 2008 is called “The Changing of the Guard", showing change happens through the implosion of the guard - their loss of ..

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