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Headsets Articles 

Wireless Headsets: Amplifiers And Other Features

 January 25, 2012 Noise Cancellation Among the most important features in Plantronics headsets is noise cancellation. This is a technology that can eliminate a large amount of background noise. This makes a much more ..

Headsets Buying Guide

 January 29, 2011 A decade ago, the choices of telephone headsets for your workplace or home was limited and less in numbers. Now, with the advancement in technology and growth of internet, the choices are numerous. ..

Easy Set-Up with Jabra Headset!

 May 25, 2010 Configuring Bluetooth headsets can be a very hard and extremely confusing task. Many of those hands-free Bluetooth devices that are available in the market usually do not have a step by step process ..

Cordless Headsets for Telephone and Its Great Advantages

 May 25, 2010 Headsets used in telephones and computers have two types. The first one is the corded headset, and the second is the cordless one. The corded headsets can either be attached to a USB port or to an ..

Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Headsets

 May 25, 2010 Headsets are used on a daily basis. And because of that, most headsets are easily worn out and damaged. Headsets are made of fragile pieces that can break easily if not well taken cared of. It does ..

Talk For Free With Computer Headsets

 July 28, 2008 One of the best and cheapest ways to talk to people today isn't on a cell phone. A trend in many businesses is to utilize their existing Internet connections and use VoIP services like Cisco and ..

Telephone Headsets Buying? Dont Double Your Outlay

 July 05, 2008 In the 17 years that I've been in headsets, I couldn't tell you just how many times I've walked into a client's office and have spotted unnecessary equipment. Most people that sell telephones also ..

Wireless Bluetooth Headsets For Everyone

 July 04, 2008 Todays Cell Phone Accessory market is growing rapidly and has become a multi-billion dollar business. At the top of the accessory lists are the Bluetooth headsets and the wireless phone headsets. ..

Improving the Audio Quality of Your Podcast

 April 21, 2008 One of the elements that makes podcasting so attractive is the low cost barrier to starting a podcast. If you already have a computer and a computer microphone you're pretty much ready to start ..

Best Phone For Children

 February 14, 2008 Cell phones, cell phones. . All we hear about are the latest cell phones. Yes, technological advances are wonderful, but I also like a little practicality in my purchases as well. When asked to ..

Five Awesome Bluetooth Gift Ideas

 December 04, 2007 Bluetooth has been spreading into every realm making life easier and more manageable. Wireless signals are where it's all headed and cables will seem like ancient history probably in the next decade, .

Choosing The Best Headphones For You

 July 04, 2007 Headphones can allow you to listen to whatever music you want wherever you want without bothering anyone else, but choosing the best headphones for you can be a challenge with so many options out ..

Groovy Headsets - Add Style to Your Busy Schedule

 June 07, 2007 The cool new headsets have brought a style revolution in UK. Although, we can bet on its usefulness and necessity in busy schedules, yet at the same time it is a style statement that can add a lot of .

What to Look for in a Headset

 March 08, 2007 Whether you’re planning to use it for a personal telephone or cell phone or you intend to implement it as a new piece of equipment in your business, having the right hands-free headset can make .

A Guide to Choosing from Different Types of Headsets

 February 07, 2007 There are a number of options available to you if you are in the market for a headset for personal or business reasons, though this can lead to problems if you aren’t exactly sure what sort of ..

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