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Pursuit of Happiness - The Secret Formula to Everyday ..

 July 03, 2007 Everyone only has one chance to live. So live to the fullest and happiest. I will advise that we all work the hardest, played the hardest and be happy everyday. So, I am sharing with you my Secret ..

Create Happiness-Wherever You Are

 July 03, 2007 Happiness is a natural state of mind. Have you watched an infant or a young child? They seem quite ‘happy’ to just ‘BE’—no matter what they are doing—they are happy. They are in ..

Finding Your Commitment to Yourself!

 June 28, 2007 Love is a feeling of commitment. Commitment is a joining of forces. My commitment to myself is to be all that I can be to be happy, so that others can be all they can be, to be happy. Life liberty ..

Happiness - People Say That Money Can't Buy Happiness

 June 28, 2007 Most of the time, we always try to distinct money and happiness or simply say that money can’t buy you happiness. I do not agree totally to this statement but there some truth in it. It is a ..

Pursuit Of Happiness - How Sure Can You Be With The Choice You .

 June 28, 2007 We control our fate, our destiny and of course, we control our happiness. As I mentioned before, since our life is in our hands, we always have a choice. A choice to choose the option that we wanted. .

Happy Every Day: It's Time To Celebrate the Fourth of July

 June 27, 2007 Why do we have to wait for special holidays to celebrate the miracle of life? Isn’t it time we started to appreciate how much we have to be happy for every day of our lives? It seems to me that .

Your Health And A Piece Of Bread!

 June 22, 2007 My mother in law said to me so many times, “If you have your health and a piece of bread, you have everything. ” Well I have my health and more than a piece of bread therefore I must have ..

Get Thoroughly Worn Out

 June 20, 2007 I remember when I was around 17 or 18 years old, I was so upset because I wanted my life to be about something and feared more than anything that it wouldn't be about anything. I knew that I had ..

Great Cure, Laugh Often To Stay Healthy

 June 14, 2007 What's really interesting is that how do people go through the usual part of life when faced with vein-popping stress? I mean, serving in your local church as an usher or greeter or even with the ..

Self Improvement is the Skill of Changing

 June 13, 2007 Let us start off today with a little science lesson: The frog principle. Try placing Frog A in a pot of hot water: What happens? He jumps out. Why? Because he is not able to tolerate sudden change ..

How To Make Goal Achieving Fun

 June 11, 2007 Did you know that people across the globe are using Vision Boards and Vision Movies to assist them to achieve their goals? These various vision tools depict your life as you would like it to be. You ..


 June 04, 2007 Your most important aim in life is to be happy, to be calm, confident and relaxed and to feel in complete control of every aspect of your life. Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less ..

Justice - The Deadly Search For False Happiness

 May 29, 2007 We are bombarded daily with news stories of people demanding “justice. " Our courts are flooded with criminal and civil lawsuits—the participants seeking the justice they feel they deserve. ..

Greet Your Future With A Smile!

 May 25, 2007 Knowing is totally different from believing. What ever you believe and conceive in your mind, you create. Everyone knows they will die some day. Not many people really believe they are going to die. .

Try a Long Cut

 May 13, 2007 Think back to kindergarten or grade school – Do you remember the art project that involved making a birthday card for your Mother? Gluing glitter, pasting pictures, using crayons for color. Can you .

An Exercise: Endings in Fiction

 May 07, 2007 To satisfy the reader emotionally, a good ending is as important as a good beginning. Readers should not finish our stories with a bad taste or a feeling of something left in the air. Whether the ..

How To Increase Your Motivation

 April 29, 2007 Motivation is something that we all have to have. We all need to find the right levels of motivation in our life so that we can do the things that we want and have fun doing them. There is nothing ..

Thought – Vibration – Manifestation

 April 25, 2007 How do I manifest the things I desire? Every one knows this phenomenon; certain thoughts are going around inside of your head and you can’t seem to stop them. These thoughts can be happy, good ..

Live in Today

 April 03, 2007 I'm reading a book about St. Francis of Assisi. Because of my love for Creation, my neighbors call me Saint Francine. I'm sure I'm far from what the Catholic church would require for that title, but ..

Can You Sing In The Rain?

 March 26, 2007 Singing in the rain brings to mind the old movie with Gene Kelly, singing in the rain. For today’s generation, most do not know who Gene Kelly was. No matter, have you gone out when it was ..

Anesthesia, Come Kill The Pain

 March 19, 2007 Anesthesia, come kill the pain This torture I refuse and disdain Whatever it takes, I can't stay the same Come quickly God and break the chains Holy Spirit flow mightily in Jesus Name! I can't ..

Drugs and the Destruction of a Family

 March 17, 2007 George came into the world on a joyous happy morning. His mother and I were ecstatic over his arrival. He had much support because of the love given to him by his many siblings. George was a happy ..

Programming Your Brain For Success - What Are Alpha Waves?

 March 04, 2007 A lot has been said about our brain's electrical activity and its ability to create electromagnetic oscillations called waves or brainwaves. There are different types of brainwaves Depending on their .

A "Hello" and a Smile

 February 27, 2007 “Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn't work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. Then we would ..

Dream-Building and the Good Life

 February 24, 2007 When you set out to create a dream of the way you want your life to unfold, the first thing you need to find out about yourself is what, really, makes you happy. Contrary to the continuous blast of ..

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