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Using Your Divine Ability

 April 21, 2008 The law of attraction is about believing and receiving, visualizing and realizing, and blabbing and grabbing. Why does the concept work? It works because human beings have been created in the image ..

Essential Ingredients to Promote a Happier and More Successful .

 April 20, 2008 Be kind to yourself. . . . Relationships full of love, respect and kindness are the ones that we cherish the most and make us the happiest, so why would you not develop that same type of ..

Which Way Is North?

 April 17, 2008 What do you want from your life? Sound pretty simple. However I bet you that it is not as simple as it seems. Many years ago I got my SCUBA certification. Well the first time that the question was ..

The Transformation Of Suffering And Discomfort

 April 17, 2008 In our human existence we are comprised of Body and Mind. Our day to day experiences leave so many of us moving at such a rigorous pace that it often diminishes our connection from these 2 components .

Seven Steps To Success

 April 16, 2008 1 Take immediate action. Write down everything you want to be different in your life from this moment on. As a guide I have listed some topics below use these if you want to but be sure to add lots ..

Passion and Purpose as a Way to a Better Life of Kindness

 April 15, 2008 How many times do we ask ourselves what we are doing here on earth? What is this ride really supposed to be about, and what is my part in this huge cosmic scheme? When you awaken in the morning and ..

Motivate Your Leadership Using Trust, Honesty, Authenticity, ..

 April 14, 2008 In part 1 of “How to Motivate Your Leadership for Success", you'll recall that leading by example and motivating your team through delegation and mutual support are 2 components that maximize ..

Confidence - "An Inside Job"

 April 14, 2008 Okay. So, I walk into an international coffee shop chain to buy a Latte. I'm greeted by a young man at the cash register who is basically “shaking in his boots" transmitting a tremendous lack ..

Network Marketers Turn Greatest Threat Into An Advantage

 April 12, 2008 How creative do you have to be to survive in today's competitive cut-throat world of Internet marketing? Creativity has it limits. Have ever noticed that people who are too creative tend to be what ..

Capitalizing On Happy Thoughts

 April 11, 2008 Remember the old tune when you were younger, “If you're happy and you know it. . . "? One verse says “If you're happy and you know it then your face will surely show it. " As funny as it ..

Self-Esteem Is Something That Is Learned

 April 11, 2008 Self-esteem. It's one of those terms which has been batted about, used and misused, and often misunderstood during the last couple of decades. For a moment, set aside what you have already heard and ..

How to Have a Happy Birthday EVERY Day! (Or The Power Of A ..

 April 11, 2008 Last Tuesday was my birthday. My 36th birthday. Not a number I was wholly looking forward to. In fact, like any “Oh, no! I'm getting older!" birthday, I was in a massive funk for the week ..

Find Happiness and Health Through Developing Your Skill of ..

 April 09, 2008 If you want to be happy and live a longer life I've got great news for you. You've spent your life mastering new skills. Everything you can do now was once a new skill that you've mastered. Happiness .

Tools For Getting Back On Track When The Topic Of Discussion ..

 April 07, 2008 Why do we keep arguing and fighting? Why is it that when we want to discuss issues of concern, we'd rather walk on glass barefoot rather then attempt to talk things out? There was a period in my life .

#1 Source For Happiness? Best Friends

 April 07, 2008 Based on results from an ongoing happiness survey on October 2007, people have room for improvement in the happiness department. On a 7-point scale where 7 equals “excellent, " overall ..

Happiness Is Real

 April 05, 2008 Happiness need no longer be an illusion. It can be as real as the earth we stand on. Still, if we seek happiness directly, we will not find it. Yet, it's important to do the activities that will make .

We Are ALL Agents Of Change - This Is Why We're Here!

 April 05, 2008 How Can YOU Make a Profound Difference in the World? Science is proving that our past thoughts, choices and actions have created our current reality, and that our current thoughts, feelings, and ..

Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day - Light Is On The Horizon

 April 01, 2008 On any given day, there are people who are happy because all is well in their lives. There are people who are celebrating their accomplishments and dreams. There are new births that bring joy. There ..

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

 March 27, 2008 Matthew 6:25-34 Here is a personal Bible Study of mine WIS: What it Says. . . put into my own words, somewhat. WIT: What I Think. . . What this passage made me think about TBV: The Best Verse. . . I .

How to Make Your Own Health Food Super Energy Drink For Pennies

 March 27, 2008 More and more people are coming to the realization that eating healthy is in their best interest and that it is their sole responsibility to do so sooner than when their body starts failing. The two ..

Goal Setting Is The First Step In Personal Development

 March 26, 2008 It does not matter how young or old you are, or what your current circumstances may be - you, like everyone else, look ahead to your future. Whether you do this on a consistent, regular basis, or ..

THINK Happy Thoughts - Best Way to Feel GOOD

 March 26, 2008 Think back for a moment to see how this has worked in your life already. The last time that you really desired something and then received it either by earning it or by having it given to you as a ..

Self Motivation - Learning To Better Yourself

 March 25, 2008 Self-motivation originates from many sources - the need or desire to achieve a personal goal, an emotional (and often life-changing) event such as divorce or death in the family, or even a true ..

I Guess I'm Happy?

 March 25, 2008 Where do the years go? I'll be 52 years old this summer. I feel like a kid, I guess I look okay and I just feel like there's so much more to do! I've done a lot, in a sense, but on the other hand I ..

Expectations Are Everything

 March 25, 2008 There isn't an individual alive today who does not want happiness. But how do you get there from “I'm divorced and I'm not happy?" I know you've got a picture in your mind and I know that you ..

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