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Quick Chic: Put on a Hair Clip

 November 14, 2011 Do you want to dress up your baby, but aren't sure quite how to do so? You can instantly dress up your little girl by simply putting a hair clip or other hair accessories in her hair. If your baby is .

Five Fabulous Baby Hair Accessories

 November 12, 2011 Hair accessories are a great way to dress up your baby girl's outfit or give her a cute, casual look. Hair clips, hair bows and other baby hair accessories are safe to be worn by infants and toddlers .

Baby Gifts for Your Granddaughter

 November 10, 2011 Baby hair accessories are all the rage, no matter the season, and make perfect baby gifts. If you’re searching for something unique to buy for your granddaughter’s birthday, why not buy a .

Bring Out Her Cuddly Side with Baby Hair Bows

 November 10, 2011 Though adorable already, baby girls can look even more cute and cuddly with hair bows or a flower headband. It makes them look precious and sweet, so it's perfect for when you'r going to visit ..

What Your Hair Clips Say About You

 November 10, 2011 When dressing your daughter, a pretty hair accessory is a beautiful and easy way to add that finishing touch. Whether it's picture day at school, a play date with a friend, or just rolling around in ..

Get the Sweetheart Look with Hair Bows

 November 10, 2011 If you’ve been searching for that perfect “sweetheart” look for the little princess in your life, hair bows are the right way to go. These accessories come in so many styles, colors .

Baby Hair Bows That Look Best on Pictures

 February 21, 2011 Baby pictures are a great way to capture the memories that you and your baby are making every day. After all, she won't always be this small! You only get one shot at great baby pictures, complete ..

Beautiful and Affordable Baby Gifts

 February 15, 2011 As a new mom, you want to dress your baby in stylish, trendy, fashions. All you have to do is glance at magazines covers featuring celebrities proudly showing off their new baby and you will see how ..

Let’s Get Physical: How Workouts Affect Your Hair

 October 05, 2010 Regular physical activity has been proven to be good for the health, however it might not be so great for your hair. When you workout, especially outdoors, you expose your hair to heat, dirt and ..

Secrets to a Great Haircut

 August 13, 2010 Whether we like it or not, the first impression we make on other people is usually about the way we look. If you’re warm and friendly on the inside, you want it to come across on the outside, ..

Surviving Morning Routines With Your Children

 August 09, 2010 Morning routines are one of the first big hurdles that families have to tackle each day. It’s like a race where the kids have to be dressed, tummies filled, and then off to school with ..

Stress-busting Techniques for Moms

 August 06, 2010 Mothers have a lot on their plates, and we’re not talking about food here. We take care of the little ones, support our husbands, make sure everyone is fed, clean the house, do the dishes, ..

Express Yourself: Accessories 101 for Busy Moms

 August 06, 2010 Being a mom means being on your toes 24/7. Not only are you chasing after toddlers, changing diapers or styling thin, wispy hair, you are also cleaning the house, doing the laundry and cooking ..

Raising Girls: Survival Tips

 August 04, 2010 Being that you’re female, you probably thought that raising a girl would be a piece of cake. It kind of makes sense because, after all, you have been through all the ages and stages of ..

Perfectly Imperfect: Teaching Your Child Self Acceptance

 July 30, 2010 Today’s world puts a lot of emphasis on popularity, and how it can set the tone for what’s “acceptable. ” The truth is you can’t please everyone, no matter how hard you ..

10 Sure Ways to Show Your Children You Love Them

 July 30, 2010 One of the best gifts you can give your child is to be the best parent that you can be. Parenthood is one tough job, and at times you may feel that you are not cut out for it. Be patient. With ..

Baby Dress Up 101

 July 30, 2010 One of life’s purest joys is the moment you hold your baby for the first time. Later, when all the celebrations, congratulations, baby showers and baby gifts are done, it’s time to do a ..

Friends Forever: Helping your Child Form Meaningful Friendships

 July 29, 2010 Woodrow Wilson once said, “Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together. ” And indeed, friends are an important part of life. This holds true for all ages, even ..

Planning the Best Play Dates

 July 29, 2010 One of life’s important joys is teaching your child the value of friendship. You’ll be giving her the confidence it takes to make new friends and influence people. During pre-school ..

Developing Good Mental Health in Girls

 July 22, 2010 As parents of young girls, we are in a unique position of influence to help them build the confidence it takes to be the best that they can be. After all, they will not stay in their frilly dresses ..

Parenting Your Toddler

 July 16, 2010 Parenting is not for the faint of heart—especially if we’re talking about parenting toddlers! At this stage, your child starts to show her unique personality and to develop interests and ..

Of Fairy Wings and Princess Hair Clips: How Playing Dress-Up ..

 July 06, 2010 We all love children for their rich imaginations. Just try watching them play dress-up: they can be a princess, a fairy, a pirate, or a superhero. Once they get into it, their imaginations transform ..

No Slippy Hair Clippy Feature on Giggle Guide

 July 02, 2010 No Slippy Hair Clippy Has a Firm Grip on Success Written by Shannon Allen July 1, 2010 As the owner of No Slippy Hair Clippy ®, Annie Salyer is immersed in all things girly — bows, ..

Developing Your Child’s Self-Esteem

 July 01, 2010 Of all the gifts that you can give your child, the gift of self-esteem can prove to be the greatest one—it will allow her to feel good about herself no matter what life throws her way. In a ..

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Hair Styling

 June 29, 2010 Motherhood is one of the toughest jobs in the world. With the constant hustle and bustle from baby duty to daily chores, a mom is lucky enough if she gets to sit down for a full minute on hectic ..

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