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A Guide to Pitch Axis

 April 18, 2015 Pitch Axis, or, Modal Playing This is a subject that I remember being really confusing when I started learning to play guitar, so hopefully I can shed some light on it. Pitch Axis, or modal playing, .

How To Play Awesome Lead Guitar Solos Pt. 3 - The Secret To ..

 June 23, 2014 It’s time to find out how much you really know about playing emotional guitar solos. See if you can answer the question below: Without using your guitar, which of the following pairs of notes ..

Why You Can’t Attract Guitar Students During The Summer

 June 16, 2014 Why You Can’t Attract Guitar Students During The Summer by Tom Hess Chances are, you already understand that the summer is the slowest season for being contacted by potential guitar students. ..

Why General Advice Fails & What You Should Do Instead

 June 02, 2014 Why General Advice Fails & What You Should Do Instead By Tom Hess Most guitarists in the world are unable to play flawlessly at extremely high speeds because they approach guitar practice in one of ..

The Only Way To Succeed As A Guitar Teacher

 May 26, 2014 Any guitar teacher who achieves great success fully understands how they share a lot in common with anyone who has ever climbed to the top of Mt. Everest. Not sure what I mean? Here are the ..

Quickly Become An Excellent Guitarist By Studying John ..

 December 16, 2013 Quickly Become An Excellent Guitarist By Studying John Petrucci’s Playing By Tom Hess Studying John Petrucci’s guitar playing will get you nowhere until you look below the surface to ..

2 Reasons Why You Have A Hard Time Expressing Maximum Emotion ..

 August 26, 2013 2 Reasons Why You Have A Hard Time Expressing Maximum Emotion In Your Guitar Playing by Tom Hess Do you want to have the musical skills that allow you to control the emotions your listeners will ..

The Five Main Keys To Becoming A Truly Great Guitar Player

 August 19, 2013 The Five Main Keys To Becoming A Truly Great Guitar Player by Tom Hess After investing over two decades into helping guitarists to reach their musical goals, I have identified the five keys required ..

How To Become A Better Guitarist By Listening To Yngwie ..

 January 14, 2013 How To Become A Better Guitarist By Listening To Yngwie Malmsteen By Tom Hess In my opinion, Yngwie Malmsteen is one of the most important and underrated guitar players in history. In fact, I would ..

Top Ten Reasons Why You Aren’t Making Good Money Teaching ..

 January 08, 2013 Top Ten Reasons Why You Aren’t Making Good Money Teaching Guitar by Tom Hess Do you feel like you should be making a lot more money as a guitar teacher? Have you ever thought about how ..

Is Reading Music a Necessary Skill for a Guitar Player?

 March 24, 2012 Reading music: a necessity for some, a superfluous ability for someone else. Depending on who you ask, you will hear that it is fundamental that you should know how to read (if you asked some one ..

Guitar Buying Tips For Beginners The Top Ten

 June 23, 2011 My Top ten guitar buyers tips will help you make a wiser decision, save time and effort, avoid frustration and save a lot of money while you search for the perfect instrument to meet your needs. ..

Learn The Guitar Online Effectively And At Low Cost

 February 15, 2011 You can learn guitar online effectively and inexpensively today because of the age of the internet. It has never been easier. If you make a search for learn guitar online, you will find dozens of web .

Some tips for guitar players

 December 23, 2010 Maybe any guitar player wants to play guitar well and develop his technique to more advanced. For this purpose you can go in different ways – use various educational schools, special exercises ..

Basic Information for Beginners of Acoustic Guitars

 December 08, 2010 You will find numerous well-liked and simple acoustic guitar songs which even a newbie, that has mastered a minimal of 3 main chords, the artwork of strumming in time and also the capability to shift .

How to play fast notes and speed technics

 July 30, 2010 There is something beautiful in speed. It’s like a waterfall of notes that coming into the soul and continuing to reach the source of power. Beginners sometimes don’t understand that ..

Reaching the natural timing for guitarists

 July 29, 2010 Timing is one of the most important aspects in playing. The pulse of the music is a thing that we feel while listening tracks. People often sense that pulse and trying to make noise with foot or hand .

Approach to musical theory

 July 28, 2010 Many guitarists trying to stay away from musical theory. Maybe that’s because learning of it more complicating than practice. However, understanding of theory will help you much faster find ..

Paul Gilbert – Burning Organ

 July 26, 2010 Paul Brandon Gilbert was born in Carbondale, Illinois in 1966. When he was nine years old he began to listen to rock music such as Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and KISS. Later, Paul truly amazed with Van ..

Steve Vai – Amazing Grace

 July 25, 2010 Steven Siro Vai was born in June 6, 1960 in Long Island. From his child years, he was really obsessed with music, although his parents liked Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. Steve even created his ..

For beginners – how to avoid mistakes in learning guitar

 July 25, 2010 Learning guitar for the first time very exciting thing. There are so many new that could learn beginner. And that feeling of something unknown – very interesting feeling. And after have some ..

The reason why people learn guitar

 July 24, 2010 There are different reasons for people who learning guitar. And they are all different as different people thoughts and wishes. I heard one story about some future musician. So when he was studying ..

Learn To Play The Guitar - Find Out 3 Main Things That Are ..

 May 24, 2010 Just about everybody on this planet Earth has either wanted to learn how to play guitar or has picked one up and fiddled around with it a time or two. However, what is the actual amount of folks that .

How To Find The Right Guitar Amp

 March 30, 2010 Choosing the right amplifier for your guitar is by no means an easy task. Usually a guitarist will think of style, as well as price first, when considering options. Assuming you have bought a guitar ..

Is it Really that Hard to Learn the Guitar?

 December 06, 2009 Learning how to play the guitar is not a walk in the park. As many people will tell you it can be very hard and frustrating for anybody. Luckily there are ways that you can use to make the process a ..

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