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5 Perfect Rings For The Bride-To-Be

 December 25, 2015 The investment in an engagement ring is nothing in front of a million dollar smile of the bride-to-be. Make sure to buy the most perfect ring for her. One can browse and check gold diamond rings ..

Investing And Its Benefits To You

 September 03, 2014 It is difficult to say with outcomes, and that is why no one should disregard the massive wealth building possible offered by realty investing. The very best means to make the most of the chances ..

All About Metal Trading Online

 June 24, 2013 People love to invest in the costly metals like the silver and gold as they do not change so much in the International markets and the trading arena. There are lots of people who are investing their ..

Squandering your finances and savings Vs. investing in ..

 April 26, 2012 Have you got some extra income coming in your bank accounts? Don't you ponder how to handle this money? Clearly rather than dreaming about shopping for something such as an automobile, garments, or ..

How gold buyers make money buying scrap gold

 January 27, 2012 Gold buyers don’t always have to mean people who buy gold coins or bars from the bullion market. There are also many gold buyers who invest money in buying scrap gold, and in return, make money .

Xenotime: Characteristics, Origin and Applications

 December 08, 2011 Learn more about the mineral called xenotime - its characteristics, history, and uses and applications. Xenotime belongs to the family of phosphate minerals that contain rare earth metals. It has a ..

Titanite: Characteristics, Origin and Applications

 December 08, 2011 Learn more about the mineral called titanite - its characteristics, history, and uses and applications. Titanite is a mineral which contains titanium and calcium. It has a chemical formula of ..

A Junior Mining Play: Silver Scott Mines

 October 05, 2011 A Junior Mining Play: Silver Scott Mines The current economic climate has scared countless investors away from a wide variety of volatile stocks; however, it has also influenced many investors to ..

Treasures of the Deep - Mineral Deposits of Pakistan

 October 05, 2011 Pakistan is endowed with extensive geological potential. The country possesses extensive reserves of mineral deposits such as coal copper, gold, limestone etc. However, unlike other developing ..

What is Gold Detecting?

 September 01, 2011 What is a gold detecting? Basically, it is the hunt for gold. Of course, this term is very broad and covers many different types of gold and methods of searching. It can mean anything from mining to ..

Criminal Banksters Got You Down? Three Easy Steps To Prepare ..

 February 19, 2011 There is a global insurrection against bankster occupation spreading like wildfire worldwide. The global economy is contracting, causing uprisings across the Middle East that are now spreading ..

What Causes Gold Price Inflation

 February 08, 2011 Most of the people care at the price of gold per ounce in a correspondent way they study the stock market. It is rattling embarrassing to watch what causes the fluctuations by hunting at the finance ..

How to choose wedding jewelry?-Best tips to follow

 November 06, 2010 Wedding is the ceremony that unites two people in a sacred bond of marriage. And every bride wants to look her best this day. Everything you wear should be matched perfectly to make it an ..

An Investment In Gold Is An Investment That Will Last A ..

 August 28, 2010 Gold is a precious metal. It is so called because of its limited resources, its luster and inertness to atmospheric agents. Gold has fascinated men and women all over the world from ancient times. ..

What is Palladium? And Does It Make Great Jewelry?

 July 13, 2010 Over the past few years, consumer interest in palladium has increased considerably. However, there seems to be a lack of quality information about palladium available on the Internet today. To help ..

Precious gemstone jewelry will last a life time.

 July 12, 2010 Historically gemstones were classified into two categories, precious stones and semi-precious stones, in this article we will talk about traditional precious stones. There are four stones that are ..

Tell someone you love them with a beautiful piece of diamond ..

 June 23, 2010 Diamond is the hardest natural substance known to man. Thousands of years ago ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were splinters of stars that fell to earth, this gem was believed to posses ..

Amber Jewelry, beautiful jewelry with this unique stone.

 June 05, 2010 Amber was once given to loved ones to bring healing, luck and longevity to the wearer, roman gladiators adorned their weapons and shields with amber and believed that it would protect them in battle, .

Cubic zirconia jewelry is beautiful in its own right.

 May 20, 2010 The days of cubic zirconia being a cheap diamond substitute has long gone and it has become a beautiful stone in its own right. Today many top jewelry designers are using cubic zirconia as a favorite .

Watches from the Designer Brands

 April 19, 2010 We all get a watch for that sole objective of telling the time, but after a small while our wrist watch gets more than just a time piece on our wrists, it gets part of us. How lots of times have you ..

Is Gold one of the Wonders of the World?

 April 10, 2010 "Sorrow itself can be eased by simply getting busy at something. " - American Philosopher - You might be wondering, how that quote can be related to the subject of “Gold". Let me tell you a ..

Is Buying A Tiny Gold Bar Smart?

 April 10, 2010 Many experts will tell you that buying a 1 gram gold bar is not the way to go if you are serious about investing. However, there is a growing number of experts who believe that buying small gold bars .

De Beers, Gold Bars and Frederick from South Africa

 April 10, 2010 On my flight to Dubai I met an old friend of mine from South Africa, Frederick. Frederick used to be a top manager at De Beers (famous Diamond Jewelers) in South Africa and he was responsible for ..

Guide and tips on how to care and clean gold, silver, and ..

 January 16, 2010 If you want to keep your jewelry, gold, silver, or gemstones brightly shining and have a long life, you need to learn how to take care of your jewelry. Then these precious metals and stones will ..

Gold- A Personification of Luxury

 March 10, 2009 Gold, since ages has been a symbol of luxury and extravagance. It is the most primeval metal acknowledged to man. Gold being yellow is synonymous with the sunlight. It is the color and the gleam of ..

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