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DIY Steel To Garage Kits

 April 16, 2012 Having the ability to erect your own garage not only allows you to build it the way you want it, but also will give any person a sense of accomplishment. Many people like to achieve and be ..

The Beauty of Sheds & Garages

 January 14, 2009 Most people think of sheds and garages as a guy thing but I am here to tell you they are just as, if not more so, a woman thing. Women like the idea of having their car in the garage to get in and ..

What Can Steel Workshops Be Used For?

 October 13, 2008 If you enjoy making things, you are most likely the prime candidate for a steel workshop. Steel workshops are steel buildings that you can use as your own personal space. It is your creative space. ..

Top 10 Tips to Avoid Being Ripped Off by a Garage

 September 14, 2008 With many motorists believing they have been scammed by a car mechanic through being over charged, having unnecessary or poor quality work carried out, picking a reliable garage can be a minefield. ..

How to Build a Garage From the Ground Up

 July 20, 2008 Planning out what you want to do is the first step to building a custom garage. Before you get started, it is a good idea to have a well designed plan, as there are many components needed to build a ..

Steel Garage Kits For the DIYer

 July 04, 2008 Garage Building kits are a popular method constructing garages for residential and commercial purposes. Metal garage kits are gaining popularity due to the convenience of the kit. Typically, a person .

Garages Could Be Home To A Fortune

 February 06, 2008 Almost half of homeowners with garages could be missing out on a small fortune according to research undertaken by Compton Garages. The research established that half of us (53%) use our garage as ..

What a Garage is Really Good For

 January 24, 2008 If you're currently giving one of the biggest rooms in your house to your car, or even worse - to a bunch of old junk, you might want to consider converting the space to something that's better used ..

Skint And Need A New Car? No Problem If You Say Yes To Car ..

 January 23, 2008 It is Christmas financial fallout time; a time when everyone adds up their festive excesses and most realise that yet again they spent much more than they had intended. The credit card bills have ..

Garage Floor Tiles - The Next Project In Your Home

 August 01, 2007 There is not a room left in your house that has to be remodeled. You have done home improvement projects until you feel that at this point in your family’s lifestyle, all has been done that ..

What To Look For In Dependable Sheds?

 July 31, 2007 It is a wonderful feeling knowing that you have dependable sheds to use. There are several qualities that you need to bear in mind when purchasing or ordering these types of buildings. With so many ..

Garden Sheds - For Work & Play

 July 23, 2007 Did you know that garden sheds make excellent play houses? They are also wonderful for organizing your gardening tools. Many people use garden sheds as elegant greenhouses to showcase their favorite ..

Sheds - Not Just For Storage!

 July 23, 2007 Today you will find that sheds come in all types of shapes, different sizes and even diverse materials. There is a vast assortment of sheds with innumerable purposes that they can be used for. You ..

Sheds and Garages Are The Most Versatle Outdoor Structure

 July 23, 2007 There are many uses for sheds and garages. The biggest advantage to these buildings is being able to increase the real estate value of the property. Other advantages include increased storage space ..

Have You Run Out Of Storage? Buy A Shed!

 June 15, 2007 Did you know that you can custom create your very own storage shed plans? Many models come with standard options, heights and features. However, more and more companies are offering designs that are ..

Tips on Choosing Your Shed

 June 15, 2007 After making the choice to purchase a building, it is important to consider shed plans. These plans are specifically for determining what features and layouts you will want in your new building. ..

Outdoor Storage Sheds to Tidy up your Back Yard

 June 15, 2007 Let’s talk about the outdoor storage shed. There are several things that the buyer needs to know about these structures before making a final purchase. Doing a little homework will help you ..

Garden Sheds - Free Up Space In Your Home This Summer

 June 13, 2007 Gardeners and storage space saving enthusiasts love their garden shed! These sheds can hold many tools, equipment and supplies need to for the garden. But they are no longer limited to just ..

Organizing Your Garage With Cabinets

 March 19, 2007 In most families, the garage is a cornucopia of clutter. Sometimes, when the accumulated items pile up so much that parking the car becomes a major problem and it is then that most families take note .

Secrets To Buying In Yard Sale

 March 14, 2007 Buying bulk can be really addicting. Imagine saving a few dollars if you buy a six-per-pack of a product compared to buying just one? The savings that you can potentially have can be really hard to ..

Strategies to Improve and Increase Your Garage Storage Space

 March 05, 2007 Your garage presents you with enough space to store items which you cannot place anywhere else in the house. The first step will be to sort through your belongings and discard stuff that you do not ..

How To Repair Your Garage Door

 February 28, 2007 Overhead garage doors are of two types. They can roll up in sections, or they may swing up as one piece. Both of these two types operate on spring tension. Metal tracks present on the garage walls ..

Rubber Garage Flooring for Resurfacing

 February 27, 2007 You have various options to perk up the appearance of your garage by altering the garage flooring. You can opt for a basic, cheap garage flooring treatment or a high end garage flooring treatment. ..

Different Options for Your Garage Flooring

 January 22, 2007 Floors are an important part of any home, garage flooring is no different, so why don´t you give a good look for your garage floor? Most people think plain concrete is the only way for covering ..

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