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Can You Earn Passive Income?

 November 03, 2008 Passive income is not a tool for the rich to get richer. Anyone can earn this sort of income if they have a plan of action. Here are the reasons why anyone can earn a passive recurring income. ..

Do You Have an Emergency Fund?

 November 03, 2008 Life is like a wheel. One day, we might be spending money as if there's no tomorrow because we just have too much. But we can also wake up one morning, struggling with the little that's left for us ..

Five Checkbook Balancing Tips

 November 03, 2008 Unless you were born spared of the emotional predicament of seeing your bills side-by-side with your income and you dream to practice your accounting skills every month, tracking your finances never ..

Book Review of the Financial Peace Planner

 October 27, 2008 This is a book review of “The Financial Peace Planner: A Step-by-Step Guide to Restoring Your Family's Financial Health". Description: Just as it says this step-by-step guide will help put you .

Book Review of What Color is Your Parachute?

 October 27, 2008 Description:  An in-depth guide to help you see the future and plan for your retirement.   Review: Planning for retirement is something that many of us do not think about until it's too late.   We .

Book Review of Zero Debt - The Ultimate Guide to Financial ..

 October 26, 2008 This is a book review of “Zero Debt - The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom " by author Lynnette Khalfani. Do you lose sleep over your credit card debt? If so, then Zero Debt: The Ultimate ..

Book Review of Online Shopper's Survival Guide

 October 26, 2008 Does the fear of fraud or identity theft keep you from shopping online? Online Shopper's Survival Guide will safely take you through the Internet. Even if you are already a savvy shopper on the ..

Book Review of Frugal Luxuries by the Seasons

 October 26, 2008 In author Tracey McBride's first book - Frugal Luxuries - she elevated thrifty but elegant living to an art form. Now in this companion volume she shares all new ways to beautify cherished holidays ..

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine

 October 26, 2008 Are you looking for an upbeat exciting financial magazine? One that won't bore you to pieces?  Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine provides readers with the information they need to make smart ..

Book Review - Debt Proof Your Holidays

 October 26, 2008 Each year, more people go into debt with their holiday spending.   It isn't just the gifts, but the decorations and meals as well. Everyone wants to have a memorable holiday and make it special for ..

Book Review - The Sink Or Swim Money Program

 October 26, 2008 This is a book review for “The Sink or Swim Money Program: The 6 Step Plan for Teaching your Teens Financial Responsibility". With increasingly high debt becoming a bigger problems in families ..

The Fastest Growing Economy in the World

 April 15, 2008 Surprising analysts, who had expected China's economy to start slowing this year like the economies of other countries, China reported yesterday that its economy grew by 10.6% in the first quarter of .

Cheer Up - Some Stocks Are on the Rise!

 April 13, 2008 Is there any good news out there? Are there any stocks going up in this market? The answer to both questions is “yes. " As always, there is money to be made in any market environment, as long ..

The Only Real Long-Term Threat to the U.S. Economy

 April 09, 2008 The bank crisis. . . the banks will get over it. Remember the bad loans to the tech industry, third-world countries, and the Resolution Trust fiasco of the 1980s? The banks always recover. So does ..

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