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God’s Willingness to Forgive – King Manasseh

 March 06, 2010 It is not unusual to find in religion, as it relates to Christianity, two extremes of thought. There are those who feel God is so full of loving kindness that he will readily forgive us of any and ..

The Debt That Needs to Be Paid

 September 30, 2008 We are all born sinners. That means that we all owe God something in order to become whole. In the Old Testament He provided blessings by giving atonement for sins by the blood of an innocent, ..

6 Ways to Ask For Forgiveness

 September 17, 2008 Fights, especially in your love life, appear frequently and usually for minor reasons. It is not easy to accept you are responsible but there are some nice ways to say you are sorry and they work. ..

Acceptable Prayer

 July 31, 2008 When a person runs into trouble in his or her life they are often counseled to pray. That is usually one of the very first things that are done and most certainly we ought to turn to God in our times .

4 Good Reasons to Forgive

 July 28, 2008 Much has been said about the virtues of forgiveness, yet many today who need to forgive are unable or unwilling to do so. This is mainly due to the wrong understanding of what forgiveness is. Most ..

Forgiveness and Anger

 July 14, 2008 John had been swindled. He'd given his trust to the woman he loved and was conned out of his savings and a Subaru in the process. She'd flattered him, cleaned him out, then skipped town. Now he was ..

5 Steps to Help You Forgive a Family Member

 July 14, 2008 Someone in the family has stepped on your toes, ticked you off, or made you mad as a hornet. There's no way in the world you can ever forgive them. Or is there? A close family is a blessing. ..

Forgiveness Undeserved Mercy

 July 13, 2008 Michael hung his head. “I just can't forgive that guy. " Tears pooled and spilled over his cheeks. He sat in my office, hunkered over as though to shield a broken heart from any further damage. .

Forgive and Remember

 July 12, 2008 The topic of forgiveness has gotten popular lately, I imagine due to the proliferation of contemporary research supporting it as a treatment modality for psychotherapy. Good thing, I suppose. That ..

Forgiveness is Good For You

 July 10, 2008 Sometimes it can be really hard to forgive someone. Someone may really hurt us or make us mad and we want to stay angry at them forever. But holding in resentment and anger only hurts us. It hurts us .

Punish Or Protect Fats Emotional Job

 July 04, 2008 Your weight problem is not an accident. All of your diet and exercise attempts fail as soon as you stop working them precisely because neither diet nor exercise programs address the underlying cause, .

Simplicity The Right Attitude Can Reduce Your Job Stress

 July 02, 2008 Work sucks, but then again, maybe it's your attitude. And, maybe the people at work really do suck, but in the meantime there are some easy things you can do to ease the tension. Keep in mind, you ..

Roll Away the Stone

 June 27, 2008 Sisyphus does not usually tread the dusty streets of Jerusalem. He has never appeared in a Paschal reading, nor was he ever mentioned in an Easter sermon. But this Easter, I thought of him. That ..

You Have a Choice - A Secret of Relationships

 June 01, 2008 I'm a coach and an activist for environmental sustainability, spiritual fulfillment and social justice. These activities often make me think politically, though I prefer not to. As an example, I was ..

Committed Relationships - Ten Ways to Deepen and Build ..

 May 28, 2008 Are you in a long time relationship? Do you wish you had some guidelines to show you a direction for improvement? People often debate in relationships what is “normal, and healthy". Below are ..

The Nature Of Love

 May 24, 2008 Love! The most wondrous thing of all is man's capacity to love. The unfortunate thing is that so many people misunderstand the nature of love. When we read the Bible at 1 Corinthians 13, we see in ..

Power Of Forgiveness

 May 14, 2008 Like the majority of humankind, I was never into forgiveness. It was a pleasure keeping grudges in mind, dwelling over them again and again and wallowing in self pity and vengeful thoughts. Then one .

Being Happy Every Moment

 May 02, 2008 I met a young lady at work recently and noticed a tattoo on the back of her neck (she wore her hair up). I asked her what the Japanese symbols meant. She replied they spelt “happiness. " After ..

Forgiveness And Positive Living

 April 16, 2008 "Forgiveness is the key that can unshackle us from a past that will not rest in the grave of things over and done with. As long as our minds are captive to the memory of having been wronged, they are .

Leadership Spirituality And Inspiration Which Can Be Personal ..

 March 24, 2008 Dare to consider for the briefest of moments what it would be like if it were not true. "If Christ has not been raised from the dead, our preaching is useless and so is your faith. " That was one ..

How To Forgive Others' Mistakes

 March 11, 2008 Sometimes you might hold others to impossible high standards. Your awareness of the fact that the forces that motivate them and drive their choices differ from your own is invaluable. Consequently ..

Step Parenting's Answer - Develop the Friendship

 February 15, 2008 There's one thing we see in families more and more these days. Actually, it's been around for most of the last half century, so it's quite the norm - it is blended families. I don't think there is ..

How to Take Advantage of the Seasons in your Life!

 January 23, 2008 You probably never thought of life in this way, but it is true. The Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible, Chapter 3 to be exact, tells us there is a season for everything: A time to be born and a time ..

What is Forgiveness?

 January 10, 2008 There are many different forms of forgiveness and many different ways to look at it. The bible describes forgiveness as something we should all do 7 times 70 in our lives. Forgiveness in my opinion, ..

How To Be Less Frustrated With Your Kids - 4 Tips

 January 10, 2008 Most parents will tell you that being a parent is the best job anyone could have. It's also the hardest, and most frustrating. Kids have an uncanny ability to bring out the worst in even the best ..

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