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Government Help to Stop Foreclosure

 August 12, 2008 The recent housing crisis has left many families facing the possibility of foreclosure. In April, 2008 it was estimated that one out of every 194 U. S. households had received a foreclosure filing. ..

Foreclosure Trouble - How You Can Help People?

 August 12, 2008 With so many foreclosures nationwide you would think the end would be in site. I am not sure that end will come any time soon with the economy and banks tightening the loans. Homeowners are losing ..

Foreclosure - What is It? - And How to Avoid It

 August 11, 2008 To understand the foreclosure process one must know what it is first. So what is the definition of foreclosure? Simply put, the foreclosure process as applied to residential mortgage loans is a bank ..

Take Action Now to Stop Mortgage Foreclosure on Your Home

 August 11, 2008 You don't want to think about mortgage foreclosure on your home, one of your most valuable assets but it is happening to many people across the country due to the poor state of economics today. Since .

HUD Programs Serve As Safety Net For Troubled Homeowners

 August 11, 2008 Just like a seasoned firefighter who is carefully positioned below a burning building to catch victims, the government's housing arm, the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), is ..

Avoiding Foreclosures

 August 11, 2008 In these economic times the percentage of foreclosures in America is on the rise. The homeowner who is facing foreclosure of their primary residence has several options in an attempt to avoid ..

How to Defend - Answer a Foreclosure Lawsuit in Court

 August 11, 2008 Defined.   A lawsuit is a legal action filed by a party seeking to enforce his or her legal rights. A foreclosure action is one whereby a lender seeks to enforce its legal rights by foreclosing on ..

Stop Foreclosure - Climb From the Depths of Foreclosure With a .

 August 10, 2008 Foreclosure is not a pretty word when dealing with your mortgage payments or dealing with your mortgage in general. With the government set to pass a new housing bill and mortgage rates that are ..

Real Estate Investments During a Recession - The Rent to Own ..

 August 10, 2008 Are you looking for a successful investment strategy that will help you make money in real estate during this time of recession? If so, you should consider the “rent to own" strategy. This ..

Finding People in Pre-Foreclosure

 August 10, 2008 It is actually quite easy to find people in pre-foreclosure. The foreclosure rate is at an all time high with so many families losing their home. You can help families out of having a foreclosure on ..

Benefits of Buying Foreclosed Properties

 August 10, 2008 Real estate is traditionally a popular investment, and buying foreclosures can be an gainful way to invest in property. Buying foreclosures requires some knowledge and competence, once you have ..

There is Improvement in the Phoenix Housing Market

 August 10, 2008 When the Phoenix metro area consisted of little more than rainless desert with dried-up aquifers from long-gone native peoples, a limited number of visionaries saw this land's potential back in the ..

Drawbacks to Buying a Power of Sale

 August 10, 2008 "A Power of Sale’ is the right of a mortgagee to force the sale of the property without judicial proceeding should a default occur and it can be a great cost saving exercise. But when you do ..

Don't Admit Defeat - Stand Up to the Banks and Fight Your ..

 August 10, 2008 One story that is becoming more common during the foreclosure debacle is that of homeowners committing suicide to escape the financial difficulties. This is the wrong decision to make, but it is ..

What is Bank Foreclosure?

 August 08, 2008 When homeowners are not making their mortgage payments on time bank foreclosure takes place. The bank they got their mortgage through takes over the home to sell it in order to receive the funds they .

Learning About the Foreclosure Process

 August 08, 2008 Bank foreclosure, or just foreclosure as it is more commonly referred to, is a process which is initiated by the mortgagee or a lien for the purpose of having the court order the debtor's real estate .

Things to Do For Foreclosure

 August 07, 2008 Obviously you want to do everything to keep your house and maintain your credit on a positive note. Of course this might involve making some tough decisions in your life. Let's face it though; house ..

3rd Series in Our Three Part Series on Details of How to Do a ..

 August 07, 2008 This is the 3rd part of a three part series on how to do short sales. Let's take a look at what you will need to know to do a short sale. We have discussed how to find a person in foreclosure, what ..

Mortgage Loss Mitigation For Homeowners

 August 01, 2008 The number of homeowners facing foreclosure has doubled recently and shows no signs of slowing down. If you are amongst those who are struggling to keep up with rising costs, ballooning mortgage ..

Looking Close at Miami Foreclosure Real Estate

 July 31, 2008 Let us keep up with the standard that the real estate market is asking too much from the investors and consumers alike. Over the years the growth of the market has seen its highs and lows and because .

Mortgage Loan After Foreclosure - Easy When You Know How

 July 30, 2008 For some time I wondered if it was possible to get a mortgage loan after going through a foreclosure. After I lost my home I felt it would be impossible to get another mortgage and buy a home for my ..

Are You Facing Foreclosure? Are You a Victim of Predatory ..

 July 30, 2008 You may need a loan modification, loan workout, or be a candidate for foreclosure help or mediation. Are you having trouble making payments on your home mortgage? Is your property worth far less than .

A Review of Home Foreclosure Survival Tactics

 July 30, 2008 Home foreclosures in the United States are at unprecedented levels. As many as a third of all homeowners are thought to be falling behind with the mortgage repayments on their properties. As a direct .

Foreclosure Alternatives Weighing the Options

 July 30, 2008 For the many homeowners who are facing foreclosure recently, there is stress and worry about what to do. Some homeowners are looking for a solution that will let them keep their homes while others ..

Should You File Bankruptcy on Your Own Or Hire an Attorney?

 July 30, 2008 One of the most important decisions borrowers will have to make when dealing with a financial hardship leading up to a foreclosure is whether to seek relief under the federal bankruptcy laws or not. ..

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