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Foreclosure Relief - Lenders Want to Help

 December 16, 2008 The challenges being experienced by many home owners who are experiencing the foreclosure process should never be ignored, and home owners need to understand that lenders also understand this and ..

Banks Still Doing Loans

 December 15, 2008 Ask any real estate broker these days about the hardest part of their job, and they'll tell you it's finding a lender to fund a deal. As the credit markets have seized up, some banks are turning sour .

The Mortgage Meltdown Could Get Messier

 December 14, 2008 Foreclosure, a word rarely heard in the media before 2007, is now a term used almost daily in the news. Millions of Americans are losing their homes as the country falls deeper into recession. The ..

Stop Foreclosure Refinance and Save Your Home

 December 14, 2008 There are workable solutions that you can take to stop foreclosure refinance and lower your payments in order to stay in your home and save your mortgage. With the ever increasing surge in ..

Avoiding Losing Your Home Through Debt

 December 14, 2008 The process of not losing your home because of debt, really should begin when the homeowner first purchases a home. Considering how much money is coming into the household against what will be ..

How to Clear Your Mortgage Arrears

 December 14, 2008 Amid the current economic crisis, many homeowners are finding it increasingly difficult to meet their monthly expenses. Jobless rates are rising, and lenders are facing difficulties of their own with .

Enjoying a Merry Christmas Even During Recession

 December 14, 2008 Recession and bad economy previsions are affecting most North American this year. How can a family still enjoy a merry Christmas if they are facing foreclosure, bankruptcy or living off payday loans? .

Short Sale Or Home Loan Modification, You Decide!

 December 13, 2008 What is a short sale? It is the sale of a home at the market value, not the principle balance of the contract. The process can be unbearable for the buyer and for the seller. If you are choose this ..

How to Avoid Foreclosure and Keep Your House

 December 12, 2008 A foreclosure proceeding is not just losing your property but also includes huge fees for lawyers, court fees and procedural expenses. There are plenty of reasons why one should try and avoid a ..

Writing a Hardship Letter For a Home Loan Modification

 December 11, 2008 One piece of documentation that all lenders are going to be asking for when applying for a home loan modification to avoid foreclosure is a hardship letter. A hardship letter is a handwritten letter ..

Foreclosure - How to Fight It

 December 11, 2008 In these harsh economic times, many people face the risk foreclosure directly because of financial difficulties they face. If one finds oneself among such individuals, it is high time that one ..

The Difference Between Foreclosure Homes and Short Sale Homes

 December 11, 2008 Statistically, foreclosures and short sales have engulfed the housing market as homeowners earnestly look for ways to assuage their own financial hardships. As jobs are lost and hours are curbed, ..

Tax Foreclosure Homes A Guide For Investors

 November 10, 2008 Investing in real estate in the form of tax foreclosure homes cannot necessarily only be conducted by experts in the field. There is a great deal of expert advice available, just bear in mind that ..

In Foreclosure? Ask For a Loan Modification

 November 10, 2008 Facing foreclosure can be overwhelming and scary, but by taking the right steps you may be able to keep your home and save your credit. The following information is provided to help give you a better .

Property Auctions Vs Traditional Real Estate Purchases

 November 09, 2008 Property auctions take place after a property has been placed in foreclosure by a bank, lender or government agency. These properties have been places in foreclosure due to the fact that the owner ..

What is a Mortgage Loan Modification?

 November 09, 2008 A mortgage loan modification is not a refinance. A reputable mortgage loan modification company can work with your existing lender to give you more favorable terms that will allow you to keep your ..

Bank Owned Foreclosures - How to Take Advantage of Them

 November 06, 2008 More than ever in times past, banks are foreclosing on people's homes. This is occurring as a result of so many people borrowing money from those same banks in order to purchase a home. However, ..

Tax Foreclosure Sales From IRS Liens

 November 06, 2008 Presently the real estate market is in a pretty bad way, this falls in line with the fact that there is a financial crisis in the US. Not to say that anywhere in the world is any different and world ..

The Definition of Foreclosure

 November 05, 2008 When money is borrowed to buy a house or any other sort of property for residential or even commercial purposes, a loan is usually what has been taken out in order to make the said purchase. Such a ..

How to Handle Foreclosure

 November 05, 2008 Foreclosure tends to affect a business negatively and it makes such a business unappealing to future lenders. For such lenders, repossessing a delinquent property is an arduous and costly task and ..

Would a Total Financial Collapse Mean No More Foreclosures?

 November 05, 2008 With the way the economy has been going for the past few months and the rising number of failed banks, it may seem that the only relief homeowners may get from a pending foreclosure is if their bank ..

Government Tax Foreclosure Houses Provide Valuable Investment ..

 November 05, 2008 The present real estate market offers valuable investment opportunities for many people looking for a good deal and strong return on investment. Government tax foreclosure houses are available in ..

Financial Obligations and Liabilities of Short Sales

 November 04, 2008 The short sale process will take between 2 months and 1 year, depending on the lender and will take you more than 40 hours from start to finish. So shouldn't you be sure that this is the right ..

Master the BPO For a Successful Short Sale

 November 04, 2008 Work the BPO for a Successful Short Sale Approval: Schedule the meeting with the appraiser/realtor to do the BPO. The BPO is the “Broker's Price Opinion"; and sometimes a real estate broker ..

How to Negotiate a Short Sale Yourself to Save Your Credit

 November 04, 2008 The first step is to 'buy’ yourself as much time as possible. If you have already been ‘served papers', or given notice that your lender is going to initiate a foreclosure, you must ..

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