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Foreclosure Homes Articles 

Second Chance of Getting a Dream House: Las Vegas Foreclosure ..

 February 21, 2012 A good way of looking at Las Vegas foreclosure homes is that they have already created a market that is as competitive and rich as you can imagine it to be. This is because a lot of Las Vegas ..

Loan Modification Dropouts Mean More Foreclosure Houses

 October 04, 2010 According to the Treasury Department of the United States of America the number of people who are dropping out of the President’s loan modification program is outpacing new arrivals. According ..

Buying Columbus Foreclosures Homes

 September 14, 2010 Buying foreclosure homes can be lucrative business opportunities for the real estate investors. With the US economy booming up once again, the prices of the state-of-art properties too are roaring. ..

Foreclosure Bill - Passed Into Law

 December 10, 2008 Legislation sponsored by Chairman of Assembly Banking, Darryl Towns, Governor David Patterson, and a number of other Assemblymen and Senate leaders has been passed into law. This foreclosure bill is ..

Tax Foreclosure Homes A Guide For Investors

 November 10, 2008 Investing in real estate in the form of tax foreclosure homes cannot necessarily only be conducted by experts in the field. There is a great deal of expert advice available, just bear in mind that ..

Homes For Sale - Real Estate Investing Today

 November 04, 2008 Real estate investing, even in the real estate market of today, is still a way to ensure lasting financial security. It is a fast and safe method of wealth creation and buying foreclosed homes for ..

How to Prevent Foreclosure & Save Your House Today

 November 04, 2008 In today's economy and housing crisis, undeniably many will face a lot of financial problems resulting in foreclosures of your investment homes or the house you're currently staying. Being in ..

Free Foreclosure Homes?

 October 30, 2008 Actually this is a misnomer, there is no such thing as free foreclosure homes. Think about it logically no one in their right mind would give away a foreclosure home for free!!! Banks, lenders and ..

Online Availability For Cheap Homes

 October 29, 2008 Cheap Homes are desired by all individuals and buyers across U. S. as the U. S. housing market surges. The main reason for opting for foreclosed homes by buyers and investors of real estate is the ..

Foreclosure Homes - The Modern Day Gold Rush!

 August 18, 2008 Yep, the housing market completely sucks right now right? For some, absolutely but for others there has never been a better time to get rich. Look at the numbers of foreclosure homes. The housing ..

Foreclosures at High Levels Across the Country

 July 30, 2008 Most Americans go for a mortgage to finance their residential properties. This is a good option and in most cases the repayment period is around 15 years. However, there may be times when we face ..

Things To Be Aware of When Buying a Foreclosed Home

 July 15, 2008 Before you rush forward to buy a foreclosure, stop to think about some of the pros and cons. The condition of a foreclosed home can be a setback. Because these homes are purchased “as is" from .

Different Types of Foreclosure Homes and the Stages of the ..

 June 15, 2008 Different types of foreclosure homes and the stages of the foreclosure process. There are four basic types of foreclosure homes because there are four different stages in the foreclosure process: ..

Rounding Up Buyers for Foreclosures is Critical Before The ..

 May 13, 2008 Many listing brokers who represent banks resist the energy that it takes to round up buyers prior to the sale. However, in a market where there are many opportunities for investors, it is critical to .

Foreclosure Homes - One Way To Buy Them

 April 12, 2007 Yes, sometimes you can buy foreclosure homes cheap. But there is a lot of competition in this area, and fewer great deals than “get rich" promoters say. Some investors have moral qualms about ..

The Five Laws of Buying Foreclosure Homes

 April 10, 2007 1. Above all else, do your research. Buying a foreclosure can get you some great deals, but not all foreclosure properties guarantee savings. You have to be willing to search out the properties with ..

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