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Top 10 Fly Fishing Basics For Beginners Or Experts

 June 24, 2008 Fly fishing is a very popular fishing sport that can be both relaxing and challenging at the same time. The following tips and tricks of fly fishing basics can help to make the most out of any ..

Best Carp Fishing Baits Improving Big Fish Catches With ..

 June 24, 2008 Carp and protein baits are well and truly associated with each other today and with very good reason. However, effective carp fishing baits are not solely just about protein but combining the balance .

The Best Time to Be Out Fishing

 June 24, 2008 Have you ever wondered when the best time to be fishing is? Is there a “best" time to be fishing? As I'm sure you've noticed there are times when you catch more fish, and in this article I'm ..

Catfish Fishing Its Easy to Do

 June 23, 2008 The catfish is the most popular fish for people in the United States to look for, and it is also popular in Canada. It can be easy to find them in freshwater areas, but there are many other factors ..

Trout Fishing in America

 June 23, 2008 Two kinds of fishing dominate the sport: bass fishing and trout fishing in America. This essay concerns the latter. There is trout fishing in every state and every region has a superior stream or ..

Sport Fishing Trips

 June 23, 2008 Salt water fishing is preferred for its intensity and the big trophies. Obviously the most important equipment you need in this case is a boat that you will need to take at least 5 mile out into the ..

How to Make Your Carp Baits Stand Out From the Rest The Truth ..

 June 23, 2008 How many times do you read a bait company advertisement telling you their bait is better and stands out from the rest? I wonder just how true this is in practice; verifying such a claim in terms of ..

Catch More Bass With the Right Lure

 June 22, 2008 Bass fishing has grown in popularity, both within the amateur and professional or competitive fields. To become a successful bass fisher, you must learn which bass fishing lures are appropriate. ..

Fly Fishing

 June 22, 2008 The Rod In fly fishing a fly fisherman's tackle will comprise of a rod, reel, line, leader and a variety of artificial flies to tempt that illusive fish. The purpose of this tackle is to gently yet ..

The Bass Fishing Techniques That Bring Better Results

 June 22, 2008 Any sportsman will tell you that knowing your subject matter inside and out brings the best results. Bass fishing is no exception. Anyone can throw a line in the water, and lucky ones will even get a .

Safe Boat Towing Practices

 June 22, 2008 Towing a boat can be a dangerous and potentially deadly. Although it can be dangerous, adhering to proper practices and techniques will ensure the safety of you, the passengers in your car and the ..

Fishing Holiday Destinations Around the World

 June 22, 2008 Fishing has grown into an extremely popular sport around the world. It has to be one of the most relaxing and satisfying sporting holidays to go on. There can be very few things more satisfying than ..

Effectively Casting When Fly Fishing

 June 21, 2008 Learning the proper casting techniques when fly fishing will save you alot of time and frustration. While there are many tips and tricks out there that different anglers swear by, we will cover a few .

Michigan Fishing Has Never Been Better

 June 21, 2008 The diverse number of species Michigan fishing has to offer is way beyond the scope of one article. So I will divide and conquer by writing about four areas of angling, trout, largemouth bass, ..

Kerr Lake Fishing Reports

 June 21, 2008 Kerr Lake straddles the state line between Virginia and North Carolina. Known to Virginians as Buggs Island Lake, it has 850 miles of shoreline and 50,000 acres of surface. It is the largest lake in ..

Largemouth Bass Fishing Basics and Tips Imagine You Are a Bass

 June 19, 2008 Try to imagine yourself in place of a largemouth bass, a predator stalking its prey. You find a slight drop off near a point and patiently await your prey. Finally you see a silhouette above you and ..

Fly Fishing Salmon in BC

 June 19, 2008 Salmon fishing in British Columbia is fantastic. They have the river that has the largest over-all salmon run. They have another river that has the largest wild Coho salmon run. They have another ..

Float Fly Fishing Alaska

 June 19, 2008 Alaska has so many great fishing rivers and streams that run for miles that float fly fishing Alaska is the way to go. There are many outfitters that can provide this service. The float season is ..

Hemp Seed Carp Baits and the Ultimate Addictive Fishing Bait!

 June 18, 2008 Proof that fishing bait can be genuinely addictive! Hemp seed is one of the most effective and well-known fishing baits; so find out why this is and how to exploit this drug-containing bait for the ..

Fishing on the Mississippi River and Fly Fishing the Yellow ..

 June 18, 2008 Fly Fishing Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Small mouth Bass can rip the line off your reel and get your heart thumping. You'll settle into the quiet serenity of the Yellow River as you float or wade ..

The Curse

 June 17, 2008 There are times of glory in a fisherman's life. Times when he can do no wrong. Times when he becomes one with his lure and the water. Times when the fish become spellbound by his magic and fall ..

The 1 Fishing Secret That Will Help Any Angler Catch More Fish

 June 17, 2008 As an angler, have you ever wondered if there's one secret that will help you catch more fish? In this article I'm going to explain the one fishing secret that has enabled me to enjoy a ton of ..

The Redneck Lifestyle More Than a Joke Or Funny Picture

 June 16, 2008 A redneck is usually thought of as a white, working class US southerner. However, rednecks can now be found throughout all areas of the country. There is even some interest in the culture in ..

Kokanee Trout Fishing

 June 16, 2008 The Kokanee silver trout is really a landlocked sockeye salmon. Its nickname is not that derogatory though because rainbows and cutthroat trout are more closely related to salmon than they are to ..

Fishing Handle Your Boat in Rough Stormy Weather

 June 15, 2008 The squall is turning the lake and your day of fishing into a wild place. Your 14 foot boat suddenly slides down a wave and broaches. You turn on your motor and throw your weight to the high side. ..

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