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Fine Jewelry Articles 

Tips to Find Out What Your Diamond is Worth

 January 13, 2012 What Makes a Diamond a Girl's Best Friend? There is an old saying and song that many have probably heard at one time, “A Diamond is a Girl's Best Friend. " One reason that many may have come ..

Ethnic Indian Jewelry - Elegant Jewelry for your loved once

 October 11, 2010 The tradition of jewelry in India is not a new one. Since ancient times women are using ornaments which were present naturally whether it’s a flower, leaf or anything else. Any attire of yours ..

Some Facts About Diamond Jewelry

 January 15, 2009 Diamonds are the most sought after item by our women folk. Their dazzling beauty and the symbolism attached to them mesmerize everyone. Diamonds are symbols of love and exchanging diamond jewelry is ..

Make a Personal Style Statement With Gemstone Jewelry

 September 18, 2008 Almost any outfit can be complemented with gemstone jewelry. Brick and mortar jewelry stores and online stores offer fine jewelry that features beautiful gemstones. Gemstones include the crystal ..

Colored Diamonds Make a Beautiful Choice For Fine Jewelry

 September 14, 2008 Most people have at least a passing familiarity with what diamonds tend to look like. Beautifully glistening and sparkling, the clear appearance of the gemstone is known as the stone of choice for ..

Fine Jewelry How to Buy Online

 July 28, 2008 When buying fine jewelry online, you should know what to look for and where to shop before getting started. There are so many jewelry stores online today that you can easily be swayed to buy jewelry ..

Bracelet Styles That Are Popular Today

 June 14, 2008 Bracelets Bracelets are among the earliest adornments. In ancient Egypt, men and women frequently wore gold bands or twisted gold wire on each wrist and upper arm. Often decorated with figures of ..

Online Diamond Jewelry Store - Tips When Buying Diamond ..

 March 05, 2008 Nowadays, there are a lot of scams around which make buying diamond jewelry from online jewelry store almost impossible. However, scams do not always need to be associated with online shopping. As ..

Fine Diamond Jewelry - How To Select The Right Diamond Jewelry

 March 05, 2008 To select the right diamond jewelry, you need to obtain the diamond grading certification by laboratories. Before you make a diamond purchase, it is essential for you to understand the following ..

How To Clean Your Fine Diamond Jewelry With These Easy Tips

 March 02, 2008 Diamond jewelry get smudged and soiled easily when you wear them daily. When you are not wearing and put them on your dressing table, they will collect dust. Soaps, lotion and natural skin oil can ..

Diamond Jewelry Store - How Diamond Prices Are Determined

 March 02, 2008 Whether you are a diamond jewelry store owner or you are a consumer looking for the right diamond jewelry for your loved ones, knowing how diamond prices are determined will always be an advantage. ..

The True Beauty Of XO Bracelets

 February 25, 2008 If you have never seen XO bracelets then you do not know what you are missing. These bracelets are the king (or queen) of the bracelet world. Whenever you first lay your eyes on one it is hard to ..

Valentine's Day Gift Advice For The Last Minute Shopper

 February 03, 2008 Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and guys everywhere are quietly panicking about what to get their girlfriends and wives for this most romantic of holidays. While flowers and chocolates are ..

How To Make Your Swarovski Jewelry Shine Again

 January 24, 2008 As the economy is getting better, more people are willing to indulge on luxury items like jewelry to feel good. Swarovski jewelry can be considered one of the most popular jewelry being sought after ..

Buy Diamond Jewelry Online Easily

 December 17, 2007 Diamond jewelry pieces are not things that could be easily understood by everybody. There are some people who dislike diamonds or probably feel that they do not have that much value. However, for a ..

Fine Jewelry Tips - Fine Jewelry Shopping Tips

 July 15, 2007 It is always fun to shop for the decorative accessories no matter whether you are looking for fine or fashion jewelry. The most common reason of buying a fine jewelry is because of a special occasion .

Fine Jewelry - How to Buy the Right Fine Jewelry for Your Woman

 July 15, 2007 I believe that most guys find it hard to buy the right fine jewelry for their wives or girlfriends. Buying of the right fine jewelry is one of the most thoughtful, sincere and romantic gestures that ..

Fine Jewelry - How to Keep Your Jewelry Safe

 July 15, 2007 Pieces of fine jewelry will definitely attract greediness, and therefore it is best to keep all your fine jewelry in a safe place. The best place to hide something is right in front of ..

Fine Jewelry Tips - How to Store Old Jewelry

 July 15, 2007 The temptation of buying a piece of fine jewelry is always there; where you may end up buying a lot of jewelry that you only wear for a few times. So what do you do with the rest of it? Here are some .

Tips for Men Buying Jewelry for Women

 July 08, 2007 Buying jewelry as a gift for your wife, girlfriend or significant other is one of the most thoughtful, meaningful and romantic gestures you can ever make. Few items can express your lasting love and ..

Most Common Mistakes Men Make When Buying Jewelry

 July 08, 2007 Most Common Mistakes Men Make When Buying Jewelry As A Gift And How To Avoid Them A Guy Tells it Like it is What really strikes fear into men's hearts is trying to buy a gift for a spouse or a ..

Jewelry, Birthstones, Gem Stones - Cleaning, Storage, and Tips

 May 19, 2007 How To Keep Your Jewelry Looking Brand New : Jewelry Tips, Do’s & Don’ts Storage When you’re not wearing your jewelry try to keep it in an area where it will not be exposed to ..

Gems - History, Folklore and Mineral Data - Cont

 May 12, 2007 Throughout the centuries jewelry has been created and worn by people of different cultures. Every culture had it gemstones that they valued and they attributed a special meaning to each. Today the ..

Gems - Information - History and Folklore - Page 1

 May 09, 2007 Throughout the centuries jewelry has been created and worn by people of different cultures. Every culture had it gemstones that they valued and they attributed a special meaning to each. Today the ..

Artisan Jewelry - Creativity - Craftsmanship and Materials

 May 01, 2007 The Miriam Webster dictionary defines an artisan as one that produces something in limited quantities often using traditional methods. We have seen artisan bread, artisan cheese and artisan beer in ..

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