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Finance Articles 

How Existing Customers can Reduce their Home Loan Interest Rate

 January 05, 2018 Mr. Salil Chaudhary had taken out a Housing Loan some months back at interest rate of around 9%. He and his family were happy that they no longer had to live in a rented house. Everything was going ..

Software Development Organization- Achieve a High Worth ERP ..

 November 02, 2016 Business success depends on numerous key focuses. An organization which is automated utilizing an ERP organization, the key may exist in the software's operation abilities, or the people involved ..

Choose Reputed and Performing ERP Company for Better Business ..

 October 25, 2016 Suppose you installed a software package in your company but as soon the software goes live, not only there are technical problems, but it may happen that the software won’t be up to the mark ..

ERP Software Proffers Efficient Automated Management to ..

 October 25, 2016 Enterprise resource planning is an automated platform which helps an organization to achieve the incorporated system of process and data. An ERP application unifies all the necessary functions of a ..

Criminal Law Article About Finance

 October 11, 2016 Banks and financial institutions are a part of everyone’s life. The financial relationship between a person and his bank is government by documents and agreements. In the event of loans, ..

Are you suffering from chronic debt?

 September 10, 2015 Many people today are feeling the pinch from the recession and finding themselves in precarious financial situations. Perhaps someone got in the position from losing a job. We all know with the ..

Tips On Choosing The Right Term Deposit Rates For You

 April 15, 2014 A term deposit account is an investment option chosen by investors who want to get more out of their savings. It is where you save your money in a certain period of time and earn interest after. It ..

President Obama - healthcare and housing policies

 April 08, 2014 More than 30 million Americans are likely to benefit from the new health care coverage bill signed into law recently. The bill was cleared with a 219-212 vote by the senate a few days back after an ..

A dog bite can hurt you financially

 April 08, 2014 Have you ever considered that if your dog bites someone, it could have a serious financial impact? As a dog can not be held accountable for its actions, it is the dog’s owner who has to bear ..

Bridging Loans Direct Lender That Makes Sense

 March 14, 2014 Bridging loans can turn out to be valuable for home buyers and businesses. There are large numbers of people across UK that have availed these loans for different reasons, and consequently, they have .

Big Banks Saying No To Payday Loans

 January 24, 2014 As you very well know, payday loans are big business. But it seems as though more and more banks are jumping off the bandwagon. Just last week four of the biggest banks in the United States decided ..

Are Payday Loans Mis-used?

 January 24, 2014 Payday loans have for a long time been associated with financial emergencies. However, according to recent research, it has been found the a majority of people in the UK use such loans on paying for ..

Graduates, It's About Time You Started Saving Some Money

 January 11, 2014 Perhaps you recently graduated; maybe you even found your first job, you may think that it's quite soon in your career to start worrying about saving and investing your money. Unfortunately, that ..

Payday Loans - Do they help?

 January 07, 2014 After spending all of your money during the holidays, a sudden financial mishap has happened. A car issue, perhaps? Or a pay roll delay? It can leave your family eating ramen noodles for the next ..

A Cat's Nine Lives to Economy

 January 07, 2014 We've all heard of that famous quote that justifies the prowess of the feline kingdom: cats have nine lives. What if I told you that you, too, can have nine lives-that is, nine lives in managing your .

The requirements for a payday loan approval

 November 16, 2013 Payday loans are often easy to access and come in handy when you require instant cash. For instance if you have an emergency, this facilities may come to your rescue but should never be misused. If ..

Three Simple Rules for Great Website Content

 October 24, 2013 Want to write great website content but you’re not sure how? There are only a handful of things that differentiate great content from not so great content. Learn to master these few tactics and .

Three Effective Ways To Writing Rituals

 October 24, 2013 Do you have a writing ritual? Many people have writing rituals that they’re not even aware of. Others just sit down and write when they have time. Writing rituals are actually a great way to ..

How to Get Over Writer’s Block

 October 24, 2013 Writer’s block happens to everyone. When you’re trying to create content for your website it can be extremely frustrating. Not to worry. Writer’s block will pass. Here are a few ..

Credit Card Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

 June 04, 2013 One of the major problems that we usually meet when we decide to establish our own business is the financial support. Getting a business credit card is one of the ways in order to fund our own ..

How to save money around the home

 April 08, 2013 In the current economic climate, saving money and generating more disposable income are up there with our top priorities. Most people often believe sacrifice is the answer here but often substitution .

Practical tips for saving money

 April 08, 2013 Saving money is a top priority for everyone, whether you have a goal in mind, are saving for your holiday, planning to make the most of our limited summer or just saving because you think you should ..

The Secret To Keeping Your Employees Happy

 March 19, 2013 Most successful business owners know that it's absolutely critical to have a team of highly skilled, dedicated employees in place. You want to be able to rely on these people and to know that ..

Managing A Team Is Not Always Easy

 February 26, 2013 Whether you have previous management experience or not, managing a team can be a challenge for anyone. There are several broad categories of management style: 1. Coercive - you tend to incentivize ..

10 Ways You Can Control Your Spending Or Generate Some Extra ..

 February 22, 2013 1) Boot Sale: By far the best way to generate some extra cash and declutter your home. Prioritise your belongings and those that you rarely use can be take with you to be sold. 2) Buy in bulk: If ..

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