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How to get a free legit Filesonic premium account!

 September 12, 2011 Get yourself a free Filesonic premium account or a working link generator - Without getting scammed. is one of the more common uploading- and downloading file services. And with this ..

Web mirroring service for file sharing

 October 04, 2010 Online files sharing websites let you upload and share files of any size with friends and colleagues. If you need to share files over the web and wish to do that in as manner as effective and ..

Legal Music Downloads Help Combat Piracy

 June 03, 2010 While those who download music illegally sometimes view their actions as a victimless crime, new research from the UK's media regulator Ofcom has revealed that the practice costs around 39,000 jobs ..

Protect Yourself from Social Networking Scams

 August 13, 2009 Unfortunately, victims of this type of fraud will often only find out their identity has been stolen when a card purchase has been declined or they have been refused credit, for example a new credit ..

Music And Movies Download Sites - Are They A Scam?

 April 15, 2009 The so called music and movie download sites are under attack. In America the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and Hollywood's MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) are trying .

Download Movies for Free - A Hot Issue

 April 15, 2009 The Internet is used by a lot of people to download music, movies, games and various other soft wares for free. The legality of this practice is, and will be for a long time, a hot issue. Some ..

There's Another Way to Benefit From File Sharing

 August 23, 2008 Usually when people share files there either trading the latest 50 cent song with their friends or trading pictures from there latest trip to Cancun. But file sharing can be used for much more then ..

Home Networking - File Sharing Made Easier

 August 13, 2008 There is much file sharing going on via the web and email as you are probably aware. After building your home network, you have a lot of options as to what you can do with it. One thing which many ..

File Sharing For Photographers Top 5 Issues

 July 16, 2008 The move to digital photography has created both opportunities and challenges for photographers. While there is now the possibility to present clients with greater choice and selection due to the ..

The Music Industry is Changing

 June 27, 2008 The music industry is changing, but there is a lot of speculation about the direction in which it is going. For the past year, I have spent considerable time trying to understand a variety of issues ..

On Recording Quality, Artist Compensation and Policy

 June 26, 2008 I believe compensation for songwriters and performers may rest partially on the future quality of audio. While compensation and the quality of recorded music may seem like two separate animals to ..

Dangers of P2P File Sharing Software Programs Like Limewire ..

 June 20, 2008 I strongly encourage you to NOT use P2P programs for downloading music, videos, pictures, movies, tv shows, software, games, porn, amateur videos, and anything else that is available. When ..

The Recording Industry's Massive Crackdown on College Students .

 June 04, 2007 Since September of 2003, the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) has been on a witch hunt trying to sue every college student they can find who has been found guilty of illegally downloading ..

Private, Encrypted P2P Solutions Gaining Popularity Amongst ..

 April 03, 2007 Over the years, large-scale peer-to-peer networks such as Kazaa and eMule have enjoyed significant popularity, as users scrambled to download the latest Madonna and Metallica albums without paying a ..

Still Using Traditional Storage Media?

 April 02, 2007 Did you just download that amazing live concert of your favorite band on to your desktop computer? Now you scurry about trying to burn the concert on to a CDR, but the same error pops up every time? ..

What is Peer-To-Peer File Sharing (P2P)?

 January 15, 2007 Peer to peer file sharing systems, otherwise known as P2P, connect people directly together on the internet. Some systems are true networked systems, in that there is a central server which acts as a .

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