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How Does a Money Market Account Work?

 July 15, 2011 In order to answer the question of how does a money market account work, we have to understand what a money market account is. Simply put, it's a worldwide market for short-term loans between banks, ..

One CD Fact Your Broker Does Not Want You to Know!

 December 11, 2008 Did you know that you can increase the amount of FDIC coverage that you currently have at your bank? Until recently, neither did I. I thought that the single, joint, and trust accounts were all ..

Would a Total Financial Collapse Mean No More Foreclosures?

 November 05, 2008 With the way the economy has been going for the past few months and the rising number of failed banks, it may seem that the only relief homeowners may get from a pending foreclosure is if their bank ..

Review of Government Bailout and Cost of Living Increase

 October 08, 2008 What about the cost of living increases? Every American has noticed in the last year that all of the products that we use daily have skyrocketed. You can go into a store and see that some products ..

Review of the Bush Administration Bank Bailout

 October 08, 2008 What has the Bush Administration decided to do? The Bush administration has decided that the US financial crisis is too big and to urgent to fight lightly and decided to work on a massive government ..

Government Bailout Review - That is All We Need, More ..

 October 08, 2008 How will the bailout affect you? It's been a hot topic of conversation the past weeks about the government's bailout plan for financial companies. Almost everyone is asking, how will this affect me? ..

Government Bailout & the Second Great Depression

 October 01, 2008 How To Protect Yourself Let's face it; we are now entering the Unites States of America's Second Great Depression. It will have devastating effects on the American people, businesses, and what is ..

Bailout Plan - Stock Market Reaction

 September 30, 2008 House Republicans this week rejected the bailout plan presented to Congress by Secretary Paulson and Chairman Bernanke. The original plan would have given Paulson $700 billion dollars to use as he ..

Keeping Your Money Safe

 September 23, 2008 With everything going on in the financial world lately - the Treasury taking over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the collapse of Lehman Brothers and IndyMac Bank, and the government bailout of AIG - ..

5 Tips to Cope With the Financial Crisis

 September 22, 2008 Many investors are frightened as they watch the changes the economy is going through. The uncertainty about the future and the changes that are happening make people wonder what they should do and ..

Another Bank Failure - How Many More on the Horizon?

 September 22, 2008 Yet Another Bank Failure This Week. You probably did not hear that there was yet another bank failure this week. The Fed closed down Ameribank a 102-year-old West Virginia bank on Friday. Ameribank, .

Crush the US Dollar and Increase the Debt?

 September 22, 2008 I asked in one of my earlier posts if the US Dollar has bottomed or will the US Dollar crash? What I find fascinating. . . is that common logic . . . that the US Dollar should have gotten crushed ..

Investing - Bank Failures Expected to Rise - Are You Insured?

 August 12, 2008 The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the federal agency that backs bank deposits, reported a 52% increase from the prior year in the number of banks that are in trouble. Regulators are ..

Bank Failure Claims IndyMac - Is Washington Mutual Next on ..

 July 30, 2008 The July 11th FDIC seizure of IndyMac came a short ten days after IndyMac denied it was close to collapse. I imagine that there were a lot of hushed tones and worried whispers in banks all across the .

Now is Not the Time to Panic

 July 23, 2008 If you read the newspaper, listen to the radio or watch TV, you can't help but wonder if our financial system, as we know it, is coming to an end. With record high oil and gas prices, falling real ..

Are Your Bank Deposits Safe? Financial Facts What You Need to ..

 July 17, 2008 If your bank deposits are covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), your money is safe up to $100,000 personally and $250,000 in eligible retirement plans. In fact, depending on ..

Indy Mac Meltdown, What it Means to Construction to Perm Loans

 July 14, 2008 On day 2 of the Indy Mac meltdown, customers in California had lined up at midnight outside local branches waiting for the bank to open to withdraw their money. Police were needed to control the ..

My Consumer Rights Info With Internet Banking

 December 20, 2007 There is much controversy over whose responsibility it is when something goes wrong in the internet banking world. Banks sometimes step up and hold themselves accountable for security measures as ..

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