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Key Stage 1 Books – A brief readers guide

 January 04, 2010 Key Stage 1 is the collective term for the first two years of school in England and Wales. Children in Key Stage 1 are between five and seven years old. It is sometimes considered infant school, ..

Can You Learn From Watching Television?

 August 07, 2009 How much television do you watch in your free time? For some people the thought of missing their favourite soap opera is unthinkable, while others can’t remember the last time they watched ..

Feed Your Child's Imagination With an Awe Inspiring Wooden Toy!

 November 09, 2008 Most children possess an extraordinary imagination. From an early age they can be seen to engage with the world around them, using a sense of creative flair that makes even the most inventive adult ..

Free Fun Kids Games Search

 October 27, 2008 Parents are often searching for free fun kids games for their children to play which are both fun and educational in nature. There are many free fun kids games available for children to play online. ..

Tips to Shop For Classy Gifts at Discount Prices

 September 24, 2008 When it comes to gift giving, shopping for friends and loved ones isn't always easy. You can opt for the “cheaper" gifts but these often don't have any real meaning or value. These items might ..

The Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary

 September 14, 2008 The Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary is home to over 100 different species of animals, and there are over 300 animals living at the zoo. The zoo is located west of Austin on Rawhide Trail, which can ..

Easy Quilting Crafts For Kids

 September 11, 2008 A great way to keep kids busy is to introduce them to quilting. While there are numerous crafts and fun activities for smaller children in daycare, preschool, or elementary school, finding ..

Holiday Crafts For Kids of All Ages

 September 05, 2008 Holidays usually bring fun times for kids. Most schools are out on holidays, and there are often numerous parties and fun activities leading up to a holiday. And what better way to celebrate than ..

Educational Versus Edutainment Toys

 August 28, 2008 Today's parents feel pressured to use technology to begin their child's education in utero. For example, the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System promises to “give your baby a headstart" by ..

Dora the Explorer Toy Cell Phone - A Responsible Choice?

 August 27, 2008 Ever since children have been around so have toys. Toys spark the imagination, allow children to learn new things and give them the freedom to explore their individuality. Thousands of new toys are ..

Educational Bingo Games

 August 10, 2008 If you were to ask around, I think that you would find that most people know have to play bingo. Whether it's a game that we learned as kids, or something that we encountered later in life - it's ..

So Whys Everybody Broke?

 July 24, 2008 Back when I was doing lots of generic seminars for network marketers, I noticed a very disconcerting pattern. When many of the top income earners would buy my resources afterward, their credit card ..

Learning to Play an Instrument? Try MIDI Files

 July 18, 2008 MIDI files have been floating around the Internet for over 20 years. We've all heard them while surfing at one time or another, even if we didn't realize it. Many musicians, pro and amateur, use MIDI .

Grandchildren A Newborn Delight

 July 13, 2008 As parents, we may have wished for many things for our children over the years. Some of these wishes may have included getting a good education, or securing a job that would make them happy, or ..

Creative Home Schooling Makes a Difference

 July 07, 2008 When many individuals think about teaching their children at home, they wonder if they are going to be able to make things interesting enough for the child throughout the entire educational process. ..

Homebound Schooling For the Well Being of Your Child

 July 05, 2008 Did you realize that well over one million children take part in homebound schooling on an annual basis? This is an amazing achievement, considering the fact that almost all children went through the .

Childrens Floor Puzzles Great For Kids Hand Eye Coordination

 June 27, 2008 Hand-eye coordination begins during infancy through providing infants with objects and colorful toys that will encourage them to reach out and grasp them. By the age of 4-5 months infants can bring ..

Educational Toys to Improve Attention Deficit Disorder

 June 24, 2008 Children with attention deficit disorder often struggle in school because of their short attention spans. Many quickly decide that they are “dumb" or “stupid" when the simple truth is ..

Fantasy Book Publishers Creating Your Own World and Sharing it .

 June 23, 2008 In the world of printing presses, distribution and publishing are a wide variety of publishers and options for publishing a book. Some of these are divided according to the authors that they accept ..

The Life Skills Video Games Can Offer

 June 20, 2008 Is it possible that computer and video games have something positive and constructive to offer, and that rather than being a social menace which parents should be afraid of, they are in fact ..

Seven Great Benefits of Reading

 June 15, 2008 I read something the other day that was extremely disturbing. Apple founder Steve Jobs was quoted as saying. . . "It doesn't matter how good or bad the product is, people don't read anymore. Forty ..

The Building Blocks Of Educational Toys

 May 19, 2008 Should all toys, or at least the majority of toys, educational? Very often as we browse the endless aisles of toys looking for something suitable we are presented with a myriad of educational ..

Ringing The Changes For Toy Telephones

 May 18, 2008 It's always an endearing sight, to see a small child imitating an adult. Of course, that does largely depend on whether the action being imitated is appropriate, but let's assume that it is. Children .

Rubber Ducks And Other Bath Toys

 May 18, 2008 Children are not generally the cleanest of people, what with all the falling over in the mud, rolling about in the garden, shinning up trees, and crawling about the floor into dusty corners. It is ..

How These Ordinary Earthen Vessels Might Be Used By Almighty ..

 February 05, 2008 Below is an important piece dealing with the nature and character and demands of ‘revival’ and permission is granted to share something of it with you. If you are serious and concerned ..

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