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The new scorewriter program is ready to download

 June 20, 2012 The program Capriccio is available through internet for two years. Daily program is being downloaded by its users all over the world. Capriccio is used to write illustrations to the science articles, .

Your Audio Editor Can Waste Your Time And Effort.

 September 15, 2011 Just imagine – you have an audio editor that can make any sound effects, can change your voice in any possible way, remove any noise or add any noise. When you need you can make any recorded ..

New animation and modeling software

 December 28, 2010 Three-dimensional computer world is the breakthrough to a new reality. Progress is impressive in this sphere of human activity. There are two important branches in this industry: animation and ..

HTML and Code Editor for Windows

 June 05, 2010 Creating web pages is a tedious task. For you to get the result you want, everything needs to be perfect. There should be no errors committed, for a single mistake could ruin your project. To help ..

The All-American Right of Copyright

 January 12, 2009 Imagine yourself, an aspiring novelist, after years of plugging away on your computer and drinking your weight in Red Bull many times over, having finally completed the Great American Novel. This is ..

Online Poetry Journals - Submitting Your Work

 September 29, 2008 Writing for online poetry journals will not get you rich, but it will bring you personal satisfaction and can help your writing career. As the price of paper and gas go up, many periodicals are ..

Benefits of an Agent For an Author

 July 31, 2008 When I first started writing, I never considered the idea of having an agent. I have examined many publisher websites. I also follow blogs of some people in the industry (authors, agents, editors). ..

Editing Your Own Policies and Procedures Yes, You Really Can ..

 July 17, 2008 Few companies can afford the luxury of providing professional editors to help policies and procedures writers with their various published policy or procedure writers. So what does it mean if we ..

Why Use ASP.Net, and the Basics With Visual Studio 2008 ..

 July 15, 2008 In short, the answer is very easy, if you know C# or VB. For the average website, ASP. Net is a very simple solution when used with Microsoft's Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition (VS), which is free ..

HOW I Say it is Important!

 July 03, 2008 Article Submission can be a powerful marketing tool. When I submit an article, I do so hoping to attract readers who will believe I am professional and an expert on any issues that concern the ..

How Do I Get My Press Release Evaluated For Free?

 June 08, 2008 The other night I was getting some much needed rest and relaxation. There I was sitting in my comfy recliner, feet up in the air, and a tall glass of caffeine free diet coke, iced down of course, ..

Why Editing Matters

 April 06, 2008 Someone who edits is called an editor. For writing (as opposed to editing films or music, for example) an editor does not do the same work as a proofreader. A proofreader will check a piece of ..

7 Steps To Writing a Press Release That Will Get Published

 February 11, 2008 Here's the dilemma: you want to advertise your business. You know that the key to effective advertising is repetition. The kind of repetition it takes to get results you can measure by increased ..

How to Find a Publisher for Your Book

 November 21, 2007 Perhaps you would rather a publisher handle the production and distribution of your book. The secret is to match your manuscript to the publisher. Better publishers specialize in one or two niche ..

Writing A Book - How Physicans Can Get It Right

 November 04, 2007 Consumers to have an insatiable appetite for information about cosmetic procedures and age management. Many well known medical authors have used the power of print to effectively grow their practices .

Employment For Writers Secrets

 August 18, 2007 But a new chapter has opened up in the field of employment for writers since the coming of the Computer Age. At the click of the mouse the employer can locate anyone anywhere in the world ..

Dark Cloud

 June 19, 2007 Some may wonder, how powerful that dark cloud is. Some see the dark cloud in a tornado, hurricanes, and in life situations. Well what does it mean, this powerful dark cloud, where did it come from ..

Maybe We Can't All Write a Best Seller

 May 08, 2007 Okay, maybe we can't all write a best seller. But we can be paid for what we do write! Yesterday, I poked around in some of the groups and forums where I have been a rather inactive member. I read ..

How To Make the Most of Writing Contests

 April 14, 2007 Have you ever entered a writing contest? Have you ever placed in the top 3? Or won the whole contest outright? Maybe you’ve thought about entering a contests but been too afraid to try. Or ..

How Best Selling Novelists Get There

 April 10, 2007 Have you ever wondered how those authors whose novels reach the New York Times Bestsellers list get there? Do you turn slightly green with envy when you read about an author getting a million-dollar ..

How To Deal With Rejection Letters

 March 27, 2007 If you’re a writer, and if you dream of someday publishing a short story/novel/article/best-seller that will lead you straight to The Oprah Winfrey show, you’ve probably received a ..

What's Your Publishing IQ?

 February 20, 2007 That editor has had the manuscript of your novel for three months and you haven’t heard a word. There’s no excuse. Or is there? Most writers have only a vague idea of how a publishing ..

What's Your Novel About? --Create Your Plot Statement

 January 30, 2007 You have finished your novel and are attending a writers’ conference hoping to get an agent or editor to read your manuscript. You work your way through the crowd with your gaze focused at ..

Make More Money as a Writer

 January 29, 2007 One common theme among writers is how to make more money. Unless we have a spouse whose job includes health insurance, 401K's, and have a fortunate ability to pick winning lottery numbers, we all ..

Yes, Virginia, Journalists Let Their Opinions Creep In-2001 ..

 January 15, 2007 Having been ahead of the curve explaining last week's plunge in the economy, and the return of bi- partisan politics to Congress, we take a breather to examine the state of journalism ethics in ..

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