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How do you import video from a DVD into Final Cut Pro X

 May 01, 2015 You may want to import DVD to Final Cut Pro X to edit the DVD movies. However, Final Cut Pro X does not support DVD importing. Fortunately, there is an easy way to fix this issue. Question: “ ..

Sync Blu-ray/DVD to iTunes on Mac/Windows

 March 28, 2015 Want to rip DVD/Blu-ray discs movies to iTunes supported formats for Apple TV 3, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6/6 Plus on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite? Simply follow this article to import DVD/Blu-ray movies to ..

How to Convince Someone to Switch to Blu-Ray

 January 12, 2012 The ever changing technology in the area of media has brought about high definition television, on demand cable programming and even three dimensional television. You would be hard pressed to find ..

How About DVD Recorders Plan?

 November 13, 2011 DVD recorders are gadgets that write or report analog or digital audio/video information onto a DVD. These recorders can learn information from any form of analog source similar to TV, ..

Ins and Outs of Burning DVDs

 October 25, 2011 Are you trying to burn some DVDs? Are you confused about which DVD to buy? Most people are confused by the plus and minus sign that comes with the letter R and RW. This article will help clear up ..

New Coby TFDVD7379 Portable DVD player

 October 04, 2011 Coby Electronics never ceases to amaze us. Be between boom boxes, cameras, iPod accessories, etc, should not it longer than an underdog, but a leader. Now they have a great portable DVD players that ..

Why DVD Duplication IS Different From DVD Replication

 September 29, 2011 DVD replication and duplication are confusingly similar terms. Most individuals think that both of the processes deliver the same end results - exact copies of the information contained on a DVD ..

10 Tips To Buying Software Online

 April 25, 2011 Buying software online can be tricky, especially if you are new to shopping via the internet. Whether you are upgrading an existing software package or looking for a specific program to install, the ..

Online movie streaming

 January 12, 2011 There will be times in your life when you will just feel like you want to sit on your sofa and watch a very good film indir, yet you will find it to be very unpleasant when you will realize that you ..

How to Convert TiVo Videos to DVD or Other Formats?

 December 25, 2010 As a digital video recorder, on the birth of TiVo, it becomes the pursuit of more and more people who are getting bored with endless and annoying ads. In order to more easily and freely watch those ..

How to extract audio from DVD

 December 22, 2010 Sometimes we want to hear only the audio from a DVD without watching the picture. How to extract audio from DVD? This post will show you a simple way to extract audio from DVD and introduce you ..

Home Video Player Buying Guide

 December 20, 2010 This article will cover the different forms of home video players currently available. Of course there is the humble DVD player, but also I will cover Blu-Ray players, Digital Video Recorders and ..

How To Train Your Dragon – Movie Review

 August 28, 2010 Animated movies can have magnificent action sequences, strong emotional content and a lovely touch of visual graphics. The 3D animation movie How to train Your Dragon directed by Dean Deblois and ..

24 (DVD) Review

 August 24, 2010 First airing in November 2001, 24 quickly established itself as one of the best television series around and solidified itself as a cult classic icon. Utilizing a novel premise, each season of 24 ..

What Are The Popular CD/DVD Standard Formats?

 July 19, 2010 The first format that was created for CDs was the audio CD. It was meant to succeed the vinyl record as a method for storing and playing music and was called the Compacy Disc Digital Audio. Cassettes .

DVD Creator Software

 June 21, 2010 DVDs are great media for entertainment. They are especially significant for their reliability and large storage capacity. In today’s advanced entertainment and media platforms, DVDs still stand .

How to Get the Most from your TV

 April 22, 2010 It's one thing to own a television, but without a decent range of channels, some form of movie entertainment and maybe a gaming console attached as well, you may find yourself quickly becoming ..

The Rise Of Blu-ray

 December 08, 2009 For millions of people a great Saturday night in means settling down to watch their favourite movie on the small screen. But no matter what movie is playing there is always the wish that it could ..

How to Create a Video Biography

 January 15, 2009 Have you ever thought of making a video biography of your loved one before? Here are some tips on how to create your very own video biography: Equipment Required: Camcorder with tripod and blank ..

Vantage Point DVD Review

 December 12, 2008 FILM REVIEW: “Vantage Point" is an effective thriller that manages to give a unique spin on the genre by showing the same event again and again from different points of view. However, before ..

How DVDs, CRTs and Laser Printers Are Made

 November 19, 2008 It is quite interesting how various items are made, that we use in our computers and offices everyday. The CD and DVD disks we use are made by sandwiching a special dye between layers of plastic. ..

Reasons Not to Buy DVD Collection Database Software

 November 18, 2008 If you've ever considered making a DVD collection database to organize your movies, now's the perfect time to do so. Your computer can make organizing your movies as fast and easy (or as tedious and ..

Scary Movies to See on Halloween

 October 13, 2008 Friday the 13th. I bet you can hear that spooky music in your head now. Jason is one of the scariest Halloween psychos around. Not only Friday the 13th but also on Friday the 13th. There are several ..

Self Improvement DVDs

 October 08, 2008 DVDs are a powerful tool. They are not only just for watching movies, but can also be used for self improvement as well. In the privacy of your own home, you can study and enhance whatever phobia or ..

Will the Blu-Ray Technology Destroy the DVD?

 September 29, 2008 Blu-ray format won the battle with HD DVD, it's actually won the whole war. But it slowly gains the market for itself, very slowly. That's why we are wondering if the Blu-ray has a chance to be the ..

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