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Alcohol Rehabilitation - Withdrawal Symptoms

 August 18, 2008 Alcohol addiction is one of the serious social problems of the society. It affects not only the addict but all his family members. In this article you will find some methods which can help in getting .

Risks of Prescription Drug Addiction and Death Should Be More ..

 July 09, 2008 On August 18, 2006, only eighteen years old and three days away from her first day in college, Emily Jackson swallowed a single OxyContin tablet, and soon thereafter died. Emily is only one of ..

Florida Prescription Drug Addiction Can Lead to Deadly ..

 July 08, 2008 Prescription drugs can be dangerous to your health, and many are seriously addictive and can even kill you. But a recent Florida study of drug-related deaths in Florida reveals that far more people ..

Suboxone Treatment Affords Patients Greater Flexibility

 July 04, 2008 Suboxone treatment is one of the newer more flexible ways to treat heroin or opiate addiction. It was only recently Suboxone was approved for use in the USA which is good news for those addicted to ..

Alcohol and Drug Detox Beginning the Road to Recovery

 June 30, 2008 Alcohol and drug detox is the first phase of any rehab treatment for hard-core substance abusers, and it is designed to rid your body of the toxics it has accumulated from chronic alcohol and drug ..

Prescription Drug Addiction is in the Cards For Thousands of ..

 June 26, 2008 The numbers of kids smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and abusing illicit street drugs are all down across America, but every day, 2,500 teenagers use a prescription drug to get high for the first .

Will Drug Detox Costs Be Part of Internet Pharmacists ..

 June 17, 2008 Two Maryland pharmacists are on trial for selling nearly 10 million hydrocodone pills since 2004 to anyone with a credit card. If convicted, they could receive sentences of five years to life. By ..

Drug Detox Q&A - Opioid Pain Killers Actually Cause Pain, Say ..

 May 29, 2008 Although it is widely accepted that taking opioid pain killers over extended periods of time can lead to “tolerance" - needing more opioids to get the same pain relief - there is a wealth of ..

Prescription Drug Detox Becoming More Common For Pre-Teens In ..

 May 15, 2008 Can you imagine an 11-year-old 5th-grader needing drug detox for Xanax - or any drug? As appalling as the concept may seem, news reports across the country reveal that prescription drug abuse in ..

Drug Detox Could Be The Least Of Your Worries If You Abuse ..

 April 27, 2008 Someone needs to make it very clear - to kids and adults of all ages - that benzodiazepines mixed with other drugs or alcohol kills a lot of people every year. In fact, if you're regularly mixing ..

Drug Detox Breaks The Chains Of Addiction That Enslave An ..

 April 13, 2008 The early-90s movie Ricochet, starring Denzel Washington, graphically depicted how drug addiction can be forced on someone against their will. Just like Gene Hackman's tough Detective Jimmy ..

Florida Drug Rehab Centers Have Their Work Cut Out For Them

 April 07, 2008 A recent talk given by Bob Stutman, the former DEA special agent turned consultant who has been called an “S. O. B. on the side of the angels" by Boston Herald Magazine, and “One of our ..

Don't Add Drug Detox To The Expense Of Treating Your Back Pain

 April 02, 2008 Who would think that having a sore neck or back could wind someone up in a drug detox program? Yet when back pain is bad enough or lasts so long it's intolerable, a common solution is to see your ..

Needing Drug Detox Is Not The Only Downside of Prescription ..

 April 01, 2008 Looking over the current news about the opioid painkiller OxyContin, we can see there's not much change today from any other day in the last year or so. This is a drug that, despite its usefulness ..

Drug Rehab and Drug Detox for Abusers is Not Enough to Handle ..

 March 17, 2008 If you're still wondering whether prescription drug abuse is really a problem, check out these startling facts from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Amazingly, these statistics only include ..

Drug Detox Is Equally Important For "Accidental" Prescription ..

 February 07, 2008 No one knows how many people have become addicted to hydrocodone, the prescription pain narcotic contained in such popular medications as Lortab and Vicodin. Law enforcement and drug treatment ..

Medical Drug Detox Might Have Saved Heath Ledger From Fatal ..

 February 07, 2008 Actor Heath Ledger's highly publicized recent death is focusing more attention on the skyrocketing overdose fatalities in the US propelled mainly by prescription drugs. According to the Centers for ..

Need For Drug Detox Should Be Part Of White House Ad Campaign

 February 07, 2008 Beginning with advertising during this year's Super Bowl, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy is launching its first major effort to educate parents about teen prescription drug ..

Drug Detox Can Help With Prescription Drug Addiction, But ..

 January 23, 2008 Why are so many people dying or getting ill from prescription drugs? Although some prescription drugs cause addiction and dependency that may require drug detox, and may also lead to using illegal ..

Is Drug Detox My Only Safety Net Against The Dangers Of ..

 January 23, 2008 There are so many articles in the news lately about the dangers of prescription drugs, I'm sure there are people who want to just throw away their medications and take their chances. While there is ..

Will Drug Detox and Rehab Help Addiction, or Do You Really ..

 January 01, 2008 Many theories have been offered about the cause of addiction. Some say addiction is hereditary, some say the problem is neurotransmitters in the brain that need to be controlled or genetic codes that .

Drug Detox and Rehab Alone Will Not Handle the Prescription ..

 January 01, 2008 If one were to create a list of the prescription drugs most likely to cause addiction and dependency, OxyContin, morphine, and methadone would be right at the top. In fact, these drugs are also among .

Drug Detox Could Be an Addict's Prescription the Next Time He ..

 December 26, 2007 A new bill is being proposed in Broward County, Florida to allow doctors and police to access a database that would enable them to monitor an individual's use of prescription drugs. With 1,324 people .

Drug Detox Could Prevent Death or Injury from Medication Errors

 December 12, 2007 Do you want to lower your health care costs? Getting off prescription medications that aren't really needed may do just that. An added benefit could be that you also avoid being one of the 1.5 ..

Is New Drug Detox and Rehab Drug Combination a Viable ..

 December 12, 2007 There's a new drug currently being tested by Las Vegas drug courts. The drug, Prometa, which is actually a combination of three drugs already approved for other uses, is being marketed by Hythiam, ..

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