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5 Ways To Beat Obesity In Dogs

 April 14, 2011 We all love to treat our dogs, but can we be killing them with kindness? Check out our 5 ways to help beat obesity in dogs. 1. Food Starting with the basics of what we feed our dogs is the best ..

Ten handy hints to feeding your dog correctly

 April 14, 2011 In 1985 Professor Wolter of the Alfort National School of Veterinary Medicine, France came up with what he called the “ten commandments” to feeding your dogs. 1. Ensure there is always ..

What Are the Strongest Toys Available for my Dog?

 September 02, 2010 Many dog toys state in their very name that they are “tough”, “strong” and “indestructible”, but given half an hour with a very focused dog, most of these durable ..

The History of Dalmatians in Britain

 December 18, 2008 The past century has seen growth of a strong bond between British dog lovers and the Dalmatian. Dog lovers have propounded a theory that the Dalmatians descended from the early English hunting ..

How to Treat Hyperplasia in Older Male Dogs

 December 18, 2008 Hyperplasia of the prostate gland refers to an enlargement of the gland due to an increase in the number of cells in the gland. Two out of three dogs suffer from this condition. However, only a small .

Contribution of the Diet to the Long Life of Your Aged Dog

 December 18, 2008 If you want your old dog to live for an even longer period, then you should work towards determining a nutritious, wholesome and natural diet for your dog. The diet should be free of artificial ..

A Poor Diet Leads to Accumulation of Fecal Matter in the Colon .

 December 18, 2008 As your dog grows older, he should be fed only a proper and well balanced diet. The importance of the quality of the diet increases as the dog grows older. Each and every degenerative disease that ..

Can My Dog Suffer From a Slipped Disc?

 December 18, 2008 As a dog grows older, it may suffer spinal damage resulting from degenerative processes. In popular parlance, these conditions are referred to as ‘slipped discs’. However the term used to .

Some Commonly Found Health Problems in Older Dogs

 December 16, 2008 Just as in humans, health issue come up in dogs as they age. Let's take a look at some top issues dogs face as they grow older. First, bad breath occurs in a dog due to a constipated digestive ..

Aged Dogs Commonly Face Diseases of Reproductive Organs

 December 16, 2008 As the dog grows older, it faces the risk of certain disorders. These common occurrences in older dogs are capable of assuming life threatening proportions. Female dogs face the problems of mammary ..

Obedience Training of Older Dogs May Require Minor Tweaks in ..

 December 16, 2008 Obedience training can be done no matter what the age of the dog is. However, aged dogs must be handled carefully. Training is not only physically but also mentally demanding. Differentiate between ..

Seek Complete Information From Your Vet When Your Dog's Health .

 December 16, 2008 Advancements in research and technology have resulted in the discovery and invention of many modern drugs. These drugs have saved the lives of many seriously ill dogs and have also restored a large ..

Adopt a Calm and Relaxed Approach When Training Your Aging Dog

 December 16, 2008 If you have a pet dog at home, then you would be aware that dogs often communicate that they are in pain. However, you would also be aware that dogs to not always communicate their pain. This leaves ..

Pack a Bed - Pet Disaster Preparedness

 December 14, 2008 No matter where you are in the country, there is likely some sort of natural disaster that could hit your home. If you are in hurricane country, you know the familiar watches and warnings that come ..

A Short History of the Popular Dog Breed - Dalmatians

 December 11, 2008 First references to Dalmatians as a breed of dogs are found in history since mid 18th century. However, the breed was well known throughout the world long before the 18th century. Spotted dogs of the .

Health Concerns That Commonly Afflict Older Dogs

 December 11, 2008 A very common problem faced by aged dogs is that of abrasions. Scratching and biting the surfaces of the skin causes itches which lead to abrasions. The best treatment for abrasions is herbal ..

Every Dog Owner Should Learn to Treat Emergency Heat Stress in .

 December 11, 2008 Your dog's resistance to extreme temperature may be weakened by obesity or the advancement of age. Those breeds with pushed in faces face higher risk from high temperature variations. The presence of .

Is Your Aged Dog Sick? How to Find Out

 December 11, 2008 Unlike human beings, dogs do not have the ability to communicate that they are feeling ill. Dogs are not even like children who can cry and indicate their discomfort. The illness of your pet dog has ..

4 Reasons You Need a Pet Door and Which Kind to Get

 December 11, 2008 If you have been toying with the idea of getting a pet door installed in your house, it's time to stop toying. There are a number of reasons why it is wise to have a pet door installed for your furry .

Regularly Test Your Dog For Loss of Hearing

 December 11, 2008 The sudden decrease in attentiveness and an apparent loss of obedience training in your aged dog may not be a sign of insolence as it may appear. Rather, this may be proof of a gradual loss of ..

Teach Your Dog Not to Jump on Strangers

 December 09, 2008 Most of the dogs have lot many habits. If you observe carefully, you will find that, they do not even stand at one position. Every now and then they will be doing something or the other. The reason ..

Stop Your Dog From Stealing Your Cat's Food

 December 09, 2008 You have noticed it many times that your cat has to beleaguer your for its food because your dog steals away the cat food. You must stop your dog from pilfering with the cat food, as it is not a ..

Understanding Labrador Retrievers - Connecting Hunting Skills ..

 November 20, 2008 Labrador Retrievers are considered many things to many people. Because of their kind nature and obedient character, these dogs have not only made excellent companions and helpers, but they are most ..

Understanding Labrador Retrievers - My Labrador is Eating the ..

 November 20, 2008 Several new owners of Labradors are not use to the fact that these cute little puppies have a natural tendency to nip and bite at our hands and arms. As a matter of fact, these little guys will put ..

Preparing For Disaster - Is Your Dog Safe If Another Hurricane .

 November 19, 2008 Our pets depend on us for their safety and survival. As pet owners, we have the obligation to know what to do in case a disaster strikes, which can occur at a moment's notice. Whether they are ..

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