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Range Studying Knowledge and Benefits

 February 28, 2012 Distance studying is very beneficial for learners who cannot go to sessions on university and the hold of your energy and energy versatility. With on the internet, need not be limited to certain ..

Distance Education Programme with Radical Education...

 December 30, 2011 Distance Education is a popular education method now a days. Mostly students and also Professional persons prefer this education systems. Distance education or distance learning is a field of ..

How to Be An Efficient Web-Based Teacher

 November 20, 2011 Distance education is going to be a favorite choice for the majority of college students nowadays. After all, what are likely to be more convenient in comparison with getting a college study course ..

Distance learning a boon

 August 21, 2011 Distance learning, in simple words, is delivering classroom instructions via technology. The faculty role is often enhanced and more important. This provides opportunities to working adults who do ..

Your Guidelines On MBA Distance Learning

 February 04, 2011 Getting an MBA is really important for people who want to be able to succeed in their jobs. Having an MBA degree can really boost your chances of getting the dream job that you want, as well as ..

How Can You Opt For Distance Education?

 March 26, 2010 Many of us have a desire to continue our studies even after getting into our jobs but don’t often find enough time to take up courses. With time constraint and work load we often put off our ..

Four Basic Flash Learning Activities for e-Learning ..

 January 29, 2010 This final article in the series will examine the ‘Fill in the Blank with Math’ learning activity and provide some variations, so that you can see how this activity may be used in ..

Four Basic Flash Learning Activities For e-Learning ..

 January 29, 2010 In our first article, we looked at developing a ‘circle answer conditional’ learning activity and discussed some variations relating to various types of scenarios. In this example, the ..

Four Basic Flash Learning Activities For e-Learning ..

 January 28, 2010 Flash is a powerful tool that can be used to develop many different types of learning activities, within the context on an online training course. In this series, we will look at the use and ..

Designing Interfaces for Exchanging Data with a Learning ..

 January 28, 2010 When a company purchases and implements a learning management system (LMS), they often need an interface to connect it to other systems used by the organization such as SAP, PeopleSoft, and others. ..

Best Practices for Building Student-Friendly Courses

 January 28, 2010 At SyberWorks, we’ve developed quite a few courses, and seen many more that others have done. And though course development best practices should be common sense, they are often violated. So we .

10 Tips for Using Flash in e-Learning

 January 27, 2010 In our last article, we looked at using graphics in e-Learning. Now, we’ll examine another important tool for creating successful course interactions – Adobe Flash™. Flash is a ..

10 Tips for Using Graphics in e-Learning

 January 27, 2010 I think we would all agree that e-Learning courses benefit from graphics, even if the topic you are presenting is dry. Nobody likes to read large amounts of text on-screen. Using graphics to break up .

10 Tips for Capturing e-Learning Audio

 January 26, 2010 Using audio in your online course is an extremely important factor in engaging your audience. Studies have shown that courses without audio are less compelling and memorable than courses with audio. ..

e-Learning in “the Cloud”

 January 26, 2010 You’ve probably heard a lot about Cloud Computing (also known as Software as a Service or SaaS). This refers to a movement to turn computer terminals and notebooks into client machines that ..

SCORM and the Learning Management System (LMS)

 January 25, 2010 What actually is SCORM? SCORM, Shareable Content Object Reference Model, is a standard for web-based e-learning that has been developed to define communication between client-side content and a ..

Web 3.0, Schmeb 3.0

 January 25, 2010 Sometime…oh, around 2004…you probably started hearing buzz about Web 2.0…The next generation of the Internet. The term was coined by O'Reilly Media. And though everyone you ask ..

10 Instructional Design Tips for e-Learning Development

 January 25, 2010 1. Know your audience. Understand what they bring to the table, and what they need from each course. Determine your audience’s education level, entry knowledge, and their goals in taking the ..

10 Tips on LMS Implementation

 January 25, 2010 Ok, we bought an LMS, put up a course and turned it on. We can start using this thing tomorrow. So says your manager, as you look at him half in shock, and half with that can-do serious face that has .

Do We Still Know Our Audience?

 January 25, 2010 We’re all fond of saying Know your audience. But how many of us track our audiences’ rapidly changing demographics? If you’re like me, it’s not a daily action item. But I ..

Make the Most of Existing Tools

 January 22, 2010 The students who began college this year have been dubbed the first Net Generation, because they habitually seek, receive, and even expect information to reach them over Web services like Twitter, ..

“Distributor-Modeled” Training

 January 22, 2010 Can your distribution partners access your training-services infrastructure, to quickly train their employees about your products, while also building a university-like organization to deliver and ..

Learning Management System (LMS) Hierarchies

 January 22, 2010 What is a hierarchy? Why use one? Many businesses use different departments, organizations, locations, or other structures to distribute and organize their personnel. And when fitting their users ..

Competency Management and Training Plans in Learning ..

 January 22, 2010 In our series about the business aspects of training management, the first article looked at things to consider when creating a learning management system (LMS) hierarchy for your company or ..

Use Case Scenarios for Classes, Courses, and Groups in ..

 January 21, 2010 This article examines the ways classes, courses, and groups may be used to organize, manage, and track your training depending upon the internal organization and design of your Learning Management ..

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