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Diamond Jewelry Articles 

Here Is Why You Do NOT Want A Blood Diamond

 April 30, 2007 Have you ever heard of a blood diamond? These are also known as conflict diamonds. It is not because they are reddish or pinkish in color and it is not because some kind of conflict occurred during ..

Consider If You Really Want A Blood Diamond

 April 29, 2007 Many people think that a blood diamond is simply a diamond that has a pinkish or reddish tint to it. Such diamonds exist, but that is not the definition. A blood diamond, sometimes also referred to ..

Blue Diamond Jewelry, A New Trend in Diamond Jewelry

 April 24, 2007 The majority of all diamonds that are bough are usually clear or white colored diamonds. Now there is a new choice and that is blue diamonds. If you are looking for something that will stand out more .

Becoming Familiar With The Four C's Of Diamonds

 April 23, 2007 Do diamonds amaze you? Are you looking to buy high quality diamond jewelry? You could say that shopping for diamonds is something of an art. Several factors weigh in when determining the rarity, ..

Loose Cut Diamonds for Sale

 April 06, 2007 Where you see loose cut diamonds for sale, before you just jump in an buy there are a few points to keep in mind. Most diamonds are not the best quality but some dealers will imply or infer that ..

Ultra Diamonds - Ultra Diamonds Brings New Meaning To Internet .

 March 22, 2007 The greatest thing about internet shopping is that it gives people options that stores can’t provide. At Ultra Diamonds, you have the ability to find the piece of jewelry you’re looking ..

Diamonds - a Description of Cut and Shape

 February 27, 2007 Diamonds are cut into an array of shapes that are generally designed to exhibit their two most important features: fire and brilliance. Diamonds must be cut and polished to accentuate these features ..

Buying A Sapphire Ring

 February 14, 2007 The word sapphire originates for the Hebrew word sapir. Most people think that a sapphire ring would be blue however this is a common misconception A Sapphire ring can come in a variety of colours ..

Choosing The Right Diamond And Sapphire Rings

 February 14, 2007 When you have decided to ask that special someone to marry you traditionally a proposal would be made on bended knee in a romantic location. Perhaps over dinner in a high class restaurant or on some .

The Advantages of Buying Jewelry from Online Retailers

 January 09, 2007 More and more people are starting to buy jewelry online and they have many great reasons to do so. Buying online has numerous advantages as opposed to making your purchase at a regular jewelry store. .

Loose Diamonds Buying Tips

 January 06, 2007 You've seen the scene a million times: the thieves empty a hefty bag of loose diamonds onto something dark, and images of riches dance through your mind. Fortunately for all of us, buying loose ..

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