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Writing a CV optimised for an online database

 August 23, 2011 Almost everything is online now a days- and recruitment is not an exception. Job boards and online recruitment companies are thriving and the place to be if you’re looking for a new job. This ..

How to Write a Great CV

 July 05, 2011 When it comes to finding work one of the most important things that you can do is spend your time writing a great CV or resume. Unfortunately too many people simply slap one together, thinking that ..

First steps in Job hunting

 April 24, 2011 Are you looking for a job? There are several ways you can get one. You can use connections and find a good position in a company. You can start your own business. You can apply for different jobs and .

Starting your career: IT Graduate Jobs

 April 13, 2011 The IT graduate jobs market is highly competitive and securing the right job is not easy. There are literally thousands of jobseekers looking for IT Graduate Jobs every day so what can you do to ..

IT Graduate CV

 April 08, 2011 Recent graduates face a dilemma when writing their CV as qualifications almost always outweigh experience. So what information should you be including in your IT graduate CV? Employers are looking ..

Powerful CV Writing Tips that will Lead to Career Success

 May 04, 2010 In the past, writing a CV was not given so much importance. Today more job competition, means that people now pay much more attention to their CVs. Hundreds of people can apply for one job vacancy ..

Create an Ideal Resume with the Help of CV Templates

 March 23, 2010 Curriculum Vitae (CV) plays an important role in defining the shape of your career. Most of us take it as just a piece of paper containing information about us but the fact is that this piece of ..

CV Writing Tips

 January 23, 2010 A good CV forms an important part in the job screening process. An effectively written CV can place you in a better job position in contrast to others. It is extremely important that a CV should be ..

How To Create A Winning Cv In A Job Interview

 January 14, 2010 A WINNING CV A winning CV is the first impression any job aplicant can create before a job employer. It is your professional calling card. An effective resume/curriculum vita implies an impressive ..

The Best CV Layout

 December 24, 2009 A perfect CV can help you get your dream job even in a recession hit job market. No matter, if you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, following the golden rules for your CV can ..

Distribute your CV to Achieve Success

 November 17, 2009 Whether you are already an established executive and looking to take the next exciting step on the corporate ladder or whether you are just about to dip your toes into the world of office-based work, .

Which CV Template Should You Use?

 November 16, 2009 Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) plays an essential role in shaping your career. You may wonder how? This is because it's not just a piece of paper containing information about you, it is much more. Your ..

Attracting The Right Candidate With An Effective Job ..

 September 29, 2009 A reasonable number of individuals suppose that formulating ads for a job vacancy is quite straightforward and after mentioning a a small amount of information expected of the candidate, the vacancy ..

The Essential Sections of a Great Resume

 September 29, 2009 When painstakingly brainstorming your CV think expert, controlled and authentic. Hold on to those fancy concepts and stick to the proven and tested method. Keep in mind your potential employer simply .

CV Style Importance

 May 24, 2009 Your Curriculum Vitae is just as important as the clothes you wear at interviews as your personality will be presented and perceived. Actually, your CV is the first thing a potential employer will ..

How to make a Dynamic CV

 May 24, 2009 There a several classes throughout the world that will guide you in the employment process including how to make a dynamic CV. You can also find all this information online. There are CV writing ..

Bagging a job in Bristol

 May 12, 2009 It's a difficult time to be unemployed. The economic recession has caused many businesses in cities across the UK - even some of the most formidable - to downsize, drop staff and even liquidate and ..

Job Hunting in the Credit Crunch

 May 01, 2009 Searching for a job during the credit crunch isn’t easy. Many companies have been making cuts wherever they can, cutting down on company positions and making employees redundant. Those who have .

Lying on Your CV? Employee Background Checks Will Catch You Out

 September 02, 2008 The days of getting a job based on your family's good standing within the community are long passed, these days applicants are often subjected to rigid screening processes, including employment and ..

Telling Tales - How to Use Stories in Your CV to Highlight ..

 August 24, 2008 Do you know someone who can tell a great story? Who can captivate their audience with the plot line, the characters, the ‘what happened next’ element, the ending? The ability to tell a ..

Writing a Great Cover Letter

 August 24, 2008 Most job applicants would agree that the Resume is an indispensable part of any application for a new job. Unfortunately, many applicants neglect to include a Cover Letter with the Resume, judging it .

Writing a Winning CV

 August 24, 2008 CV writing was, I thought, an obvious matter - just stick to a few simple rules. My experience as an employer (15 years of running my own business) has clearly indicated otherwise. It is almost ..

Key Skill List - The Most Over-looked Part of Writing a CV

 August 06, 2008 Key skills lists are a vital part of any CV. But in spite of this many people applying for jobs are unaware even of what they are, never mind how vital. So let us first examine what we mean by a Key .

10 Tips to Produce a Winning Resume

 August 01, 2008 A resume plays a crucial role in our lives. Whether its your first job or your changing your profession, a winning resume is what you need. This will distinguish you from the rest. So, it's time to ..

Cover Letters Turning Yours Into an Interview

 July 30, 2008 Don't just send a potential employer your standard CV or resume. Why? Because the chances are it won't get read, especially if it's a speculative resume or CV. Why? Because employers get annoyed when .

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