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Customer Service Articles 

What Makes Customer Service Call Centers best for your ..

 March 24, 2015 There is no dearth of customer service call centers in UK that boast of their quality inbound call services and claim to help the clients save more on process, cost and time. But, one shouldn’t .

The growing need of customer service call centres

 February 24, 2015 Back in the day, companies only need to get their products of the shelves and enjoy the profits. However with growing media they needed to ensure that their products and services do not lead to ..

The Significance Of Customer Service

 July 21, 2014 When we enter a store and are greeted with a miserable looking 16 year old with a pallid, emotionless expression on their face we don't feel particularly welcome. We certainly lose interest in buying .

Why First Class Isn't Worth It

 August 16, 2012 The airplane tickets that we printed at the self-serve kiosk said “Seat assignments cannot be given at this time. Please check in at the gate to receive seat assignments. " So I did. I ..

Outsourcing Your Telemarketing or Contact Centre: A Winning ..

 April 19, 2012 In this day and age when conducting business is as expensive an undertaking as ever, it often makes sense to outsource contact centre, call centre, telemarketing or customer service functions. Since ..

Use Call Recording Facility for Betterment of Your Business

 April 08, 2012 Many times, business managers and executives fail to take any firm business decision because of the lack of complete record of telephonic conversations they are engaged in with their clients, ..

Contact Center Strategy: Covation (Customer Service)

 February 07, 2012 Strategic planning for contact centers has become increasingly important in today's complex environment. End-user customers are expecting faster, friendlier service from knowledgeable service ..

Poor Cable TV Customer Service Forces Consumers Away

 September 07, 2011 I consider myself a fairly average consumer with average requests for customer service associates so I expect adequate responses from those companies that I have given my business to. In terms of ..

World of Customer Support Services

 April 12, 2011 Customer support services involve a range of methods primarily set to assist customers in availing, using and maintaining products and services. It may include helping customers in planning, ..

The Customer Service Satisfaction

 April 12, 2011 A healthy business knows how to effectively cater to their customers in the general interest of business financial stability that is constantly intertwined with above average customer satisfaction. ..

Writing Effective Business Thank-You Notes

 February 24, 2011 One of the best ways to maintain great relationships with key customers, vendors, or associates is the classic thank-you note. This polite reminder of just how much you value a particular ..

Wielding Customer Service Tools To Ensure Customer ..

 September 20, 2010 A lot has been said about customer service and its power to harness the much needed revenues in a business establishment. Many organizations have now started realizing the importance of customer ..

Switch And Save on Your Electricity

 June 17, 2010 Deciding what provider should supply you with what energy can be a confusing and exhausting experience for homeowners all across the country. Keeping up with correct meter readings, seeking out the ..

Six INEXPENSIVE Ways to Give Your Hotel A REAL Customer ..

 June 03, 2010 The World Is Getting More & More Personalised In the 21st century and beyond, people who make use of hotels and/or their facilities will constantly demand more qualitative and personalised ..

Customer relationship management company for small businesses ..

 April 26, 2010 A small business is a business that is privately owned and operated, with a small number of employees and relatively low volume of sales. Small businesses are normally privately owned corporations, ..

Credibility: The 4-Letter Word of Rags-to-Riches Marketing ..

 April 09, 2010 I’m going out on a bit of a limb here, but I’ve got to say it today. As I’ve watched the marketing campaigns of dozens of Internet marketing entrepreneurs, there is one aspect of ..

Customer Service is like Dating….at least the rules are the ..

 September 26, 2009 The most important ingredient in the recipe for success is your customer – without the customer there is no retail business. Consumers are getting savvier and are far more knowledgeable than ..

Treat Your Customers Well and Increase Your Profits

 January 15, 2009 What does this year hold for you? Success, doom and gloom? Complete failure? Nobody really knows. The future is uncertain. Times are tricky and there are mountains to climb. Money is more scarce and ..

Improving Customer Service

 January 15, 2009 Getting new customers is critically important to any business but keeping them is even more important. It can cost ten times as much to get new customers as it does to keep one. So, it just makes ..

Small Businesses - 4 Errors That Made the Early Bird Miss the ..

 December 24, 2008 Are you familiar with that old cliché “The Early Bird Gets the Worm?" Typically this passage means that success will come to those who make the effort to prepare adequately and follow through ..

Customer Service Improvement Starts With the Right Message

 December 22, 2008 Slogans are worthless as a marketing tool. It's not their fault. It's because we're asking them to do something they're not built to do. It's like trying to win the Daytona 500 with a Yugo. The poor ..

Customer Service Expert Says Focus on Customer, Not Paycheck

 December 22, 2008 Recently while listening to NPR I heard a discussion about tipping trends for service people. A part of the discussion focused on tipping in restaurants and how many people tip less during a ..

Customer Service Trainer Warns - Don't Let Invisible Customers .

 December 22, 2008 A few weeks ago I was at Perkins, attempting to pay for my meal. Employees scurried back and forth with not even a curious glance in my direction. Finally, the manager said something which compelled ..

Customer Service Expert Says to Remember Customer's Names

 December 21, 2008 Years ago I heard a quote that goes something like: “Nothing is sweeter than the sound of a person's own name. " I don't know who first said this but I agree with them. When we hear someone say .

Am I Invisible?

 December 14, 2008 Have you ever felt like you're invisible? You know what I mean. You're standing in the check out line at the bank or credit union, grocery store, pharmacy, or hardware store and when you finally ..

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