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Facts About Cancer Fighting Foods That Can Help Cure Cancer

 January 13, 2009  "We are what we eat" and “We dig our graves with our knives and forks" are two statements we might not want to hear but they are nevertheless very true. Our food choices or what we eat on a ..

Information to Cure Breast Cancer Through Lifestyle Changes

 January 06, 2009 If you can cure breast cancer through lifestyle changes, why is it we have those 3 awful treatments that are in place today for the problem? That is called “The Politics of Cancer". Breast ..

Boredom and Sadness During Christmas Holidays - How to Be a ..

 December 24, 2008 Are you bored instead of being happy because it is Christmas time? Do you feel sad at home, with your family members, doing the same things you used to do when you were a child? You must do something .

The Definition of Violence - The End of Terrorism on Earth

 December 17, 2008 Now that I have written my main ebooks and I have already managed to transmit to you the most important part of the knowledge I acquired through dream interpretation according to the scientific ..

Dream Interpretation and the Real Meaning of Your Dreams - ..

 December 14, 2008 Some people want to learn the meaning of their dreams with an intense curiosity, as I have observed many times. I was one of them and this is why I discovered that the unique correct method of dream ..

Interpretation of Dreams - Scientific Method - The Power of ..

 December 13, 2008 The dream language is made with images instead of words. If you want to be able to properly interpret a dream you must learn the dream language. This means that you have to discover the meaning of ..

Close Your Mouth Was My Miracle

 December 08, 2008 I used to think that many physical conditions were permanent. Take asthma fir example. Surely it is a hereditary condition, and therefore it is permanent? At least that is how I was conditioned to ..

Cancer - Is There a Cure and Can it Be Prevented?

 December 01, 2008 In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for discovering that cancer thrives in an acidic environment in the human body. He went on to show that disease can not survive in an alkaline ..

Toenail Fungus Tea Tree Oil - How it Works

 November 23, 2008 If you or anyone you know is suffering from toenail fungus, tea tree oil which is most abundant in Australia is the best natural remedy that can help. Pure tea tree oil is available at natural food ..

God - Scientific Discoveries and Dream Interpretation Prove ..

 November 22, 2008 The big mystery involving the existence of God was responsible for the formation of many suppositions and theories. On the other hand, it seemed to have been quite well explained by the scientific ..

Dream Interpretation - How to Stop Having Nightmares and ..

 November 19, 2008 All the dreams you see have a protective character: the unconscious mind that produces them is always trying to protect your human conscience from the attacks and the invasion of the wild side of ..

Dream Interpretation - The Mystery of Dreams - Symbols ..

 November 08, 2008 Our dreams are strange and mysterious because they follow a logic that is totally different from the logic of our human conscience and their language is also totally different from the languages we ..

Reflux Cure Apples and Apple Cider Vinegar Are Effective ..

 November 08, 2008 There are numerous acid reflux home remedies that promise results but what is the most effective reflux cure? Obviously, this is a difficult question to answer because many remedies work for one ..

Dream Interpretation - The Only Method That Really Translates ..

 November 07, 2008 There are so many dream interpreters in this world that nobody really knows who could be correct. However, all of them are misleading you, unfortunately, because the only creature in this world that .

2 Day Acne Cure

 October 29, 2008 Acne is a debilitating disease that can make you not even want to leave your home. It can make you feel self conscious about your appearance. You may feel out of place no matter where you go. You may .

Teenage Maturity - Overcome Your Fears and Develop Your ..

 October 27, 2008 Life is not easy at all and maturity may scare you. Of course, because you are ignorant, you feel insecure, everything in this world is dangerous, everyone is weird, you don't know how to behave and ..

Treat Bladder Infection 5 Reasons to Use Urinary Tract ..

 October 15, 2008 You should really treat bladder infection today. Inside your bladder and urinary tract are millions of bacteria. If you are suffering from the UTI symptoms of painful and burning urination, you could .

A Success Guide For Surviving Cancer - A Cancer Survivor's ..

 October 02, 2008 I have been cancer free for the past 3 years. I am in the best shape of my life. I am told all the time. You need to share your story. Tell people the keys to your success. To be truthful I never ..

God's Existence - Mental Health and Craziness - The Truth ..

 October 02, 2008 So, you think that a literature writer could not discover the unique possible cure for schizophrenia, psychosis, hysteria and all mental illnesses? This is because you don't know that scientists ..

Divine Revelation - Human Origin - Dead People in Dreams

 October 02, 2008 Now I can finally prove to the world that the human being is a demon! Now the scientific world will see that because scientists are too cruel and indifferent to human suffering, they were not able to .

Natural Support For Pet Diabetes

 October 01, 2008 Symptoms of Diabetes in a Dog: Extreme thirst Excessive urination Weight loss Increased appetite Vision problems (cataracts) Symptoms of Insulin deficiency (DKA) May Require Immediate Care ..

How to Behave When Someone is Afraid of You - Gain Their Trust .

 September 25, 2008 If you want to show someone that they don't need to be afraid of you, because you are really sincere and you won't cause any damage anywhere, that you don't have bad intentions and that you want to ..

Effects of Insomnia How Insomnia Can Ruin Your Life

 September 24, 2008 If you've been suffering from sleep deprivation, then you know the toll that effects of insomnia can take on your life. Going through the day at a sluggish pace and not feeling clear-headed are the ..

Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

 September 24, 2008 Life is a beautiful gift from nature. We all know this as a matter of principle, but what makes life truly enjoyable is having the health and physical capacity to live to the fullest. It's all about ..

Help on Finding Answers to All Questions - Human Intelligence

 September 24, 2008 Many times you are in difficult situations and you don't know what to say when someone criticizes you or when someone points out a mistake you made, or there is a problem with your business, job, ..

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