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Are Payday Loans Right For Me?

 December 05, 2013 Why People Love Classic Cars The American Automobile is in many ways a parallel to American dominance in the 20th century. How we view cars, how we drive them, and where we drive them has impacted ..

Credit cards safety systems and procedures

 November 09, 2012 The safety standards of the world's largest credit card companies MasterCard and VISA are very high. Due to the continuous improvement of existing technologies to develop increasingly better ..

Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Credit Card Questions

 October 05, 2012 Credit cards have grown to become a primary product in the lending industry throughout the past few years. The truth is, an overwhelming amount of consumers use these small pieces of plastic on a ..

How Do Credit Cards Work?

 May 07, 2012 Paper money is rapidly being replaced by electronic money due to various benefits. Electronic money has several different shapes and the most common one is credit/debit cards. At the moment, most ..

Look for Your Private Credit Repair Package

 December 06, 2011 The credit repair market has grown to be popular nowadays; and considering of its popularity, a great deal of credit repair products have stated that they are the best offered. Credit repair products .

College Students Should Learn About Credit Cards Before Using ..

 November 02, 2011 One of the most enjoyable parts of life is when children leave the nest and go to college! This is the start of a brand new life. However, this also marks the day that these Americans become ..

Different Options for Credit Card Debt Relief

 October 10, 2011 The financial recession that we have been facing for quite a bit of time has many consumers looking at their charge card bills and banging their heads on the wall. Unfortunately, as the unemployment ..

Credit Cards – No Issues for Bad Credit Holders

 August 06, 2011 Internet- marketing has passed many unique advantages to Credit Cards companies and now everyone is having their own credit card. It is not only saving the energy but working as most useful tools in ..

Why Using A Secured Credit Card Makes Sense For Troubled ..

 January 30, 2011 Is there anything more embarrassing for a consumer than to be rejected by a bank for their credit not being good enough? Embarrassing for sure, especially if the consumer is trying to rebuild their ..

Credit card debt elimination

 November 30, 2010 So you have decided to go for credit card debt elimination and are wondering on what the methods for credit card debt elimination are. As they say, let’s take the bull by its horns and lay it ..

How to Reduce Your Risk with Fleet Cards

 October 06, 2010 As a fleet manager, there are several, serious risks that you encounter during the daily grind. Robbery, fraud, and a loss of profits due to poor fuel economy are all risks that a fleet manager must ..

Todd's Pros and Cons Of Credit Card Ownership

 August 30, 2010 Credit card have dominated commerce since their introduction. In today's world, everyone has some sort of plastic in their wallet. Be it a debit or a credit card. Even high school and college ..

Credit Cards Before Home Loans - A Disturbing New Trend

 June 28, 2010 First appearing in the beginning of 2008, a disturbing trend has developed in which consumers are deciding to pay off their credit card bills before they pay their mortgage. This trend is gaining ..

You're Being Forced To Make Higher Payments

 May 23, 2010 Consumers already burdened by higher energy costs are being saddled with another drain on their finances : higher minimum credit card payments. The higher minimum credit card payments are the result .

Credit Cards with Added Perks

 May 18, 2010 When it boils down to it, there are not many things people look for when choosing financial products. Mainly the choice comes down to cost, monthly repayments and perhaps a decent interest rate, but ..

What are the Differences in the Various Types of Credit Cards?

 April 30, 2010 Convenient, compact and always reliable, credit cards are undoubtedly the perfect partner to shopping in the 21st century. As online retailing escalates and consumer services are becoming more and ..

Finding a Low Rate Credit Card

 April 29, 2010 There are numerous credit cards on the market, each with a different set of features and benefits. Spending some time researching the different options available means you can accurately match your ..

Paying for Large Purchases

 April 28, 2010 Having a credit card is one of the easiest ways of obtaining credit and if you know how to use yours wisely, you can benefit in a whole host of different ways. You can use your credit card to pay ..

Interchange Fees and Credit Card Rewards

 April 27, 2010 It might be difficult to understand how fees paid from card providers to banks and retailers can affect you as a consumer. However, as these fees are inextricably linked to the level of credit card ..

Australia’s Top Five Credit Card Providers

 April 27, 2010 With over 14 million credit cards in circulation in Australia, it remains one of the world’s most competitive and lucrative credit card markets. Whilst there may be dozens of providers offering .

How Do Credit Card Rewards Work?

 April 19, 2010 According to 2009 figures from the Reserve Bank of Australia, there are over 14 million credit cards in circulation in Australia. With dozens of card providers and a range of different types of card, .

5 Tips To Getting More From Credit Card Rewards

 April 19, 2010 Credit card rewards programs are hugely popular with Australian consumers. They allow you to benefit from a wide range of rewards simply for using your credit card. Here are our top five tips to ..

4 Steps To Transferring A Credit Card Balance Online

 April 19, 2010 According to Reserve Bank of Australia figures, Australia's national credit card balance was $40.4 billion at the end of 2009. That equates to an average of around $3,196 for every cardholder. With ..

Applying for Credit Cards and How to Re-Build a Bad Credit ..

 March 30, 2010 Unless there’s someone who has spent the last two years on a solo around the universe space cruise, it is unlikely that there is anyone who does not realize that the past two years have been ..

Packing Plastic: Running a Slick Vacation Operation

 March 24, 2010 Some people take everything but the kitchen sink when they go on holiday, whilst others prefer to run a slicker vacation operation on their travels. Those who pack a family-sized suitcase for ..

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