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Computer Hardware Articles 

How Important repairs your PC

 May 01, 2012 As the increasing use of computers in businesses and homes around the country, which should be to get a good career in a computer repair shop computer repair? Here we are in the necessary training, ..

Which Parts of Your Computer is Hardware?

 September 10, 2008 When most people hear computer hardware, they get a blank look to their eyes and almost a scared look on their face. That's what computer hardware talk does to most, but let's make that less likely. ..

Explaining Computer Memory For the Forgetful

 August 15, 2008 RAM, an acronym that means Random Access Memory, is the most well known type of memory. Even school children are familiar with these initials. RAM is a volatile or temporary memory form that's ..

Protecting a Wireless Connection

 July 03, 2008 Wireless routers have become a mainstream product in the past few years, but are users taking the necessary steps to protect their wireless connection? The consequences of not having the correct safe .

Laptop Or Desktop?

 April 15, 2008 "Hey my friend, I need a new computer, what do you think I should get?" I hear that question. . . . often. The answer may be simple for some, but most people do not realize how cheap they can get a ..

What Do You Consider When Evaluating Hardware For Your Network .

 April 10, 2008 When you are placed in the unenviable position of having to make decisions on selecting a hardware solution for your company's network infrastructure . . . . LAN or WAN . . . . the evaluation process .

Computer Security Fundamentals

 April 06, 2008 Viruses, house fires, theft, lightning strikes, hackers and more - it's a list of potential computer disasters that would stop a hyena from laughing. You cannot be absolutely safe, because the bad ..

Buying Hard Drives Online

 December 11, 2007 An essential component of your computer would be the hard drive. And they could also be conveniently purchased at online stores. Buying hard drives online would entail a bit of research and shopping ..

How Computer Hardware Works

 July 22, 2007 COMPUTER HARDWARE BASICS MICROPROCESSOR: Microprocessor is the brain of any computer. It controls all activities inside the computer. Basically it performs 2 types of operations - arithmetic & ..

Five Reasons to Ask a Professional

 July 11, 2007 Help for Hardware With the constant growth of computer technology in both our personal and professional lives, quite a few of us have become very comfortable and quite familiar with performing ..

Computer Drivers - What Are They?

 July 08, 2007 Computer There are many opinions about which computer system is best, they are based mainly upon the system that the person is most acustom to. People find themselves using computers more and more ..

Computer Hardware - The Five Most Popular Computer Upgrades

 June 30, 2007 Everyone with a computer is looking to have the fastest, and most efficient computer filled with the latest computer hardware technology. But to keep up with the continual changes as technology ..

The Blue Screen of Death!

 June 27, 2007 Microsoft Corporation © calls it a system stop error. Most computer users call it terrifying. Programmers call it the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Causes of the blue screen vary and while the blue ..

Computer Monitors

 June 24, 2007 Monitors are integral to every computer system. Touch screen monitors are no longer confined to bar video games as novelty items. Truly, the possibilities with touch screen monitors are endless. ..

The Advantages Of Building Your Own Computer

 April 25, 2007 There are many advantages of building your own computer, many of which we will discuss in this article. Self computer builds are becoming ever more popular due to the advantages and the outcome you ..

Computer Equipment Dealer - Technology Guidelines

 April 22, 2007 Your Business whether it is big, medium or small in size is valuable to you. You need to make sure that it is running. A big part of being able to do that is having the right computer equipment for ..

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