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Complaints Articles 

Indian Companies Snub Indian Customers

 June 08, 2012 India is a emerging marketplace. As a expansion persists, Indian brands pursue to add new clients. In the middle of all of this development customer care continues to be as lousy as always. In fact ..

Vacation Choices Complaints Lead to Great Benefits

 September 22, 2011 It is great to work with a company that wants to know what their customers like and what they don’t like. An organization that is truly interested in customer satisfaction wants to hear from ..

Using Employee Complaints As a Performance Management Strategy

 October 02, 2008 When you talk to employees, you undoubtedly hear some complaints. Maybe they are a little irritated at having too much work. Or perhaps there is frustration with how or when information is received ..

Leadership - Three Ways to Avoid a Complaint Avalanche

 September 22, 2008 Have you ever worked a full day, felt exhausted at the end of it, and got relatively little work done? Are you planting trees or constantly putting out fires in your workplace forest? If you find ..

Stop Complaining! It's Not Good For You

 September 10, 2008 I have a challenge for you. Are you up for it? Good, here it is: for one full day (yes, a whole 24 hours) don't complain - about anything. Seriously, try it. You might be surprised at how difficult ..

Stop the Pity Party

 July 12, 2008 Stop the pity party Please adjust your mind Get a thorough check up Entirely from the neck up Diligently do not think to delay Neither let your ego or pride Hinder you or get in the way Consider what .

Rude Telephone Representatives

 June 26, 2008 Rude and sometimes downright disrespectful telephone representatives drive me up a tree as a consumer. These days I seem to run across it more and more from major companies such as my bank and ..

Building Positive Word of Mouth Advertising

 June 18, 2008 People like to talk, so you will always have your business talked about by somebody to somebody else. The important thing is to make sure that what's talked about is good and not bad stuff! How do ..

Targeted Website Traffic Complaints

 April 11, 2008 Are you receiving targeted website traffic complaints? If you are, do not over react. Handle the situation lightly and do not attack someone because they have issued complaints with the targeted ..

Paradox - Complaints Keep Things from Improving

 April 07, 2008 A complaint is a negative statement about reality you don't like. While everything you complain about may be true, your complaining is actually feeding energy into that which you don't want. Your ..

Conflict - Workplace Warning Signs

 June 06, 2007 Seemingly insignificant issues in the workplace can, if left to fester, evolve into debilitating conflicts that affect teams, departments, even the whole organization. Is impending crisis looming in ..

Yes, It Really Is That Simple

 March 31, 2007 You can tell when someone has a political agenda that doesn’t mesh with common sense. How you ask? It’s easy to do because one of the first comments to come out of their mouth is to claim .

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