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Sensible Cell Phone Usage - How to Be Enlightened Vs Entrapped

 December 23, 2008 As business professionals, we know that selecting and using the right tools goes a long way towards helping us accomplish our goals. And for the majority of us, cell phone usage is an absolute ..

Dog Obedience Training - Tips For Dog Obedience School

 September 16, 2008 Can you find anyone who hates dog? Perhaps not! Dogs over centuries for their services, lovable traits are favorites to all. Even in this age of automation they have high demands. You may apply a ..

Twitter and Friendfeed Help Revitalize Church Fellowship

 August 27, 2008 In a recent article, James Brown wrote that using Twitter had helped his Internet Ministry. Like him, the first time I heard about Twitter, I wondered who had time to mess with something like that? ..

Going on a Vacation With Your Spouse? Study the ABCs of ..

 July 28, 2008 Many couples, after years of marriage and child-raising, have a difficult time going on vacation together. First of all, the logistics of planning a vacation without the children are overwhelming. ..

Learn to Help Your Child Learn 6 Simple Tips

 July 21, 2008 As parents, all of us strive to give our kids the best possible education and learning environment; but many of us are so caught up in the daily din of life that we sometimes forget the reason why ..

What Are the Benefits to Being Multilingual?

 July 11, 2008 Have you ever considered taking up a second language? If you already know another language, have you ever thought of the benefits to knowing more than one language? Well I'll be explaining some of ..

How to Win An Argument With Your Fiance

 July 09, 2008 So you and your fiance had a fight and neither of you want to be the first to say “I'm sorry. " That is totally understandable because as human beings we all have egos and somehow this society ..

Effective Marketing Requires Relevance

 July 07, 2008 For a marketing effort to be effective, your message - the point you're trying to communicate - has to be relevant to your audience, to the people you want to see, hear or read it. At the same time, ..

Messages Through Body Language Communication is More Than Just .

 July 02, 2008 When communicating with others, words are important. They relay the literal meaning of what you're trying to communicate. But words aren't everything. Body language is the key to understanding the ..

Successful Businesses Begin With the Basics

 June 30, 2008 Who to believe? Some say that the economy is great, others say the sky is falling. Honestly, I don't know who to tell you to believe, but I do know that when the economy gets this way it is a perfect .

The Fastest Way to Destroy Your Marriage

 June 30, 2008 Are you looking to destroy your marriage? Do you want your marriage end in divorce? Or are you simply trying to create a relationship that brings complete misery to both parties? Well if this is your .

Six Keys to Creating Loving Boundaries - Or Learning to Say ..

 June 11, 2008 Where are you in life right now? What are you creating that makes you feel good. Do you find you end up doing things for others that you really don't have time or energy for? We say “yes" to ..

Conditions That Respond Well To Hypnosis

 May 27, 2008 Hypnosis has long shed the impression of being sinister or shady after it has been established as a method that can actually work to improve an individual's conditions. Hypnosis is used for many ..

Susceptibility To Hypnosis

 May 27, 2008 Hypnosis is a state where a person is highly susceptible to outside interference or suggestions. Not all people can be hypnotized and this is a fact. There are factors that researchers believe to be ..

How Hypnosis Works

 May 27, 2008 Hypnosis is actually a trance like state wherein the subject is fully engaged to an extent that what he is focused on is what seems real to him. The most common forms of hypnosis are those that are ..

What Is Hypnosis?

 May 27, 2008 Hypnosis is a trance like state that an individual achieves under the direction or guidance of an expert hypnotherapist. Some people liken it to being deeply engrossed with reading a book or deeply ..

Learn Self-Hypnosis

 May 27, 2008 Self hypnosis is useful for times when you feel stressed or anxious and wish to calm yourself. Ultimately, self hypnosis is a sort of relaxation technique that can empower you to better control of ..

Dangers Of Hypnosis

 May 27, 2008 Hypnosis is sometimes viewed in a sinister light because of the degree of control that a hypnotist might have over an individual. Many people are afraid to undergo hypnosis because they do not want ..

Methods Of Hypnosis

 May 23, 2008 Hypnosis has different methods of imparting suggestions to an individual. To be able to achieve that state where we are susceptible to suggestions, there has to be an effort and belief in our part to .

What Does Gen-X Leadership Look Like?

 May 18, 2008 They are here. And their career path could not be any more different if they were beamed from Outer Space. Who are they? Gen-X leaders, the 26-43 year olds who are genetically attached to their ..

My Life

 May 12, 2008 As I sit back and take a look at my life, I can't help but to think of how much I am in love with my life. It is a life that I truly treasure and want to keep. By no means is my life perfect, but it ..

3 Keys to Selling Yourself and Advancing at Work

 May 12, 2008 A very good manager once told me that he wanted to see me get my name out there more, in the company. Until then, I would come in and do what was expected of me and I did it very well. I was even ..

Effective Communication in the Classroom and at Home - ..

 May 04, 2008 Teaching in the home is a challenge whether you are full time homeschooling or getting homework completed! As parents it is sometimes difficult to teach those we are so emotionally entwined with. ..

5 Easy Things To Do With Your Child To Build Self-Esteem

 April 18, 2008 Look around and you'll see that low self-esteem is becoming an epidemic! Raising your child's self-esteem takes time, but here's 5 quick ways to help them become more socially and academically ..

Effective E-Mail - Write E-Mail that Actually Gets Results

 April 17, 2008 Everyone says that writing business e-mail is no different from writing on your company letterhead - but everyone is wrong. Yes, the rules of good writing and good manners apply in the same way to ..

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