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Climate Change Articles 

Instead of throwing people out of work, what if technology ..

 April 09, 2014 We’ve reached a turning point. We’re building a Digital Earth. What if we take a more positive digital future and accelerate it so we receive its benefits now? Instead of new technology ..

Are we too successful to stop self-caused crises like climate ..

 April 09, 2014 In the last two centuries humanity has soared past every limit: Population rocketed from less than 1 billion to over 7 billion people today. The world’s wealth exploded into large and growing ..

Going Green – A Necessary Shift

 May 01, 2011 With the rapid rate of industrialisation that is currently occurring on a global scale a large number of scientists and ordinary citizens are extremely concerned about the state of the atmosphere. It .

The Planet Is Warming Up. What Can People Do?

 August 14, 2010 Global warming is being fiercely discussed right throughout the world. There is an evident rise in the average temperature of the earth, and the outcomes of this are beginning to be experienced in ..

How will the world be affected by the outcome of the ..

 January 19, 2010 December 2009 saw Copenhagen welcome more than 40 world leaders and an additional 20,000 delegates at the seminal United Nations Climate Change Conference. Without doubt the most heavily anticipated ..

Dead Zones in the Ocean

 November 22, 2009 I was talking with someone recently about the Waikato River water that provides some 10% of the drinking water in Auckland. This was approved despite much protest, on the basis that Metrowater would ..

Ways to Save Energy at Work

 September 23, 2009 As more knowledge is gained about climate change, more importance is placed on reducing the carbon footprint left behind from everyday living. As a lot of your time may be spent in the workplace it ..

Sourcing Valuable Educational Programmes

 April 30, 2009 Today’s younger generation will grow into tomorrow’s leaders and decision-makers - so it’s important that youngsters have access to a range of quality education programmes - ranging .

Organic Waste Composting and Climate Change

 January 21, 2009 A very important measure in the fight against global warming that is often overlooked is organics composting. Roughly a quarter of the U. S. waste stream is made up of food waste and yard debris. ..

Global Warming - Global Climate Change

 January 19, 2009 If there is global warming then will there also be global climate changes? Questions we should ask ourselves: Is global warming happening? If yes, then: Why is this warming taking place, what are the .

Global Warming and Our World

 January 15, 2009 The world we live in today, it is not difficult for anyone to get information on Global Warming and how is it affecting us. You can ask any kid and they will be prompt in replying that our climate is .

Recycling and Climate Change

 January 13, 2009 Energy efficiency and renewable power sources get the lion's share of attention when people seek solutions to climate change. Everyone wants solar electricity, high tech computerized energy ..

Solar Power Technology and International Relations

 December 15, 2008 Solar power technology is an exciting and developing field of study. Articles in both scientific and mainstream news frequently highlight its latest advancements. Notable events over just the last ..

Letter to President Elect Obama - Localized Clean Renewable ..

 November 21, 2008 I see three major priorities for the Obama Administration. 1) The economy - job creation and replacement 2) Energy Independence - reducing our need on foreign sources and fossil fuels 3) ..

Can a Coming Energy Crisis Top the Wall Street Disaster?

 October 10, 2008 We are experiencing right now what unbridled greed can do to a hardworking country. The effects of Wall Street's fraud are becoming very painful for the working stiff, who have no choice but to ..

Climate Change, Biofuels, and Water

 October 06, 2008 In the race to develop and produce alternative energies their impact on water resources must not be overlooked. When searching for an alternative energy source, we expect the alternative to be better .

Emergency Economic Stabilization Bill And What We Need To Do

 October 06, 2008 Gasoline price per barrel have come down to nearly $90/barrel yet the price of gasoline at the pump is still over $3 per gallon. Leading financial institutions are in dismay both in the United States .

Sarah Palin As Outlier - How Do We Put Wisdom Into Practice?

 October 06, 2008 How do politicians make decisions when faced with uncertain claims? This is not a new question that has suddenly plagued policymakers. The ancient Greeks believed that it was possible to make a good ..

Climate Change Part 6 - Why the Insistence That the World's in .

 September 27, 2008 In the previous parts to this investigation we've looked at the arguments put forward by both the Alarmists and the Realists. The reason why there's more emphasis on the position of the Alarmists is ..

Are Hurricanes Linked to Global Warming?

 September 26, 2008 A recent study claims that there is evidence to support the link. Published in the September 4th issue of the journal, Nature, the Florida State University report asserts that there is a connection ..

Climate Change Part 5 - Australia's Droughts Nothing to Do ..

 September 26, 2008 So far we've briefly had a look at the core arguments put forward by the Alarmists - whose who support the theory of man-made global warming - and the Realists - those who, at the moment, don't. ..

Carbon Emissions Tax

 September 26, 2008 I think it has been proven without a doubt that carbon emissions contribute to a great extent to global warming. If this is the case who should pay to put into place things to reduce these emissions. .

Climate Change Part 4 - The Yes Case is Loud - The No Case is ..

 September 26, 2008 So far we've briefly had a look at the core arguments put forward by the Alarmists - whose who support the theory of man-made global warming - and the Realists - those who, at the moment , don't. ..

Climate Change Part 3 - It's Happened Before - Many Times in ..

 September 26, 2008 So far we've briefly had a look at the core arguments put forward by the Alarmists - whose who support the theory of man-made global warming - and the Realists - those who, at the moment , don't. The .

Climate Change Part 2 - Deception Or Ignorance

 September 26, 2008 So far in part 1 we've briefly had a look at the core arguments put forward by the Alarmists - whose who support the theory of man-made global warming - and the Realists - those who, at the moment , ..

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