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Chiropractic Articles 

Hiatal Hernia and Chiropractic Treatment

 April 09, 2012 As chiropractic treatment is getting popular day by day all over the world, people are opting for this natural treatment to get cured from various diseases and one of them is Hiatal Hernia. Sometimes .

Chiropractic Care Can Help Epilepsy

 February 25, 2012 Chiropractic has become very popular and the most preferred method of treatment for millions of people all over the world today. People who have realized that going to a medical doctor involves drugs .

Why Chiropractic is Safe for Children

 January 24, 2012 Chiropractic treatment a popular alternative treatment for all musculoskeletal problems, is a no medication, no surgery treatment using the hands. This form of treatment is suitable not only for ..

Keeping Your Neck and Spine Healthy

 June 03, 2011 Currently, lots of people do not know that the cervical spine (the neck) is among the most complex articular system within the body. Should you suffer a severe injury to the neck, the results of that .

Information About Spinal Decompression Therapy

 May 09, 2011 Spinal Compression within the back and neck is caused by irregularities within the spinal anatomy that infringe on surrounding spinal nerves, nerve roots, or the spinal cord itself. The spine is made .

Portland Trigger Point Therapy

 March 24, 2011 Maybe you've heard of the term Trigger Point Therapy before, maybe you have not. In either case now you are certainly interested as to what it is. Trigger Points are small areas of muscle stiffness ..

The wonder of Dr Naram’s Ancient secrets

 June 21, 2010 By Loknath Swain Life at times faces very touching moment! One of Dr. Naram’s patients, Mrs. Tamarada has been suffering from MS for over 10 years. She is a single mother and was desperately ..

The Pulse reader who treated 9/ 11 victims

 June 21, 2010 By Loknath Swain While acknowledgement of the health toll of the 9/11 rescue workers has been slow, a Mumbai-based pulse reader has been quietly providing herbal treatments to hundreds of victims ..

Natural Relief For Back Pain Through Exercise

 May 13, 2010 Back pain can be debilitating. Fortunately, there are some exercises that you can do to help prevent this pain from reoccurring. For a couple of days after the acute injury to your back, the doctor ..

Connect with Prospective Patients for FREE with a Web 2.0 Blog

 May 13, 2010 Want to connect with hundreds, even thousands, of prospective patients in your community? Blogging makes it possible, for FREE! Yes, FREE. Think of a blog as your personal printing press expertly ..

Is Your Chiropractic Marketing Obsolete? Crush Your ..

 May 13, 2010 NEW YORK, NY - What if attracting hundreds of pre-qualified, affluent patients to your practice became so simple and so efficient you can work whenever you wanted. . . and even retire early? That is ..

A Short Explanation Of Sciatica And A Few Different Treatments .

 April 22, 2010 Sciatica is a common problem that people can sometimes experience. It is the term used by the medical community for pain, numbness, or weakness that is in the leg. However, despite what many believe, .

Is Sciatica Preventable And Curable?

 April 22, 2010 Sciatica is a term used to refer to the pain that starts in the lower back just above the buttocks. It's from the lower back that it spreads right down the limbs to the feet. As peculiar as this ..

How Would You Like To Avoid Surgery With Spinal Decompression ..

 April 22, 2010 Your spine is one of the most important parts of your body. If you think about it, your spine is formed right after your central nervous system has begun. This should let you know how important the ..

When Do People Get Scoliosis? by David Simmons

 April 07, 2010 Scoliosis is a dangerous spine mutation which is, thankfully, easy to recognize by doctors and patients alike. It is very noticeable because your spine would be curved out of shape. It would curve ..

Put Your Chiropractic Marketing on 'Juice' and 'Crush'

 April 05, 2010 Who else would like to attract hundreds of pre-screened, proactive and wealthy patients seeking out your practice? What if you could market so efficiently that you could work minimal hours and even ..

Chiropractic Techniques used to cure Back Pain

 January 15, 2010 Back Pain is a normal problem these days as lots people suffer from back ache, and normally no one takes it seriously but this is a problem which should be taken seriously. Chiropractic Practitioners .

Chiropractic Treatment For Sciatica

 December 28, 2009 Sciatica is a symptom of a problem with the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is described by pain that originates in the low back or buttock that travels into one or both legs. Chiropractic treatment for ..

Chiropractic Treatment And Chiropractic Tables

 December 26, 2009 Chiropractic is a health and fitness discipline which involves diagnosis and treatment of any nerve, muscle, bone, joint, or tissue disorder (disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system). The ..

Chiropractic Cure for Neck Pain

 December 23, 2009 The Chiropractic treatment was invented in the late 1890s and is a very popular alternative treatment all over the world. Neck pain is a serious condition and the most common problem faced by all ..

Outsourced Billing Nightmares - Why Billing Precision? - Part ..

 December 09, 2008 Part II - How is Billing Precision a Non-Traditional Billing Service? "See, the problem is that traditional medical billing companies are built for traditional medical doctors. " Now the older man ..

Outsourced Billing Nightmares - Why Billing Precision? - Part I

 December 09, 2008 The two chiropractors were chatting.   One was an older, experienced doctor.   He had tried it at low volume, high volume, cash, insurance, care plans, fee-for-service.   And several times, he had .

Commitment & Accountability For Medical Billing, Part II - ..

 December 07, 2008 Workbench and Accountability Once the staff is committed, they must be actively managed and made accountable. One way that a Billing Network can ensure staff accountability is to provide a rigorous ..

PT and Chiropractic Are Not Covered Concurrently

 November 16, 2008 Most insurances, including workers comp & no-fault do not allow patients to be treated for the same condition with both chiropractic and physical therapy during the same time period. Sometimes ..

Joining A Chiropractic School - Tips To Become A Doctorate In ..

 November 05, 2008 All of us, when we are in college think about of our future. Shall I go for a graduate school or start working for full time? Such questions arise in the minds of all of us when we are on the verge ..

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