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China, India Facing Increased Pressure from U.N. on Climate ..

 November 03, 2009 China and India are coming under increased pressure to restrict greenhouse-gas emissions as the United Nations climate negotiators meet this week in Barcelona to debate how far they can push the ..

Is China Heading for a Bubble Bursting Downturn?

 October 26, 2009 One of the curious things about living and being involved in a country is often expressed in the silver birch alluding expression can’t see the wood for the trees. Having spent the best part of .

Chinese Packaging Industry Hit Hard by Economic Crisis

 October 20, 2009 Starting out with banana leaf wrapping centuries ago, China’s packaging industry has witnessed a rich history culminating in modern day state-of-the-art environmentally friendly and ..

Catch 22 for Chinese Gym Operators

 October 12, 2009 When the Chinese health and fitness industry took off on a grand scale in the early 2000s, the focus was on Beijing and Shanghai. Residents of these cities have higher incomes and are generally more ..

Ten Things in China that You Can’t Get in India

 September 24, 2009 Following last week’s Ten Things in India that You Can’t Get in China, this week we turn the tables and examine the question the other way around. This is what we felt were the immediate ..

How Brands Can Tap into China’s Vast Sports Marketing ..

 September 24, 2009 The sports marketing industry in China stands at a crossroads. China needs a competitive and successful sports marketing industry to enable its major sports to realise their full potential. While ..

China’s Sporting Dichotomy Points to Starkly Diverging ..

 September 11, 2009 For the one-year anniversary of the Beijing Summer Olympics, Beijing staged a celebration in the Bird’s Nest, China’s national stadium. Back in 2008, the opening and closing ceremonies ..

China’s Manufacturing Registers Fastest Growth in 16 Month

 September 03, 2009 Mainland China’s manufacturing grew at its fastest pace in 16 months according to the purchasing managers’ index (PMI) compiled by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing. The ..

Shanghai Closes in on New York-Level Prices

 August 26, 2009 Shanghai and Beijing are getting close to prices one would expect to pay in New York for certain products, a recent UBS survey has found. The Prices and Earnings 2009 report was issued to the ..

India, China Together on Climate Change Issue

 August 26, 2009 India and China yesterday agreed to fight attempts by western nations to link trade with climate change issues and impose trade-related penalties on developing countries failing to meet environmental .

Singaporean Business in China, a Continuing Partnership

 August 12, 2009 Singaporeans have a long history of doing business in China. Formal diplomatic relations between China and Singapore began in 1990 and helped further enhance this relationship as the Chinese market ..

Suu Kyi’s House Arrest Extended by 18 Months

 August 12, 2009 Pro-democracy leader Aung Suu Kyi was found guilty by Burma’s military court of violating the conditions of her house arrest and was sentenced to another 18 months. Suu Kyi has been placed ..

Chris Devonshire-Ellis:Keeping Your Chinese Partners Honest

 August 03, 2009 A Financial Times article published earlier this week told the story of how a German businessman was cheated out of his business in China. The story, written by Jamil Anderlini, deals with the tale ..

Sustainable Economic Development in the Chinese Waste ..

 July 30, 2009 Economic and social progress in China have led to growth and increasing diversity – of waste. The total volume of municipal waste collected in 1981 amounted to 26.1 million tonnes. More than 20 .

Chris Devonshire-Ellis: Race relations in China

 July 30, 2009 Chris Devonshire-Ellis: Uyghurs Should Develop Tolerance in Chinese Lands Chris Devonshire-Ellis on Uyghurs in China Chris Devonshire-Ellis: Uyghurs in China China is a multi-faceted nation with some .

The Dreaded Blue Screen of Death

 July 27, 2009 It is almost a perverse law that the dreaded ‘blue screen of death’ most often occurs at the most inopportune times. Associated with Microsoft applications it indicates a serious software .

Top Things to See and Do in China

 July 16, 2009 For some, a trip to China would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. To get the most out of your time in China, with the chance to immerse yourself in the culture and history of one of the most ..

China’s Investment Opportunity in Waste Management

 July 07, 2009 Like most other developing countries, China is now facing the consequences of increasing urbanisation, exploding population and economic growth. How to manage the country’s waste and minimise ..

First Cross-Border Trade Settlement Deal Made

 July 07, 2009 The first cross-border yuan trade settlement deal came through today from the Bank of China (BOC), Hong Kong to Bank of China, Shanghai reports Xinhua. The deal is part of a pilot program announced ..

Wholesale of China Oil Painting and Picture Frame

 July 06, 2009 In the circumstance of expert merchandising schemes, it has been tried that wholesales gain a lot of revenue and return of net worth than retail sales. While the grade of render for wholesales is ..

Chris Devonshire-Ellis On Why India is a Better Business ..

 June 29, 2009 “It’s always about opportunity. ” That is what I tell people when they ask why, after having lived in China for 21 years, I moved to India. Having founded the professional services ..

Rio Tinto Rejects Chinalco Bid

 June 08, 2009 The world’s third- largest mining company, Rio Tinto Group, has rejected Chinalco’s US$19.5 billion bid; opting to raise US$15.2 billion through a share offering. Rio Tinto and its ..

China Releases Guidelines for Managing Large Enterprise Tax ..

 June 02, 2009 China’s State Administration of Tax released a guideline last month for how large enterprises should manage tax risks in the current economy. Released on May 5, Guoshuifa (Tax Circular) No. ..

Hong Kong Adds HK$16.8 Billion to Stimulus Plan

 May 28, 2009 Yesterday the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) announced its package of tax cuts, fee waivers and spending amounting to HK$16.8 billion to ease the effects of the global economic ..

Global Manufacturing in China Changes Tune as Exports Slow and .

 May 24, 2009 Subtle changes are occurring in the global and domestic perception of China as a viable cheap manufacturing source as the country grapples with the imbalances caused by its export driven economy. ..

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