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Usual Job Responsibility of a Professional Nanny appointed for .

 April 15, 2017 Nannies are not responsible for general housework. Generally, nannies can get the job done up to 12 or 10 hours daily. Using a nanny could seem to be an extremely daunting process, particularly if it .

Daycare Advertising Strategies Part 2 - More Tips to Increase ..

 September 02, 2011 As an extension to my previous article - Daycare Advertising Strategies - Tips to Increase Enrollment , here are more marketing strategies that many daycare centers and home daycare centers employ to .

Location, Location, Location: Finding a Local Sitter

 July 26, 2011 Need a babysitter? Of course you do! Every single parent or couple will eventually need a reliable person to come to their home and stand in for them with the kids. It's just a given fact of modern ..

A Day in the Life of a Nanny

 July 26, 2011 A job as a nanny brings with it a great deal of responsibility. Not only are you the caregiver for any children in the house, but you also have many other duties that can encompass a whole range of ..

The Qualifications of a Perfect Nanny

 July 22, 2011 Take into consideration what qualifications you would like to see in the person you will be interviewing for a nanny position. Since this person will undoubtedly be spending a great deal of time ..

Are Nannies and Babysitters the Same

 July 22, 2011 Do you need a nanny, or will a babysitter do just fine for what you need? It depends on what you expect from either one. A babysitter is fine if you are going to be gone for only a few hours each ..

Find Childcare When You Need It

 June 25, 2011 Finding childcare when you need it seems like a big task. You just can’t find babysitters at the time it is necessary. You live in a rural setting and there isn’t much to go on. That is ..

Babysitter or Nanny Services?

 May 23, 2011 Do you find that you are in need of a babysitter quite frequently, yet have a hard time finding someone who is available when you need one? If you are out of the house quite often during the day, ..

Daycare Advertising Strategies - Tips to Increase Enrollment

 March 04, 2011 The choice of the advertising medium you should use will depend on your local market's acceptance towards specific advertising channels - that is, some advertising strategy will be more effective ..

Increasing Daycare Enrollment - Understanding How Parents ..

 December 24, 2010 A general business rule of thumb to follow is to understand your customer’s buying behavior first before starting your business. In the case of a daycare business, you should fully understand ..

Daycare Marketing Plan - The Important Benefits of Creating One

 October 01, 2010 Daycare centers or home daycare centers that are successful in marketing invariably start with a marketing plan. In the absence of a marketing plan, marketing activities are often reduced to ..

How Women Can Afford to Have a Baby and Not Feel Guilty

 December 09, 2008 Women embarking on the journey of having children for the first time should immediately look at their budget because when women have to leave or take time off work to have a baby you really have to ..

Childcare Transition

 November 19, 2008 Childcare Decisions Most parents find themselves perplexed and anxious when it comes to making the best choice for the care of their children. Leaving a child in a childcare facility for the first ..

Selecting Breastfeeding-Friendly Childcare

 September 10, 2008 I was recently honoured to speak on breastfeeding to a group of students studying childcare at my daughter's college. I shared with them the importance that breastfeeding has to the mother-baby. I ..

Choosing the Best Online Babysitter Service For Your Family in .

 September 09, 2008 It's easy to see how over the past several years the Internet has completely revolutionized the way parents go about finding their next babysitter. The popularity of online babysitting matchmaking ..

How Much Should You Pay For Babysitting?

 September 09, 2008 I remember being thrilled as a young teenager to be earning $2.00-$3.00 an hour babysitting the local neighborhood children. How times have changed! I was in for quite a surprise when I could no ..

How to Save Money on Babysitting

 September 09, 2008 For many families a large part of their monthly budget is spent on childcare. If you're a parent who is looking for ways to reduce the amount of money you spend on childcare, there are some simple ..

Using the Internet to Find a Babysitter

 September 09, 2008 I have to admit that the first time I heard about people using the Internet to find a babysitter I was skeptical. My first thought was “What ever happened to just calling up your relatives, ..

How Much a Babysitter Should Be Paid

 September 04, 2008 Are you wondering how much to your babysitter should be paid to watch your children? You're hardly alone. As parents struggle find great childcare, it is hard to know what is a good amount to pay for .

A Nanny's "Gross" Pay - A Quick Guide For Nannies

 August 24, 2008 What is a Nanny? The International Nanny Association defines a nanny as one “employed by the family on either a live-in or live-out basis to undertake all tasks related to the care of children. .

A Baby's Name is a Lifetime Gift

 August 13, 2008 Parents can get carried away in thinking of names to call their baby even before birth. Due to the excitement, parents tend to formulate names from the ordinary to outlandish forgetting that the name .

A Guide in Choosing the Right School For Children

 August 13, 2008 Finding the right school which provides quality education and promotes overall growth of children is the primary goal of parents when kids reach the schooling age. Children may already go to school ..

Don't Let School Bullies Get Your Child

 August 13, 2008 Bullying is the act of hurting another individual either physically or emotionally. Bullying is a school problem that is painful and oftentimes traumatic for a child to experience. It occurs mostly ..

How to Deal With a Child With a Learning Disability

 August 13, 2008 A learning disabled child needs help and parents should provide it through patience, love and proper knowledge. It is important that parents understand that a child's learning disability is not a ..

Recognize the Common Types of Learning Disability

 August 13, 2008 The key to help learning disabled children cope with the disability is for parents to understand the type of problem. Identifying the problem will provide the various supports that parents will need ..

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