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Canine Arthritis Articles 

How To Know If Your Dog Have Allergies

 January 11, 2011 Dog allergies can be quite a handful. Some dogs can be sensitive to certain foods. This means that their digestive system won’t be able to tolerate them when he ingests it. While this ailment ..

Cure Arthritis in Dogs Using Glucosamine

 January 11, 2011 Dogs who suffer from arthritis can turn to human glucosamine for dogs. The substance is one of the most effective ways to treat arthritis. Best of all, they are safe to use for older dogs who may ..

Learning the Basic Information on Arthritis of Dogs

 January 04, 2011 It is easy to see if your dog has arthritis with symptoms such as swelling of the bones, limping and lack of appetite. You have to observe carefully everyday because most of the symptoms of dog ..

Skin Allergies and Reactions In Dogs

 January 03, 2011 Dog enthusiasts today continuously immerse themselves in the vast literature which basically revolves around scientific studies and medical research on the health of the canine species. According to ..

Understanding the Food Allergies in Dogs

 December 27, 2010 Dogs love eating anything that smells beefy and tasty to their tongues. But as much as we want to see our pets happy with the food that we are sharing her, certain foods may not be good for your ..

How to Deal with Dog Allergies

 December 27, 2010 One of the irritating conditions that a pet owner can encounter is dog allergies because of the discomfort it causes for both the dog and the pet owner. Most of the symptoms of these allergies are ..

General Types of Dogs Allergies

 December 20, 2010 Allergy is one of the major causes of skin diseases on dogs and there are different types of dog allergies that they can get such as inhalant, flea, food and skin allergies. Another thing that causes .

Understanding the Right Dog Allergy Treatment

 December 20, 2010 When you are bothered by dog allergies, then you know that you have to find the right treatment for your dog that has it. The treatment that you need to find should give comfort to your dog as well ..

Understanding Arthritis in Dogs

 December 20, 2010 One of the worst sicknesses that a dog can have in his years is dog arthritis, which is a degenerative disease that involves damage to the joints and cartilage and result in pain and having a hard ..

What You Should Know About Dog Kidney Disease

 December 20, 2010 Both older dogs and puppies can get canine kidney disease. However, it is most common – and sometimes unavoidable – for older dogs. The bad news is that most kidney diseases do not have ..

Dog Health Advice and Tips

 December 11, 2010 Most pet owners out there are finding for some advices and tips on dog health problems and how to take care of them. Dogs are very lovable and loyal pets and these are just some of the reasons why ..

Why Your Dog’s Dental Health is Essential

 December 04, 2010 Oral hygiene is very important for dogs and without the proper dental care; your dog is at risk of developing oral diseases such as tartar, cavities, plaque, or even gingivitis. Dog’s teeth ..

Understanding the Skin Allergies in Dogs

 November 22, 2010 Just like how all human beings are never exempt from any disease or sickness, the species we so fondly call man’s best friend makes no difference. All dogs are open and prone to any and all ..

Understanding the Skin Allergies in Dogs

 November 20, 2010 Just like how all human beings are never exempt from any disease or sickness, the species we so fondly call man’s best friend makes no difference. All dogs are open and prone to any and all ..

How to Take Care For Your Dog’s Ears

 November 14, 2010 Dogs are quite prone to ear infections. It is one of the most common problems when it comes to dogs. Vets say that this is the most common reason dog-owners go to clinics. This is because of ..

Dogs and Gastroenteritis

 November 07, 2010 If your dog has all of a sudden been vomiting severely, he may have gastroenteritis. The onset of the disease is usually marked by diarrhea and vomiting. When the disease is not treated, much of the ..

Acute Cystitis in Dogs

 October 30, 2010 An inflammation to the urinary bladder normally caused by bacterial infection is Acute Cystitis. Female dogs are most common patients of acute cystitis than male dogs. Most cases of acute cystitis ..

Is Hip Dysplasia Affecting Your Dog?

 September 21, 2008 In larger dogs Hip Dysplasia is common although it can also occur in smaller breeds from time to time as well. Don't always assume your dog is just having a bad day especially if it recurrs. What is .

Help For German Shepherds Suffering From Joint Problems

 July 13, 2008 For many dog lovers, there is one breed that grabs the heart and doesn't let go. For an estimated 50,000 dog owners in the United States, that breed is the strong, intelligent and agile German ..

Stop Canine and Feline Arthritis Pain!

 June 13, 2007 I am heartbroken at my dog’s suffering. How can I stop his pain? The hardest part of watching my dog suffer, is the onset of canine osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, or more commonly ..

Age-Related Canine Diseases

 April 10, 2007 Our senior dogs are living longer and healthier lives due to better nutrition, owner care and advances in veterinary medicine. However, as our dogs get older, they become subject to a number of ..

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