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Cancer Articles 

What Exactly is Cancer and What Are Cancer Treatments?

 January 07, 2009 Considering that cancer is the deadliest disease in the world, it is quite surprising that a great number of us are left to wonder “what exactly is cancer and how is cancer treated"? Do not ..

Diet During Chemotherapy

 January 07, 2009 I always thought I had fairly healthy eating habits. However, when I went for my first chemotherapy treatment, I met with a Nutritionist who went over what I should have in my diet during treatment ..

Your Child Has Cancer

 January 07, 2009 It's the beginning of the Holiday season. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and life just could not seem better. You and your spouse are doing well and quite satisfied in your career paths, you ..

Understanding Ovarian Cancer

 January 07, 2009 Ovarian Cancer is a women's disease and it is on the rise. We as women have to take care of ourselves every single day. Even though no matter how much health food we eat and how much we exercise ..

Information to Cure Breast Cancer Through Lifestyle Changes

 January 06, 2009 If you can cure breast cancer through lifestyle changes, why is it we have those 3 awful treatments that are in place today for the problem? That is called “The Politics of Cancer". Breast ..

Do Your Cosmetics Cause Cancer?

 January 04, 2009 The cosmetic industry is a $4 billion dollar a year business. Customers are continuously trying new products: anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, face lift creams, eye creams, not to mention the wide variety ..

The Diet and Lifestyle For Breast Cancer

 January 03, 2009 Approximately 200,000 American women will be detected with breast cancer this year. At present, the life span weird are one in seven. However latest examination in nutritional medicine has showed ..

Choosing the Best Medication For Breast Cancer

 January 03, 2009 Once you've been identified with breast cancer, your doctor may set down a certain drug medication. You might have chemotherapy and you might get medication for years following you've ended ..

Selecting Products For Breast Cancer

 January 03, 2009 Breast cancer is the most widespread cancer-related death amongst women in nearly the entire Western world and the foremost cause of death for women under 50. It beats roughly 182,000 women in the U. .

The Effectiveness of Breast Cancer Screening

 January 03, 2009 In women with a high hereditary risk of breast cancer, screening tests of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) breast scans have demonstrated that MRI is more sensitive than mammography for discovering ..

Detecting the Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

 January 03, 2009 A survey puts forward that lots of women are confused regarding the signs of breast cancer. Identifying the signs and symptoms of breast cancer might assist save your life. When the disease is found ..

How is the Stage of a Breast Cancer Based?

 January 03, 2009 Cancer stage is established on the size of the tumor, whether the cancer is invasive or non-invasive, whether lymph nodes are engaged, and whether the cancer has extended away from the breast. A ..

Many Useful Tips When One Has Been Diagnosed With Colon Cancer

 January 03, 2009 Have you ever wondered why there is so much colon cancer around today? A hundred years ago it was almost unheard of; it was rare, so why not look at what has changed over those hundred years that is ..

You Need to Wear a Breast Cancer Bracelet

 January 03, 2009 The only intention of pink breast cancer bracelets is to illustrate consideration to the problem of breast cancer and assist fund the pursuit for potential breast cancer treatments. Accordingly, if ..

How to Avoid Mesothelioma

 January 01, 2009 Mesothelioma - the cancerous disease. Mesothelioma is a cancerous disease that affects various organs in the body such as lungs, heart and abdominal cavity. This is mainly caused due to the ..

Finding the Right Mesothelioma Attorney

 January 01, 2009 Mesothelioma cancer The most dreaded and rarest form of cancer called the Mesothelioma cancer occurs due to an individual's exposure to asbestos and related substances. A slow killer, it takes close ..

You Can Heal Your Life

 December 31, 2008 The book that changed my thinking about health and our ability to heal our bodies is the classic from Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life. " This is the single greatest book on the power of our ..

The Benefits of Making Cancer Cells Sick!

 December 28, 2008 One of the first things you should do in your battle against cancer is to re-alkalize your body pH, and soon the cancer cells will begin operating normally! A highly alkalized body cannot retain ..

Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer

 December 26, 2008 Skin is the largest organ of your body. It functions as the protector of body from the heat, cold, UV radiation, and bacteria as well as regulates our body temperature. As it is very essential for ..

How Harmful Bacteria Can Fight Off Cancer?

 December 26, 2008 Back in 2004, an experimental cancer vaccine using modified listeria bacteria showed great promise in animal studies by successfully treating new cancers in mice. At present human clinical trials - a .

Breast Cancer

 December 25, 2008 If a person had already had breast cancer, the chances of recurrence is very high. A family history of the condition indicates a higher risk of the person developing breast cancer. A person who is ..

Cancer Survival and Attitude

 December 25, 2008 First, let me clarify: I do not in any way claim to be an expert in the field of cancer and its cures or treatments. This article is simply a review of observations I have made over a period of some ..

Surviving Cancer With and Without Family Support

 December 24, 2008 As a cancer victim myself, I have been inundated with all sorts of “support" from friends, relatives and others not so familiar. However, my husband's reaction to my disease was quite a ..

How to Support a Cancer Victim

 December 24, 2008 With cancer on the rise, there is hardly anyone who doesn't at least know of someone who has cancer. If you have a friend or relative who has cancer , what can you do to give him/ her support? ..

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Health

 December 23, 2008 Cancer is hitting about 41% of the population. Many others have serious diseases and conditions. Others may be very ill and yet have no diagnosis. Many are not seriously ill, but just don't feel as ..

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