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Calibration Software Articles 

Using the Calibration Curve in Making New Medicines

 June 11, 2007 Pharmaceutical companies invest a lot on research and development. This allows the scientists to come up with new medicines that can make the patient feel better with less side effects. There are ..

Using a Calibrated Temperature to Get the Child's Temperature

 June 11, 2007 When a child is not feeling well, the natural thing to do will be to put one’s hand on the forehead to find out if the body is normal or not. The only way to get an accurate reading will be to ..

Using a Calibrated Gauge Monitor to Monitor One's Blood ..

 June 09, 2007 When going to the hospital or clinic for a physical, doctors will always start by asking a few questions and then use a stethoscope and a blood pressure monitor as part of the initial test. The ..

Turning Up the Heat

 June 07, 2007 Temperature is a very important physical property that determines a lot of how we do things. We may not think about temperature often, but it does play a significant role in our everyday lives. For ..

The Wonders of Calibration Weight

 June 06, 2007 In a world where everything is almost at a fast pace due to modernization and modern technology, people are becoming more and more obsessed with the wonders of using new technologies to improve their .

The Practice of Pipette Calibration in the Lab

 June 04, 2007 When working either in a clinic or in a lab, one instrument that is used very commonly to carry liquid is called a pipette. This is a bigger version of the medicine dropper and works on the same ..

The Importance of Calibration Instruments in Factories

 June 03, 2007 Machines need to be calibrated regularly so these will be able function properly. A licensed engineer or mechanic is the only one qualified to perform such tests and the length of time it takes to ..

The Best Viewing Experience

 June 03, 2007 Ok, so maybe it's true that this generation is a slave to television, but the technology is there for us to enjoy and we might as well do just that. After all, haven't wise men throughout the ages ..

The Basics Of Calibration

 June 02, 2007 Calibration is one process that is done in almost all industries, be it publishing, medical, or commercial. Unfortunately, calibrating is such a technical term that not all people know that it is ..

Speedometer Calibration and Road Safety

 June 01, 2007 Surely, everyone has seen movies such as The Fast and The Furious and Torque. What are the two things these films have in common? The answer is speed. It doesn’t matter if one used cars while ..

Photography Calibration - Shutter Bug

 May 31, 2007 As you get more and more comfortable with your camera, you can experiment further with its settings to be able to get more out of it. Learning about how to manipulate your camera's white balance ..

Monitor Calibration To Have Great Printouts

 May 30, 2007 Research shows that most American households have a computer. Kids will use this to do research when an assignment has been given at school or when the parents have to bring some work home. Usually ..

Getting To Know The Importance of Calibration

 May 27, 2007 One of the wonders that people have discovered in the world of science and measurements is calibration. Often referred to as the process of verifying and determining the relationship between the ..

Gas Calibration and Other Safety Measures in Potentially Hazard

 May 26, 2007 Years ago, two of the most disastrous accidents happened. The first is the nuclear leak in Chernobyl, which has infected and killed hundreds of people in Russia. The second incident but in a smaller ..

Crystal Clear Calibration

 May 23, 2007 Watching television allows us to enjoy different slices of life from all around the world and of various circumstances without us ever having to get out of the house or even get up off the couch. ..

Choosing the Right Calibration Service

 May 22, 2007 Calibration can be a really complicated job. It involves a lot of adjustments and monitoring, not to mention tinkering of machine parts that you cannot identify. For some machines especially those ..

Calibration Services for the Car

 May 20, 2007 When a car is brought to the shop, a mechanic does the calibration services. The specialist will check the engine, the wheel alignment and other sections of the vehicle to make sure this is safe to ..

Calibration Equipment From the Construction Phase and Onward

 May 19, 2007 Empty pieces of land are always ideal to put up a residential or commercial complex. This gives people a place to live or work. Before any of this can happen, the construction crew has to do the ..

Calibrating the DVD Player

 May 15, 2007 The number of people who have subscribed to cable and satellite radio has gone up through the years. Even with the rising demand, most people still enjoy watching movies at home will either get a DVD .

Buying a Calibration Software

 May 14, 2007 Calibration is the process of checking whether your machine is still giving the right values and measurements after years of use. In fact, calibration is recommended every six months especially for ..

Becoming A Calibration Technician

 May 12, 2007 Today, in order to minimize possible existence of errors and greater cost of manufacturing, flaw detection equipment or methods are greatly needed. In fact, more and more companies and laboratories ..

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