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How To Find More Buyers - Simple and Fast

 March 10, 2008 We are all looking for a simple and fast way on how to find more buyers but, most of us can't find it. Although the method I am about to reveal may seem controversial for some it's only because a lot .

Car Buyers Urged To Seek Best Loans

 February 21, 2008 Increasing numbers of insurance firms and other personal finance bodies are warning consumers not to let their desire for a new car cloud their sense of value. With less than a fortnight remaining ..

First Time Buyers 'Face Financial Strain'

 January 29, 2008 New homeowners are increasingly struggling with their finances, new research indicates. In an accessibility index conducted by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics), it is claimed that .

Why eBay No Longer Allows Sellers to Leave Negative Feedback

 January 28, 2008 The changes have been made official on the eBay site. One of the big changes is that sellers can no longer leave negative or neutral feedback on eBay. Yes you read that correctly, no more negative. ..

How to Sell Your House in Miami Beach Real Estate Quickly

 January 01, 2008 Do you want buyers to be interested with your home in Miami Beach real estate? Are you familiar with the right key to get the interest of buyers? If you want to sell your home in Miami Beach real ..

Impact Of Credit Crunch 'Extending Beyond The Vulnerable'

 December 29, 2007 Prospective first-time buyers are putting themselves under more financial pressure in an attempt to get on to the housing market, new research indicates. In figures released by Moneyextra the value ..

Find Buyers on the Internet for Your Real Estate Properties in .

 December 18, 2007 Hello Investors, When you start investing in real estate in Maryland, DC and Virginia, the first problem that you will have is acquiring properties. Once you have mastered this challenged, your ..

Fall Trends In Maryland Real Estate

 December 12, 2007 Annapolis Maryland is a hot spot for real estate. In fact, it is one of the hottest areas in Maryland real estate and it is no wonder. The city sits within a short distance for the nation's capital ..

Ebay Money Making Secrets - Earn Money On Ebay The Easy Way!

 December 03, 2007 EBay has become a phenomenally successful way for people to buy and sell across the world unhindered by the many aspects of traditional business that can cut into profits such as leasing shop fronts, .

Tampa Real Estate Foreclosures - Should You Buy One?

 August 20, 2007 If you have spent any time at all watching the television news, listening to the radio, reading a newspaper or surfing the Internet, you have come across more than a few reports pertaining to the ..

Real Estate Foreclosures - Is Now the Right Time to Buy?

 August 20, 2007 At no time since the 1970s has the state of the Tampa real estate market made the news so often than it is occurring at the present time. In this regard, a great deal of press coverage is being spent .

Dirty Tricks - Top Ten Quick DIY Improvements To Sell Your ..

 August 14, 2007 Sell your flat or apartment by spending a little bit of money on key areas. Ten improvements are listed below. Clearly some are more expensive than others. Do not do them all. Obtain blunt feedback ..

Decrease Recorded In First Time Buyer Numbers

 August 14, 2007 In research carried out by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), the number of first-time buyers getting on the property ladder was revealed to have fallen. Over the course of June, some 35,600 ..

Homebuyers More 'Careful' About Debt

 August 14, 2007 First-time buyers are becoming increasingly prudent over the costs of buying a home, it has been suggested. According to Paul Holmes, chief executive of Firstrung, those looking to take their ..

First Time Buyers Look To Family For Mortgage Help

 August 13, 2007 More first-time buyers are looking to their loved ones for help when purchasing a property, new figures reveal. In research released by Abbey, some 23 per cent of those consumers taking their ..

Types Of Brokers And Their Respective Roles

 July 25, 2007 Brokers are agents or professionals who mediate between a borrower and a lender. These agents collect all the necessary information about the borrower or lender, depending on who is their client, ..

Buyers Need To Insure Property Is 'Affordable Now And In The ..

 July 23, 2007 First-time buyers need to approach the housing market with caution, an industry expert has warned. According to Paul Davies, spokesperson for Mortgage Financial, young professionals looking to get ..

Now Is The Time To Buy Real Estate

 July 20, 2007 Check out the real estate market right now. It has the power to make a house seller weep. I'm totally serious! If your home is currently up on the market, then my guess is you're sweating it out, ..

eBay Sniping

 July 10, 2007 Sniping is the practice of placing a bid in auction which is about to end. What happens is that a person rushes into an auction at the last moment, and bids just a little higher than the previous ..

Avoiding eBay Scams for Buyers

 July 09, 2007 eBay is a fun place to go shopping, and a great place to find bargains, but one thing to be aware of, is that there are some, yes relatively few, but definitely some, sharks out there who will quite ..

5 Top Reasons Why You Should Stage Your Vacant Home in ..

 July 08, 2007 Are you sitting on the fence with vacant property to sell - trying to determine whether or not to take the plunge and invest in home staging? You are not alone. As a professional Home Stager serving ..

Set the Stage For Your Own Home Selling Success Story

 July 05, 2007 There's a new wave of home shows on TV these days and the focus is on getting a house seen and sold quickly and for top dollar. These shows feature all the elements of a good plot; drama, comedy, ..

First Time Buyers Spend 'Third Of Income' On Mortgage

 July 04, 2007 Consumers are spending an increasing proportion of their salary on mortgage repayments, new figures reveal. In the Woolwich Mortgage Affordability study conducted by Barclays about a third of ..

Buyers Find It 'Hard' To Get On Housing Ladder

 July 02, 2007 Potential first-time buyers are developing problems getting into the property market as they frequently spend money which is intended to go towards housing deposits, it has been suggested. According .

Realtors and Home Sellers - "Remembrances Of The Good Old Days .

 June 29, 2007 Oh . . . for the good old days. You know, when gasoline was $2.00 a gallon, cokes were a dollar, interest rates were below 5%, and sticking a sign in the yard and waiting for offers to come in was ..

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