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Business Process Outsourcing Articles 

BPO India Story - From Root to a Big Tree

 November 30, 2011 India on the fast track Indian economy is no longer passive and redundant; on the contrary it is one that is being steered by the winds of social and economic changes. Recently , the country has seen .

All you need to know about Strata Management

 September 17, 2010 Strata Management Strata management is a specialist area of property management involving the day-to-day operation and management of a property that is jointly owned and comprises units, common ..

The role of software development outsourcing in business

 September 14, 2010 Outsourced software development is the new way of the business world. Since inception it has been a very costly affair. Businesses in these challenging times have sought wherever possible to reduce ..

Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

 September 09, 2010 Recruitment Process Outsourcing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where an employer outsources or transfers all or part of its recruitment ..

Why Business process Outsourcing?

 January 01, 2010 The BPO sector is a more creative field than the simple call centre job. When answering calls and attending queries in a call centre can be mechanical, for doing a business process one needs a good ..

Why Business Process Outsourcing Will Help your Supply Chain ..

 September 30, 2009 Business process outsourcing (BPO) traditionally involves the outsourcing of business functions to third-party providers and has its roots in supply chain management provision to major manufacturers. .

Outsourcing Calls to India: Personal as well as Corporate!

 July 09, 2009 India has undergone an IT revolution over the past decade thanks in the main to the availability of much cheaper telecommunications options and also the communications options offered by the ..

The Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing

 May 27, 2009 For anyone to succeed in business requires meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to becoming the best in their chosen field. But anybody who is new to the world of business will soon ..

A Guide to Business Process Outsourcing

 March 27, 2009 Every successful business begins with one common element: an idea. Whilst having the courage and conviction to act on the idea will have been central to the whole process of starting a new company, ..

Telemarketing Services Outsourcing

 July 28, 2008 Telemarketing is the method by which a salesperson solicits a prospective customer to buy products or services either other the phone or through newer technologies such as email, fax or web ..

BPO Growing Sector in Asia

 July 15, 2008 What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)? Business process outsourcing is whereby you are transferring or outsourcing the business mostly to a third party to be done at a low cost. Most of the MNCs .

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

 July 12, 2008 Outsourcing is subcontracting a process or piece or work, to a third-party company. A firm's decision to outsource is based on several factors such as lowering operational costs, resources, ..

Does Business Environment Affect Outsourcing?

 July 10, 2008 Sure it does! As the outsourcing industry grows in leaps and bounds, several hard truths about what makes a location sell come to the forefront. Experts watching the pace of this growth agree that ..

B2C Telemarketing Expanding Business Possibilities

 July 09, 2008 B2C telemarketing has become a widely used strategy today and no business, especially those having high aspirations, can afford to ignore it's great potential. Competition has increased manifold over .

Inbound Call Center Why Not?

 July 08, 2008 Every successful business reaches a point where they can no longer handle all of their customer requests or calls on their own. There are many reasons for the same. Some of them are: Too many ..

Improve Profitability Using Business Process Outsourcing

 July 07, 2008 Any company that is determined to operate as lean and mean as possible in order to enjoy a competitive edge knows that contracting outsourcing services can be a very beneficial practice, which can ..

Business Process Outsourcing Is it Good Or Not?

 July 06, 2008 Average outlook of a nation which is outsourcing services: They are stealing our jobs We don't want to outsource, as it leads to lesser jobs in our nation. They took our jobs away. This would be the .

Outsource Your Technical Projects to South Asia

 July 05, 2008 Whenever someone mentions outsourcing, you can't not think about South Asian countries, especially India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. This is because these countries are known for three things - ..

Business Process Outsourcing Whats IN, Whats OUT?

 July 02, 2008 With time, every business domain undergoes periodic churns, propelled mostly by changing market dynamics, competition, innovation and technological advancements. In this context, business process ..

Business Process Outsourcing

 June 30, 2008 Business process outsourcing used to be exclusively implemented by manufacturing firms but today, even service-oriented firms have been benefiting from them. Business process outsourcing or BPO ..

Business Process Outsourcing Best Way to Promote Your Business .

 June 25, 2008 You may have heard about the merits of business process outsourcing, but chances are that you may still be not all that sure about it. Initially, you may find it difficult to take a decision in favor .

Tips to Make Business Process Outsourcing Profitable

 June 23, 2008 Business process outsourcing has recently become much more of a pronounced trend and is evident in a wide range of companies of all sizes. The reasons for turning to the use of outsourced services ..

About Business Process Outsourcing

 June 22, 2008 Simply put, Business Process Outsourcing is getting another company to handle some of your activities for a payment. The concept made its way into the corporate world in the 1980s. Initially, payroll .

The Benefits of Human Resources Outsourcing

 June 22, 2008 Human Resources (HR) plays a crucial role in any company or organization. The latest buzzword in the HR stream is that of Human Resources Outsourcing. It is gaining both, popularity and worldwide ..

How to Outsource and Gain

 June 22, 2008 'Outsource’ has become a buzzword in the business world, globally. Slow growth in economies is forcing businesses to outsource, in an effort to bring down costs. However, bringing down costs is .

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