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Why a Coach can get you where you cannot go alone

 August 17, 2010 While this article might seem self-serving, or at least serving the purpose of sales coaches everywhere, the action I am advocating will mostly benefit those who go ahead and get themselves a coach. .

Keep Your Business Development Unaltered Even During Economic ..

 November 04, 2009 Management plays the most important part in keeping business development intact for any business. Depending upon the feasibility studies and the economic environment, a business leader has to change ..

Feasibility studies -To determine your business growth

 October 12, 2009 Feasibility studies may be defined as the study of scopes or problems that may occur during the course of any particular operation. Feasibility studies deal with the presumption of the requirements ..

Growing Your Small Business Through Reseller Agreements

 November 10, 2008 You need more sales. Small businesses always have room for more sales. If you are properly structured and have enough flexibility to manage growth, reseller agreements could be a great growth ..

Are You a Business Development Rep?

 November 10, 2008 In one really successful distribution company that I work with, all of the outside sales people have the business card title, Business Development Representative. I didn't create it but I really ..

Growth Requires Focus - Taking Action Now Can Insure a ..

 November 10, 2008 Where your focus goes, your energy flows. That's why small business owners who focus too much on the current economic condition, sacrifice the very real opportunity to grow and achieve market ..

How to Develop New Business Relationships Through Blogging

 October 19, 2008 Recently, I received several direct messages from a blogger asking me to comment on his blog. He said that he'd do the same for me if I complied. This individual was fairly aggressive with his ..

Hair & Beauty Salon Business Plan - 5 Tips For Attracting New ..

 September 20, 2008 Hair and beauty salon owners who want to grow their businesses know that having a strong business plan is a first step toward their goals. And, any good business plan incorporates a marketing and ..

First New Products For International Markets

 September 16, 2008 If this is your first foray into international business development, you might wonder whether you should develop a new product. Do you feel there is no international market potential for your ..

How Do I Get International Business?

 September 15, 2008 I often get emails and comments with this vast open-ended question. How Do I Get International Business? The readers who ask this particular question are often from small companies and they come ..

Saving Time and Energy - A 6 Step Process to Adopting New ..

 September 15, 2008 "You Tube? Best marketing tool EVER!" "If you're in business, you absolutely, positively have to be on MySpace. " "All the best marketers have blogs. . . or podcasts. . . or streaming video on their ..

Procrastination and Three Ways to Move Past it to Success

 August 10, 2008 We've all done it; put off something very important. Sometimes the more important the thing is, the more issues that come up around  “just doing" it. It's so easy to  find all kinds of things .

The Other 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) More Business Tips For ..

 July 30, 2008 With the economy still undergoing a lot of uncertainty, rather than throwing in the towel at your small business, especially if you are in services, you can instead extend the same principles the ..

Small Business Achievement Thinking by Stopping the Blame Game

 July 29, 2008 Don't be a player of the blame game. Your small business will have problems. Errors will happen by your vendors, customers, suppliers, your staff and you. Don't focus on blame. That is a waste of ..

Small Business Achievement Thinking Through Study

 July 27, 2008 You need to be a student of your clients. A small business leader needs to know and appreciate their clients. You need to study their behavior to constantly develop and enhance products to meet their .

Small Business Achievement Thinking Through Lifetime Customer ..

 July 27, 2008 You need valuable customers. Small business owners can win big with the right customers. Higher value customers create greater profit for your company, less work for your staff, and more to referrals .

Small Business Achievement Thinking by Knowing Your Competition

 July 27, 2008 You need to know your competition. Small business owners live in a world of competition. There is always somebody else lurking around the corner, ready to entice your customers. If you have better ..

Small Business Achievement Thinking Through Idea Hunting

 July 27, 2008 You need to be an idea hunter. Small business leaders need to persistent and consistent in their pursuit of new ideas for their business. Competition is always just around the corner and if you can ..

Small Business Achievement Thinking Through Risk Taking

 July 25, 2008 You need to take risks. As a small business owner, you are already a risk taker. Small business owners have the odds stacked against them. Taking your idea, implementing it and making it profitable ..

The Parable of the Novice and the Expert

 July 23, 2008 Let them say you're crazy! It's not only seasoned professionals and business development experts who do great things. Sometimes, a novice with a great idea and bundles of energy can bring off an ..

The Silver Lining After a Loss

 July 23, 2008 While a loss is always disappointing, the smart professional does not let all that time and effort go to waste. By asking the right questions in the debrief s/he can gain invaluable feedback for ..

Business Non Development

 July 23, 2008 Many professionals open sales-targeted conversations with prospective clients using material unlikely to establish meaningful dialogue. In some cases, well-meaning professionals deliver monologues ..

Getting to Meet With a New Prospect

 July 23, 2008 "I want your work" doesn't mean that a new prospect will automatically fit you into their schedule. If you have a high enough profile and big reputation, those down the pecking order may be flattered .

Pricing Pointers

 July 23, 2008 The game keeps moving on. Yesterday's best practice in professional services pricing may be today's problem and a big loser tomorrow. Pricing is an important part of keeping business and winning new ..

Proposals to Procurement

 July 23, 2008 Tendering, proposing, and pitching to procurement specialists is now intrinsic to the mix in the professional services sphere. Procurement specialists often operate with agendas which are very ..

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