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Tips to Teach Your Teens About Budgeting and Survival

 September 11, 2008 Bad credit and bills can come upon you quickly. As a teen just entering the “Real World, " they can get behind quickly if not given the proper tools. They will spend years of their life behind ..

Single Parent Women Do it Right

 August 19, 2008 Single parenthood is on the rise. According to the U. S Census Bureau, there are 13.6 million single parents in the United States. Of these, the overwhelming majority are mothers. While most single ..

Money Tips For Kids Starting College

 August 13, 2008 Going away to college and leaving home for the first time. That can be pretty exciting scary, and confusing all at the same time. You are going to be faced with many new things, changes, and of ..

Get Fit For Less Money

 July 20, 2008 Getting in shape doesn't have to mean buying a special (and expensive) diet and becoming a member at the fanciest gym in the city. Exercise can be effectively performed on a limited budget. You can ..

Budget Planning Simple Budgeting Tips

 July 15, 2008 Cars are built from plans. Houses and buildings are built from plans. Even the body we live in has a format and a plan to it. Why don't most of us think to have a budget or budget plan for our ..

Leadership, Financial Institutions and Awareness

 July 01, 2008 The economy is taking a nose dive most of the banking and financial institutions are unaware of the massive opportunity available. Though financial success has to do with being at the right time and ..

Sales & Marketing's #1 Lost Opportunity

 May 26, 2008 Your #1 lost opportunity may not be what you think. It isn't a market you were late to target, a product released without certain features, or even a ridiculously small sales and marketing budget. I ..

Would You Like To Save An Extra $5,000 This Year

 May 19, 2008 Awhile back we decided that it was time to take stock of our lifestyles. Oddly enough, it started out with our diets, but began to branch out in all directions, eventually encompassing areas that we ..

The Baby Boomer Retirement Revolution In America

 April 03, 2008 A recent documentary just aired on PBS called the “Retirement Revolution". It addressed the many issues, worries, and concerns for those in the Baby Boomer generation. Some of us are already at .

Your Advertising Budget - Is Bigger Really Better?

 March 26, 2008 In many cases, it's not how much you money you put towards your marketing, it's the time and effort you spend in creating an effective marketing campaign. Spending a lot of money to reach groups that .

Bank Reconciliations - How To Reconstruct A Bank Statement

 February 27, 2008 A challenging part of accounting can be the bank reconciliation. To some bookkeepers recons are fun, to others, it is nothing but a tedious bore. Whatever way we look at it, it is a function of ..

Watch The Cash Flow And Flow And Flow

 August 20, 2007 Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, especially new start ups. You have done the business plan, sweated over the budgets and are in business! Now what do you do? Sit back and wait for ..

Roommate Finances - Managing Your Roommate Expenses

 February 11, 2007 Have you ever wished that the old saying “money doesn't grow on trees" wasn't true? A tree that grows money instead of leaves would be high on the wish list of many roommates. While it's not ..

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