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Amazing way to find your niche and enter into niche market.

 April 14, 2011 96% of US citizens don’t know their niche in life – says online statistics which were asked to 9000 people. They all have something similar to each other. They all are working on jobs ..

When You Think About Home Renovation, You Will Need Plans

 November 18, 2008 Many people have a ranch home. There are actually many ranch home renovation ideas. After all, you have no idea when you're going to get the urge to redo the space. When you think about home ..

6 Foolproof Ways to Unstick Stuck Writing and Thinking

 October 19, 2008 When it comes to writing copy, have you ever been stymied, stuck or and stumped ? Here are my best techniques for moving from blank page and empty mind to great copy and effective communication. 1. ..

Brainstorm Your Way to Solutions

 September 27, 2008 Brainstorming is one of the most effective methods for gathering a lot of ideas quickly. I am continually impressed at what can be achieved when you get several minds with different perspectives ..

Staying in Flow

 August 03, 2008 The term “flow" refers to a state of being that allows your full creative expression to pour out of you without thought or hesitation. It is often accompanied by a feeling of ease, comfort and ..

Niche Network Marketing Where Have Your Distributors Given Up ..

 July 17, 2008 Your customers have given up hope. It may have been a long time ago, and they may have forgotten that there ever was any hope to begin with. But there's a sleeping dog that's ready to awaken in the ..

Question Brainstorming The Faster Way to Get Great Ideas

 July 16, 2008 Question brainstorming is a relatively new technique that's rapidly gaining favor with everyone from writers to business owners - and everyone else who needs to come up with great ideas fast. The ..

Strategic Thinking For Leaders

 July 08, 2008 The process of strategic thinking allows us to analyze situations and problems - and then prepare the plan that will take us to new levels or through a change. First, let's look at the difference ..

Communication As a Foundation to Leadership

 July 08, 2008 The rudiments of communication are well known: there's a source, an encoding, and a decoding of a message. This seems rather simple, but faulty communication is one of the biggest failures of ..

Brain Exercises - Some Great Brain Exercises

 June 15, 2008 Brain exercises are very necessary to keep you tuned up. If you do not let your brain work, it will deteriorate with time and it will be very difficult for you to come up with new ideas when you need .

Superb Problem Solving Methods - Techniques to Vouch For!

 June 15, 2008 All of have been surrounded with some problem on the other at some point in our lives. Some of us are able to solve these easily but most of us remain tensed and anxious about how to solve these ..

Brainstorm - Best Techniques For Brainstorming

 June 14, 2008 Brain storming techniques are very important for enhancing the brain and memory power. There are several ways you can brainstorm. Here are some of the most powerful brain storming techniques to help ..

Defining Your Brand Strategy Can Be Efficient And Fun!

 May 19, 2008 Branding or re-branding your company can be a highly sensitive subject. Think about it. The brand is the “personality" of a company. Each person who participates in defining the brand brings ..

Affiliate Marketing - Successful Brainstorming Ensures Great ..

 May 18, 2008 In this article I'll be discussing ways on how to find the perfect niche or topic for your affiliate marketing business. Some newbie affiliates take ages to find a good niche to start off with and ..

Brainstorming and SWOT Analysis

 May 11, 2008 SWOT Analysis Brainstorming Brainstorming is a term used to describe a creative thinking session. The aim is to gather as many ideas and possible solutions to a problem as possible. The results will ..

Why Do You Write ? And, Where is Your Comment?

 April 27, 2008 Writing is one of the many communication tools that we have and it is probably the most lasting one. Think about it. You can put things on disks, and on cassettes and even on cds and dvds, and most ..

How to Stifle Creativity in One Easy Step

 April 24, 2008 The deeper I go into using the internet to expand my coaching business, the wider the variety of services I encounter (and often use). Each service has its own particular approach to what it does, ..

Seven Things That Might Surprise You About Creativity

 April 23, 2008 Here are seven things that just might surprise you about creativity: 1. Pushing for More ideas Increases Odds of Thinking of a Quality Idea. People often seen brainstorming as inefficient, but in ..

The Pink Hair Myth

 April 23, 2008 The Pink Hair Myth, that's what my friend Penny calls it. It's the common but erroneous thinking that to be creative one must be blatantly artistic looking. Of course it's more than pink hair, it can .

Combustible Concepts - Four Steps to Better Brainstorming

 April 13, 2008 Want to create a red-hot advertisement, tagline, or business name. . . but not quite sure where to start? As with most creative endeavors, concepting is virtually equal parts analysis and creativity. .

Ideation Success Formula

 April 02, 2008 There is a growing industry of consultants and companies (Eureka Ranch, What If!, Ideas to Go, Landis, Research International, Brainjuicer, IDEO, and many more independents like myself ) who ..

Brainstorming Rules

 March 24, 2008 How will you react the next time your boss throws you into an impromptu brainstorming session? Hopefully, in my past articles you've learned tools and techniques that will help you come up with ..

Dreaming - What's The Point?

 February 29, 2008 Back in 2003, we had a dream: To escape the constricting cubicles of corporate America, get out of Dodge (or in our case, Los Angeles), and build a business together that could support a family and a .

Interactive Whiteboards Lesson - Brainstorming

 January 20, 2008 Brainstorming is an activity which is carried out to solve a particular problem through group efforts. To get best solution to a particular problem, an idea from a single person is not enough. ..

Two Teamwork Processes - Brainstorming & Consensus

 January 20, 2008 Two of the interactive processes essential for the functioning of real teams are: brainstorming and consensus. Brainstorming is a freewheeling exchange of ideas without judgment or discussion, where .

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