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Brain Fitness Articles 

What is Brain Fitness?

 January 18, 2010 What is Brain Fitness? We have known for years that physical exercise is necessary to develop and maintain a healthy body. What is not as widely known is that the brain needs nurturing as well. A new .

Growing New Brain Cells - And Wiring Them Up

 November 23, 2008 Not too long ago, scientists believed that adults couldn't grow new neurons in their brain. However, work over the last several years has debunked this myth. We now know that adults continue to grow ..

Brain Fitness - Changing Your Brain

 November 23, 2008 Growing up, I learned about Phineas Gage, the railroad construction foreman who survived an incredible accident in 1848 that shot a large iron rod through his brain, destroying the frontal lobes. ..

Make Love, Not Stress

 October 20, 2008 The role of stress reduction is important to almost any health plan. Keeping your brain fit is no different. Constant stress, which plagues many in today's society, causes an elevation of hormones, ..

Brain Fitness Why Trying to Improve Your Memory is the ..

 July 29, 2008 How many people do you know swear by crossword puzzles and word games? They spend hours a day doing it? Maybe you love crosswords so much you have even advanced to online versions.   The newspaper .

Need Motivation Will You Ever Forget Nick?

 July 10, 2008 I want you to meet Nick. I'll never forget the first time I glimpsed Nick. His mother pushed him in his wheelchair, while his father carried his tiny suitcase. Nick was coming to summer camp for kids .

Teaching Your Brain New Tricks Neuroplasticity in Brain ..

 June 18, 2008 Old notions that brain function inevitably declines as we age and we become less creative and sharp are being turned upside down. In fact, the brain continues to reorganize throughout life by ..

Don't Lose It - Try Some Brain Exercises Today

 April 29, 2008 Brain exercises are the latest buzz. Why should you exercise your brain? Research into the brain as it ages, points towards the brain being like a muscle in your body. If you don't use your brain and .

10-Question Checklist to Select the Right Brain Fitness ..

 July 18, 2007 Unless you have been living in a cave, you have read by now multiple articles about the brain training and brain exercise craze: sudoku, Nintendo BrainAge, multiple online games, software like ..

New Brain Health Roadmap Announced

 July 15, 2007 On June 10th something wonderful happened, and the media hasn't paid much attention yet. On that day, the National Public Health Road Map to Maintaining Cognitive Health was released by the CDC and ..

What Is Learning? Can We Learn Better Than Apes?-Part 2

 June 03, 2007 We continue the conversation on Learning with Dr. James Zull, Professor of Biology and Biochemistry at Case Western University and author of The Art of Changing the Brain: Enriching the Practice of ..

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