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How to Get the Best Reviews on the Books by Orlando Figes

 October 13, 2011 When discussing the peasants of the old Russia in his writings, Orlando Figes never failed to highlight the fact that the agrarian revolution that took place in 1917 and which lasted for a year was ..

Book Review - The Innocent

 January 07, 2009 The Innocent is set in 1100 in England.   Elf's mother has just died and her brother is putting Elf in the convent.   Elf's brother is getting married and his new bride does not want to raise his ..

How to Market New Book Reviews - Create a Vision Board

 October 26, 2008 Vision boards are not just used for personal manifestation purposes: they are excellent marketing tools also. People love to watch entertaining and uplifting videos, so what a better way than to ..

Book Review of Online Shopper's Survival Guide

 October 26, 2008 Does the fear of fraud or identity theft keep you from shopping online? Online Shopper's Survival Guide will safely take you through the Internet. Even if you are already a savvy shopper on the ..

Book Review of Frugal Luxuries by the Seasons

 October 26, 2008 In author Tracey McBride's first book - Frugal Luxuries - she elevated thrifty but elegant living to an art form. Now in this companion volume she shares all new ways to beautify cherished holidays ..

As Magic Shifts - The Hottest New Book Release

 September 21, 2008 When the reader begins As Magic Shifts, by Devin Davis, he is immediately engrossed in the storyline. Davis does not hesitate to pull the reader in, detailing one conflict after another that all ..

Buy Used Books Online

 August 19, 2008 If you're thinking about buying a book, you should consider buying a used one and a used one online. Because of our increasing technology, one can now correspond we people selling products worldwide. .

Book Reviewing - Share the Fun

 August 04, 2008 Are people reading less? In January of this year Steve Jobs told the New York Times: ". . . the fact is that people don't read anymore. Forty percent of the people in the U. S. read one book or less ..

Facing a Difficult Person? Let This Book Teach You to Stand ..

 July 28, 2008 It's sad but true that not a single person can avoid contact with difficult people. They can be anywhere - and some unlucky people would swear that they are just about everywhere. Your immediate ..

Silk by Penny Jordan

 July 15, 2008 Silk is the first in a proposed trilogy following the life of Amber, the daughter of a Russian artist and the granddaughter of Blanche Pickford. Set in the early 1900's, this magnificent story ..

Book Review Soul Discovery 9 Principles For Revealing Your ..

 June 20, 2008 Having had the opportunity to preview America's renowned intuitive specialist, Joan Marie Whelan's book, “Soul-Discovery: 9 Principles for Revealing Your Sacred Gifts, " set to premiere ..

Book Review - Healing Dreams - Exploring the Dreams That Can ..

 March 31, 2008 In the epilogue to his latest book, Healing Dreams: Exploring the Dreams That Can Transform Your Life (Riverhead Books), Marc Barasch relates the story of his editor trying to envision a simple ..

Book Reviews - The Field - The Quest For the Secret Force in ..

 March 31, 2008 I get all kinds of books to write about and it's always hard to choose. For this issue I had decided to write about the book The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe (HarperCollins). .

Book Reviews - The Lost Hall of Records - Edgar Cayce's ..

 March 31, 2008 What is a myth? Perhaps it's a story that isn't true on the outside, but is true on the inside. The tension between what our heart's intuition tells us and what we can actually experience on the ..

Blood of Victory by Alan Furst - Book Review

 March 25, 2008 Set in the early years of World War II before Russia and America are in the war, but after France has capitulated to the Germans, Blood of Victory follows the fortunes of the Russian émigré writer ..

Book Review - The Secret Spiritual World of Children

 March 13, 2008 One of my favorite childhood dreams, a recurrent one that I had when I was around seven or eight, is that I am conducting a symphony orchestra. That would be a special experience in itself. What ..

The Mission Song by John le Carre - Book Review

 March 13, 2008 As a long time John Le Carré reader I admire the way he casts around the world's trouble spots with an eye to seeking out new conflicts, disputes and wars that may be viewed through a different ..

Reviews of Top Raw Food Recipe Books For Families

 March 02, 2008 1. Rawvolution Matt Amsden has written and illustrated this very inspiring yet simple to use recipe book. It contains highly useful information, such as ‘Stocking Your Kitchen', which details ..

Rabbit At Rest by John Updike - Book Review

 March 01, 2008 This book really intrigued me. It tells the story of Rabbit Angstrom, the last in a series of books about this character apparently, a one-time basketball hero, and latterly, a car distributor for ..

Books for All Occasions

 February 25, 2008 One of the best ways of self-improvement is to learn from other people's experiences. Whether you are trying to lose weight, overcome an embarrassing social habit, give up an addiction, manage a ..

Mr Walloby's Christmas Tree Lesson Plan

 February 03, 2008 When I was a little girl, I remember reading “Mr Willowby's Christmas Tree" by Robert Berry. First published in 1963, this story is lovely tale about how a Christmas tree was too too tall and ..

BedTime Stories - The Short, Long & Tall Tales Of A ..

 December 16, 2007 The new release from author Barbara Worton is a delicious mix of miniature stories, poems and incidental thoughts for you to ponder. “BedTime Stories: The short, long and tall tales of a ..

So You Want To Start A Book Club?

 November 30, 2007 Book Clubs are loads of fun. When they are done right. And this can be very tough. So many clubs get started but do not succeed because they do not understand the secret that keeps them going. ..

The Trouble With Book Reviews

 June 10, 2007 To judge by a flyer from the just-inaugurated New York Center for Independent Publishing, book reviewers are in trouble. “SAVE OUR BOOK REVIEWS!” pleads its headline. “Over the past .

Choosing an Effective Law of Attraction Book

 April 08, 2007 You may have been hearing about the law of attraction recently. This concept has become a hot topic, and there has been an increased popularity with the release of the movie, “The Secret. " ..

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