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Displaying Your Bonsai

 January 15, 2009 After pruning, maintaining and caring for your bonsai you will want to find a nice place to display it for all to see. The way your bonsai is displayed is as important as their pots, the types of ..

Shaping a Bonsai For Maximum Appeal

 August 09, 2008 In the art of bonsai, the major difference between a pleasing and a not so pleasing example is the shape. As it is down to a personal preference what is aesthetically pleasing, the variations in ..

Decorative Flowering Bonsai Trees

 July 29, 2008 Indoor or Outdoor Decorative Flowering Bonsai Trees Some bonsai trees like any other tree flower and produce fruit. A regular apple tree for example produces a lovely apple blossom and later yields a .

Bonsai Care

 July 14, 2008 The very word “bonsai" conjures so many thoughts to many people. Almost a warrior sound yet in reality the word bonsai implies a miniature tree. Where Bonsai Started. Most of us associate ..

Discover the Secrets of Juniper Bonsai Care

 July 10, 2008 One of the most popular types of bonsai trees is the juniper a firm favorite of many bonsai enthusiasts. However there is a huge selection of different types of trees to choose from all equally ..

Bonsai Gardening Tips - How to Care For Bonsai Trees and Plants

 June 05, 2008 Bonsai Care Tips - Place your plant indoors in a warm well lighted location and remember that indoor bonsai are intolerant of outdoor conditions, unless you live in a tropical area. Location Outdoor .

How to Water and Care for Your Bonsai Plant

 March 08, 2008 Don't you water a bonsai like any other plant? The answer is absolutely not. Bonsai are very particular and specific and how to treat them will depends on lots of factors including environment and ..

How To Grow Bonsai From Cuttings

 February 26, 2008 While many bonsai plants are best started from seed there are many which cannot be so reproduced; especially named varieties which will not come true from seeds, but revert to older and inferior ..

An Overview of the Art of Bonsai

 November 23, 2007 Bonsai, the artistic representation of a natural tree, first appeared in China over a thousand years ago on a very basic scale known as “pun-sai". The Japanese have been recorded to adopt and ..

How To Keep A Deciduous Tree Healthy

 August 22, 2007 Deciduous trees thrive in a variety of climates. They are a hearty lot of trees but proper care is necessary to see that your deciduous trees flourish and survive. Call it being proactive, call it ..

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