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A Few Bible Verses For Your Encouragement

 August 13, 2012 As the Holy Bible is the book that I practically read every day (for twenty years now) I have a lot of Bible verses that encourage me in difficult times when I get discouraged or start having doubts ..

Jesus Christ - Joshua Immanuel the Christ

 February 09, 2012 Is a perfect human being and God, a perfect expression and manifestation. As a human being, He lived 2000 years ago, walking the streets of Palestine. What is He to us now? The Logos Christ, means, ..

The Dead Sea in the Bible

 August 05, 2011 The Primordial Sea, the Plains Sea, the Salt Sea – these are but a few of the names of the Dead Sea, which features in narratives throughout religious history. Below is an overview of the ..

Confirmation Sunday – No Bibles Required

 May 10, 2010 Our local paper has an article in it this week by the woman pastor/preacher (call her whatever you want – she calls herself Rev. ) from one of the nearby denominations entitled, “What is ..

End of Times Revelation

 May 05, 2010 The End of Time Revelation Prophecy The last book of the Bible is known as Revelation. Throughout the book of Revelation, God tells us of what will happen in the future. Christians look to this area .

The Christian, Politics, and the Government

 March 30, 2010 What role if any should the Christian play in politics? All any man can know about the subject is what the Bible says and since it was written for the benefit and enlightenment of all men in all ages .

Could The Bible Teachings Be Integrated With The Practical ..

 May 09, 2009 The Bible is one of the oldest books in the history, in fact it is the oldest book kept intact despite all these years. The Bible was inspired by God and it contains all what is needed to survive ..

Why Easter is so important to us all

 April 17, 2009 Why is Easter so important to us all? Without Jesus there is absolutely no way for us to get into Heaven and unfortunately there is only one alternative; Hell. There is a life after this one here on .

The Vedas of Hinduism

 January 20, 2009 The Vedic hymns were probably collected and arranged between 1000 and 500 B. C. At that period rites and ceremonies multiplied and absorbed man's mind to a degree unparalleled in the history of the ..

The Upanishads and Speculative Religion in India

 January 20, 2009 The earlier philosophical speculations of the Brahmans are chiefly found in the treatises called Upanishads. The teaching contained in these works is habitually presented as something secret or ..

The Evangelical Tradition - 5 of 6

 January 20, 2009 This tradition works best when in tandem with the previous, the Social Justice tradition.  For how could non-believing people be convinced of the power and grace of the Spirit without seeing it in ..

Is Biblical Joseph the Imhotep of Egypt (Famine-Savior)? ..

 January 19, 2009 Joseph- and the Hebrews to Egypt Morality lessons can be found in every episode of biblical Joseph's life: sold into slavery by brothers, angry and jealous of his braggadocio and their father's ..

You Cannot See Jerusalem Nor the Church of Jesus Christ From ..

 January 19, 2009 From very early days man has never been permitted to approach Almighty God any old casual way he wished. That can come as a surprise to people. At the east side of the Tabernacle of Moses there was a .

This Leader of Leaders Discovers Shocking Things That Can ..

 January 18, 2009 This scenario from the New Testament Scriptures gives us one insight into the challenges that can face leaders and leadership at the highest of levels, and how to deal with such problems. At the ..

The Role of Government - What Does the Bible Say?

 January 15, 2009 Politicians have a lot to say about what they believe the role of government to be. Those on the left often want more government at the federal level, especially more social programs. They argue that .

Is Killing Ever Right?

 January 14, 2009 The question often arises about whether or not killing is ever justified, and supported in the Bible. A typical example is when soldiers on the battlefield are called upon to kill their enemies. ..

Is Drinking a Sin?

 January 14, 2009 One of the controversial issues in churches over the years has been whether or not it's a sin to drink alcoholic beverages. Some churches serve wine at the Eucharist, while others forbid this ..

Spiritual Meaning of Numbers - Numbers in the Bible

 January 14, 2009 References to numbers in the Bible begin almost immediately in the Book of Genesis in passages that tell the story of the seven days of Creation. Thus, numbers play an integral role in spiritual ..

Spiritual Meaning of Numbers - An Overview

 January 14, 2009 Numbers are the language of our universe. As the stars dance above in accordance to pre-determined paths, so are all of our activities governed by math. Since the beginning of logical philosophy, ..

The Gospel of Will Smith

 January 12, 2009 I really like Will Smith. He's one of my favorite actors, and I almost always dig movies in which he appears. The Pursuit of Hapyness and I am Legend were both good films. His latest, Seven Pounds, ..

The Need For Revelation

 January 11, 2009 "Revelation was thus needed to enable man to rise to higher stages of life; and in accordance with this divine scheme, revelation was as much a need for one people as for another. God had endowed all .

Bridging the Gap - Christianity in the New Age

 January 11, 2009 So often these days, we pick up newspapers or tune in to radio or television programs which highlight yet another attack by one religious group against the beliefs of another. One of the primary ..

Book Review - A High View of Scripture? The Authority and ..

 December 27, 2008 I often quote from and comment on books that I am reading. Rarely, however, do I purposely do a book review. I want to make an exception for A High View of Scripture? The Authority of the Bible and ..

Ayeka - Where Are You?

 December 26, 2008 Genesis 3:9 And the Lord called unto Adam, and said unto him Where art thou? Where Are You? It is a question asked in Genesis 3:9. Adam and Eve had just eaten some fruit from the forbidden tree and, ..

Spiritual Meaning of Numbers

 December 22, 2008 How Important Are Numbers? Numbers, on the surface of daily life, largely go unnoticed or are accepted in a mundane fashion. Numerologists read volumes into the supernatural design of numbers. ..

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